Clean-up and shaker card

Hi Everyone,

The good news is, I am allowed to drive. The bad news is, I'm allowed back to work! ha ha I am glad to be mobile again and not relying on people taking me places.  I am however, so very grateful to everyone who did come and take me out to do things and keep me busy.  I would have cracked up without them. 

I was doing little bits of crafting to keep my mind busy whilst I was off, but it was difficult at times, with my shoulder in a lot of pain.  

I did try to always keep busy though, I cleared out my drawer in my desk, which was just bursting from all the stuff in it. It was tiring and a lot of work, which was probably just because I am broken, it is sorted now though. 

My mum took me to hobbycraft for a wander about and keep me sane, so I got these gems and little tree buttons for Christmas cards, yes that dreaded C word again. I'll be making more soon so you better get used to it! 🎄🎅

I am sharing another shaker card with you today, using older magnolia papers I have and an old popcorn the bear stamp.  It was lovely to colour him again.  I must focus and do my colouring classes, because I know I could do better with him.  

Thanks for coming by my blog, please don't forget to say hi so I can visit you too! 

Lyns xx

Recovery & A Pole Dancing Box Birthday Card

Hey-hey! It's Friday! 

It's been an icky week, healing a broken bone is very very tiring! I'm so so lucky, my friends and family have been so good about looking after me and making sure I'm ok.  My friend Alicia is taking me out and making sure I don't go crazy. My Mum took me shopping, even carrying all of it up stairs for me and helping put it away. 

I've never broken a bone before, I always imagined it would be the worst pain you could feel.  It's not. I didn't cry, I thought it was badly bruised nothing more.  However, it has got worse as the week has gone on.  I guess that's just how healing goes! 

I have been just trying to potter about doing little things, sitting at the desk is painful.  My friend Alicia wanted a box-card made for one of our other friend's birthday.  She is a pole dancer like us and I thought I'd do my best to make this stamp like her - hence the dip dyed hair and the turquoise pleaser shoes. 

This was a really fun card to make, at first I struggled to get the idea right but once I got going, it just tumbled out of my head.

The stamp is by Yampuff who produces lovely digital art, she made a great digital stamp of Alyce (from Kit and Clowder online colouring) and her cat. The heart papers is from a stack called Rock Star - it is very very old though.  The glittery card is from the Range.  I coloured white ribbon with my copics as well as the stamp obviously! The stars were cut from the Bebunni Floral collection metal die.  The gems are from my stash! 

I really hope you guys like this, it was fun to make and I'm definitely going to make some more box cards again!

Thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

WOYWW 431 - What's on your workdesk Wednesday?


I hope you are having a good Wednesday, I'm later with my post today as I'm in recovery-stage.  I broke my collarbone last week - I wish there was an exciting tale to tell but there isn't, I bumped my shoulder, I thought it was badly bruised - it wasn't.  Obviously typing and working is just not happening, so I can only really do stuff one handed.  I have been using craft as a way to keep myself from going crazy.  As you can see this is not a true Wednesday photo - as per the wine! 

Kit and Clowder's Facebook page has reached 15,000 members - how incredible is that? It's a great community for encouraging colouring and getting great feedback.  We had a members party to celebrate where Alyce gave a massive amount away and held so many competitions.  We really are so lucky! 

One of the stamps she was giving away is what I have used to create these two cards.  

I went over the top girly cute on this one, sequins, pastels, ribbon, gems, glitter and clouds! Oh and a doily.  How adorable is this stamp though? I love it! I am really going to have to shake myself to get away from too many unicorns, maybe I'll do a challenge, a box card and no unicorns is my remit.  

I am really loving this cloud die too, they can be used for so many different projects.  They were a great eBay-investment.

My next effort, a bit more solid on the colours and rainbow, still a lot of pretty fuss though! I'm not even ashamed, I love it. 

And a little sideways look!

Please take a look at Julia's great blog, where we stalk desks from all over the world and if you are new to colouring, please stop by Kit and Clowder, Alyce does a free 101 Markers class which is a great starting point for beginners.

Thanks for visiting me - don't forget to comment so I can come visit you too! Lyns xx

Edinburgh Festival & Let Hope Fly Card

Hi Everyone, 

I hope you've all had a great weekend! It's always over too fast, but the working week drags 😜 It was the last weekend of the Edinburgh festival, I went to see a show with some friends.  We saw David O'Doherty, who was good, although I think the highlight for me was the massive cheeseburger I bought.  Typical me, always lead by my stomach. 

This is me looking delighted with my cake, there's nothing like buying cake from a van at 11pm, not any kind of cake either, a mimi's bakehouse cake! The following photo is my friend Alice and I, looking happy with our purchases and I look pretty drunk too! oops! 

The end of festival fireworks are tonight, but I'm not sure I'll watch them this year, if I change my mind I'm lucky enough to be able to see them from my window, it's an obstructed view, but at least it's something. 

This card was inspired by one I made a few years ago for my mum, it was one that I was proud of the layout and colours and so I worked it again with this one.  The stamp is by Betty at Simply B Stamps.  The ribbon is from my stash, the lace, cheese cloth and green ribbon is by the Ribbon Girl.  Papers are LOTV.  Stamp as always coloured with copic markers. 

I hope you guys like this.  I was incredibly lucky and had a friend buy a lot of my cards! This being one of them. I am so touched that someone likes them enough to buy them.  Selling handmade cards is always hard.  I never make any profit from them, the time and materials alone is always a lot but it's not about money, I make them because I enjoy it but it does hurt if someone asks to buy one and doesn't see why they should spend more than a £1 when they can get 4 for a £1 in the card factory.  I'm so happy that Alicia appreciated my cards. 

Take Care Guys! Lyns xx