New Cards

It's been a while since I made any cards, I seem to go through slumps where I can't make any for ages but when I saw Kerry's stamps I had a burst of inspiration. This card is for my dad for fathers day, lets hope he likes it! The Gothic Fairy is one I guess that could be used for any occasion I just wanted to play with all of Kerry's stamps so that is how this card came about.


Last weekend I felt in a bit of a baking mood and decided cupcakes were the order of the day!  They are plain vanilla cupcakes, the white icing is just plain icing and the pink is butter icing topped with edible glitter.  The cakes tasted yummy it's just a pity that they are soooo bad for you!  That's the only trouble with baking, you can't kid yourself they aren't filled with fat when you are the one putting the fat in! lol