Hates Waiting

I don't have any new cards to upload today, I had to clear up all my stash last night as I'm having my little brother to stay. There is quite an age gap between us (16 years), but he's great fun to have around... Most of the time! I decided that I'd need to free up the dinner table as he'll probably want to play with some lego, so do I if I'm honest!

Well the reason I called my post 'hates waiting' is: I am waiting on a new stamp to arrive, it was shipped yesterday and being ever the optimist I thought it might come today... It didn't :o( saddens my wee self. I'm sure I can live until it gets here but don't you hate when you are really excited for something coming and it doesn't come when you hope it will?! I'll have to make do with the stamps I have until it arrives.

So for the weekend?! What is everyone up to? I'm off to see Scotland get a roasting (or should that be a soaking?) at the rugby tomorrow... the weather forecast is terrible, so on one hand I'm looking forward to it, on the other - I really don't want to get wet! Well we are Scotland afterall, rain is to be expected. I hope it is a good game anyway, at least the Aussies aren't used to this level of wet and wind. A Scottish advantage?! Not likely! I should mention now, I'm ever the optomist except when it comes to Scotland and Sport! lol

Well I'm signing off now, going to do a bit of blog hopping. I hope you all have a good weekend whatever is planned. I pray the weather is better wherever you are!

Lyns xx

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