My first award! I'm so chuffed, thank you coops!

1.copy this award to your blog to the person who gave you this award.

3.share 7 interesting facts about yourself.

4.choose 7 other bloggers to pass this award on to. to their blogs.

6.leave them a comment so to let them know about this award.

so here goes,lets hope this works.

Seven interesting facts... hmmm...

1. I live in Edinburgh.
2. I love Christmas Time, although I used to really not like it.
3. I love giving people presents, I sit and watch everyone open theirs first.
4. I once fell out a window! lol
5. My family is huge, yet I have no children of my own.
6. I love baking and making sweets but not so fussed on eating them.
7. I am a complete and utter SHOE AND CRAFTING ADDICT! lol

He he he... There you go! Nothing exciting... I'll try and work out how to pass the award on now.

now to tell who you who i`ve chosen to pass this fab award on to.
1. Kerry, has an amazing blog, her work is incredible.
2. Sue, her cards are fantastic, always so professional looking.

Mina, - 1 word, INCREDIBLE!!
Mad Moose, she's not mad or a moose and her cards are lovely!
5. Teresa, from across the pond she's been reviewing my cards and very nice considering my blog is so basic at the moment, so thank you Teresa.

I'm going to add two more people to this once I know more people in the blogging world, so far though I thing 5's not bad! :o)

Thank you again for the award Nicola, so nice of you!

Love Lyns xx


Aunty Sue said...

Hi thanks for the award and what kind words i try but not sure about the professional. Will post later thanks again. Sue xx

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

thank you so much for the award, very sweet of you....congrats to you on the award as well...have an awesome week!

enjoy *~*

Mina said...

oh wow thank you so much for the award Lynsey, will do my best to join in when I get the chance...I really appreciate it
Mina xxx