Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are gearing up for an even better Hogmanay!! I'm sorry I haven't blogged recently or crafted - I'm sick! Completely loaded to the eyeballs with cold :( it sucks! I had a lovely Christmas but by Christmas night I started to get the icky scratch in my throat and here we are still loaded with cold. Not cool! Christmas was fab and Santa brought me another set of Copics - WOO HOO! Thanks to being ill I've not actually opened them yet - scandal! I will hopefully start getting better and get card making again soon.

Tonight will be fairly quiet, my sister will be over for some drinks and probably a bit of wii playing but it'll be more quiet than normal... OH is also sick so it'll be like sick folk anonymous in here! Whatever you are all up to I hope you have a brilliant time and that 2011 is a great year for you all!

Take Care and Thanks for visiting/following my blog!

Lyns xx

Big Thaw, Eyes and Cards

Hello Bloggers!

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the run up to Christmas? The big thaw has begun here! woo hoo! Actually, it's pretty unfair to say big thaw as it's set to be freezing cold next week and the temperature right now is 3 degrees so hardly bathing suit weather lol! So today has been an interesting day, I asked OH if he would look out a couple of Christmas presents for me, when he was tidying them back up he turned quickly without looking and jabbed his eye on a branch of the Christmas tree... silly sausage... Well unfortunately he's taken a chunk out of his cornea. We spent more time than we'd have liked in the Eye Pavilion this morning, but it's good to know that he's OK and has his ointment and drops to help.

So speaking of said tree... I took a bit of a better picture for you all to see!

Now on to my cards, finally finishing up my cards. I went with a Forever Friends theme and this first one is for my sister and her partner. The red paper was some I got free with a magazine, the decoupage sheets were from last years FF selection and I embossed the white card on my bug, the sparkles are stickles.

This next card is for my Dad and his partner, pretty much the same as before, last years decoupage sheets, stickles glitter glue, paper is from the FF decoupage pack and some glitterations. Again the embossing was done on my bug.

Here is a closer view of the decoupage...

I just love these decoupage sheets, really quick to make up and they look gorgeous when you add a bit of BLING!

I'm very tired tonight, after doing up these cards and printing save the date cards for my wedding, I have been sorting out all our Christmas cards. Apart from the close family, everyone's cards are written up and ready to go. I have also looked through all our kitchen cupboards and written up a shopping list... it's getting a bit mother hubbardish due to the snow. I'm not keen on driving in the snow, but I'll get to the shops tomorrow now that the 'big thaw' has begun!

Well take care everyone and keep warm, thanks for visiting my blog! Lyns xx

Snow, snow, snow - GO AWAY NOW!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and aren't too cold, this morning we were a balmy -10 degrees Celsius (14 Degrees Fahrenheit) in Edinburgh, buses are all going weird and wonderful routes, so it was a cold walk to work this morning. Below is a picture of me, taken last week outside my work. I wish it could say the snow has eased up... but it hasn't. For the city centre these conditions are very unusual. All transport was cancelled yesterday and the main motorway in Scotland was closed, yip we're having a great time!

I've been struggling to make cards recently, I've been so cold and really tired from walking everywhere that I've just not had the energy, the card above is the most recent I have made for my sister. The picture was taken with her blackberry so excuse the quality. The papers are Forever Friends, the image is Lili of the Valley, I used my bug to emboss the snow flakes and my image is coloured with copics and topped with stickles... JUST FOR A CHANGE! lol

So there's been not much doing so I thought I'd get my Christmas Dec's up. Below is my fireplace. My Mum gave me the garland, which I added the lights too. 100 twinkling (or mental disco if you wish) lights from Tesco for £5 - bargain!

Below is my lurvely new Christmas tree, it is 7ft tall so it's a bit of a bugger to photograph. Unfortunately I can't have a real tree, my cat would have great fun with that! Apologies for the quality of the picture, taken with the phone... although OH's fabby camera is BACK! so hopefully I'll get some better ones.

All my shopping is done, just waiting on a few things arriving by super Royal Mail... that aren't delivering! Hopefully some comes soon!

Well I hope you are all well and warm! Look after yourselves everyone, especially if you are anywhere that is really cold like frozen Scotland. Thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

Edinburgh Castle

Hi Everyone!

Phew we are stowed in snow at the moment and there's more on the way according to the forecast! Scary biscuits! OH never made his flight as the airport's remained closed - ah well! It was a business flight so I'm sure he's not really all that bothered lol!

So things have been a bit on the treacherous side here... some paths are just like ice rinks, fine if you have ice skates he he... Anyway you can see from my pretty pictures some of our snow, I managed to take these whilst the snow stopped. The castle looks like a nice big cake with icing sugar sprinkled on top.

And here is a bit more of a front on view. Getting around is proving interesting and taking a long time so I've not had much time to craft, hopefully get some more done tonight :o)

I hope you guys are all well and hopefully aren't under a blanket of snow too! Unless you love it then I hope you are! :o) Take Care! Lyns xx

Snow & a set of Christmas Cards

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and your not being too bogged down with the snow.. we've got quite a bit here in Edinburgh which is unusual! It's not been too bad though, hopefully there's no more tonight, OH is taking a short flight tomorrow and I'm sure it'd be a lot easier if there was no more snow... Still it is great fun! he he!

On to my cards...
So with my yummy new LOTV stamps I made a set of cards to keep the theme simple this year! I coloured them with my copics and embossed with my bug!

This second card is another LOTV card with My Mind's Eye papers. Again another wee simpley one! :o) All my cards are also topped with some stickles for that added SPARKLE! Cos lets face it... if it aint sparkly it aint Christmas!

Anyway... I hope you guys like my cards, I'm off to get cracking on some more! Busy busy busy! Take Care and thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

Edinburgh Fireworks & Some Chrimbo Cards! :o)

Good Evening Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to any Americans reading! We are getting American Football here on Sky Sports, we were boogieing on down to Kid Rock. Well today might be Thanksgiving in the states but here in Edinburgh it was Christmas Lights Switch on! woo hoo! It looks gorgeous, the twinkly lights cheer me up no end!

I have uploaded a video (which is at the bottom of this post) of the fireworks that came after the big switch on. Now my videoing isn't the best my hand wobbled about a bit as it was FREEZING! It's also sidey-ways to fit maximum fireworks in. I'm at looking towards the Castle which is the lit up blob in the background :o)

Anyhoo, on to my cards...

So the first card is a forever friends stamp, the sentiment I wrote by hand in pencil... because do you think I could find a black fine pen?! NO! lol

So as always my image is coloured with copics and I've used stickles around the edges of the papers and on the bear's hat. I embossed the pearlescent white card on my bug with the snow folder, which is fab! I used my new nesties to cut out my sentiment... went a bit icky in places though! meh! Patterned card is My Mind's Eye.

My next card is my LOTV stamp (which I'm almost certain you are getting sick of seeing), I'm waiting on some new stamps coming in the post... hopefully tomorrow! Everyone fingers and toes crossed for them coming tomorrow please!

My bear is coloured with copics, topped with some glamour dust, cut out shapes with nesties and the zig zag punch is a Martha Stewart. The sparkly paper is some I picked up at Hobby Craft a while back. Pearls I bought so long ago I can't remember who they're by! lol

I hope you guys like my cards and enjoy my vid!

Thanks for Visiting! Take Care! Lyns xx

FF Christmas Card

Thank you very much to Sally Atkins for the Attitude Blog Award, I'm just sorry I'm taking so long to put it up! I've been visiting my Grandparents in Inverness, plus getting the bulk of my Christmas shopping done... but it's still not finished! Shopping in Edinburgh is hard enough, without adding the fact it's almost Christmas! Ahhh...

I've ordered some new nesties which came yesterday - yippee! I can't wait to make some things with these they are fab! I've also ordered some LOTV stamps for Christmas Cards... hope they come soon too!

Anyhoo... on to today's card.
I have made this for my Granny & Granda, these were some decoupage sheets I had left from last year and thought it'd be good to get them used up. The papers came with them. The red ribbon is velvety feeling and looks really fab in real life.
I've added some little bits of bling and red pearls and of course topped off with a little bit of glamour dust! The sentiment was printed from my computer. Hope you guys like!

Thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

Lavender Snowflakes

Hi Crafters - Happy Weekend! Wee hee!

I am so glad it's now the weekend, work has been SOOOOO busy it's crazy. Don't get me wrong I'd rather be busy, but I'm completely fried! I'm off for a week on annual leave now so I'm looking forward to having a rest and getting some of my Christmas shopping done. I'm trying not to think about the fact that I've only bought one present.

Anyhoo... on to my card....

This is my LOTV stamp in action again, think there'll be a few cards in this sort of style this year. keep them simple and quick(ish) to make.

He is as always coloured with copics topped with a little dazzle dust. Now I was trying to get a fuzzy effect on his fur... not exactly sure I've succeeded so if you think he looks rubbish - that's why! lol

Well I'm going to take myself off for a swim and hopefully get a glimpse of Gok Wan later on, he's signing his autobiography in our local Waterstones so hoping to maybe get a pic!

Take care everyone and thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

Midweek Madness

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday!! Funtimes - we're midweek - woo hoo! This are still completely crazy at work, feels like I'm going in circles all the time, but it's not long and I'll be off up to Inverness to visit my Granny, some fabby shops - especially a really good craft shop! It's good to have something to look forward to.

On to the card...

This is another sketch from sweet stop, using my mind's eye papers, some green gems, my new LOTV stamp again and as always coloured with my copics and topped with a little glamour dust.

I added the peel-off snowflakes as an after thought but I'm not sure if it's a bit overkill... hmmm...

Well after chasing my tail all day I'm completely shattered so it's off to bed with me!

Take care everyone, thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

Green & Red Tarty Christmas Card

Morning Bloggers - we've made it passed Monday! Woo Hoo!

Monday draaaaaaags like nothing on earth, despite me being busy, running around mad and never feeling like I have enough time to do anything. Work is completely bonkers at the moment, feel like I'm chasing my tail ALL the time but it's good to be busy and I'm glad I have lots to do, just sometimes it'd be nice to get 10 mins just to breathe lol!

Last night I managed to get my butt back in the gym again, after a lot of messing around with my membership (they'd linked me to OH, then cancelled me, then re-linked - what a pa-lava) I am finally sorted! So I did just over 30 mins, I really should do more though... oops! I know I don't push myself hard enough! I'll try next time... I promise! lol

On to my card...

Once I got home last night, I decided to make OH's card (I'd been thinking about it the whole time I was in the gym). This was a template on a gem of a challenge blog, the added extra was not to use green and red... hmm... well I'd already decided these were my colours so I had to just bypass that bit... I don't think I'll be entering into the Challenge. It is a BIG square card, with my minds eye papers, some ribbon that I got off a wedding invitation and the digi image is from Kenny K Downloads (I love her, she looks like such a tart! lol) - there is also a free digi image for November so check out the site! As always I coloured my tarty girl with copics and I topped her with some glamour dust - looks weird and grey in the pic! I must apologise for the photos, one of our very tall friends dropped OH's camera from height and it bust into pieces (don't gasp, it's being fixed and OH's tall friend is paying for it). Unfortunately the camera on ye-olde iphone just aint up to taking really good up close pics for my blog... the good cam should be back soon!

Well I hope you liked today's card! Take care everyone and as always thanks for paying me a visit! Lyns xx

Saturday Crafting

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having a good weekend, I've been busy pulling out all my crafty things... then spent a good hour searching high and low for my C plate for my Bug. OH and I turned the house upside down looking for it and where was it? In one of my craft drawers of course! I sometimes worry there's crafty ghosts living here who borrow my stuff! lol!

My mojo has been a bit wonky at the moment, I've struggled to have any kind of ideas. It's very frustrating. I decided to use my LOTV stamp that I bought at the craft fair last weekend. It's such a sweet image and I think I'm going to have to get a couple more! he he... they are very reasonable at £3.75 each. I stamped her onto some shimmery paper that I got at the everything is a pound craft stall - absolutely fab! The card is great my copics glide over them and the image is left with a lovely shimmery finish.
I made the jewelled swirl for the bear card myself... not sure it's working but it's not bad! I bought one one for the large card with the girl and cat on it - looks much better than my wee made up one! lol The snowflake was die cut on my bug and the spots also embossed on the bug.

This is a BIG card, it's 7.5" x 7.5" first time I've made a card this size! I thought this image was good for it though as it's rather big and I find it fills the smaller square cards with little room for embellishments.
As always I topped both cards off with some glamour dust :o)

I hope you guys liked my cards, I'm trying to get my mojo back on track but it's still a bit iffy! Take care and thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

Craft Fair

Hi Everyone,

I've been a terrible blogger lately and a terrible crafter too, life has really got in the way over the last month. There has been so many things that have happened that have made me take a bit of a look at life and just think, sometimes it's good to slow down. Whilst it's not exactly working out that way at the moment, I'm sure I'll get there eventually!

So my wedding plans are well under way, our venue is booked, I've paid for half of my dress - it's gorgeous but due to OH being a nosey, I wont put a picture on here! I have chosen my cake and bridesmaid dresses and despite being a crafter I wont be making my own stationery. Part of our deal with the hotel is that they arrange DJ, centre pieces, stationery etc. etc. so it's really only the invites and whilst I love card making - after making my friends I'm not eager to do it again... even for myself! lol

You might have noticed a change of layout and style of my blog, I like this style/layout and think this could be my one I 'keep'. My last style I felt there was a bit much going on. I will be updating my blog on a semi-regular basis, but perhaps not as often as I have in the past. I want to spend more time crafting - well when I get the time that is!

Last weekend, myself, my girlfriend Sarah and Lors from the Do Crafts forum all went to the Craft Fair at the SECC in Glasgow. It was the first time I've driven right into Glasgow, my dad lives just outside Glasgow but thankfully you come off M8 just before the motorway starts going that crazy 5 lanes of mayhem way! lol! I managed it though! We had Sarah's sat nav which unfortunately needs updating so it was as much need as a chocolate teapot... he he... I spent a lot of the time arguing with it - but we didn't get lost. We had a great time there and I've got some goodies which will hopefully give my mojo a good kick up the bum!

Well I better go now, I will catch up with all your blogs soon!

Take care and thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

Halloween and Hello!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

First off I should apologise for disappearing for weeks. I have some good reasons! I have been a little unwell, with some nasty migraines lately, which have left me feeling pretty zapped and when I have been feeling up to crafting I have discovered that my mojo has taken a holiday to Hawaii... Not nice very nice of it if you ask me! After a trip to my dad's yesterday I visited a craft shop I've been dying to get a look at for a while, for anyone living in Glasgow/South Lanarkshire - you really should take a look at Craft at Home in Blantyre - it's a FANTASTIC shop. LOADS AND LOADS of Nesties and Shapeabilities plus lots of Cuttlebug goodies. They have a website too, for those who are unable to pay a visit.

I picked up the Jack 'O Lantern dies along with some jewels and papers. I had a really good look and can't wait for pay day when I can go back and get some more goodies.

On to the card, so I had to have a go of my new dies which I also used as a template to colour a bit darker orange with my copics, I stuck some lighter yellow card behind to make it look like it was a 'lit' pumpkin. The patterned papers are daisy and dandelion, brads from my stash along with the coloured card and the sparkly ribbon is from Hobby Craft.

I hope you like today's card and I look forward to catching up with all your blogs soon.

Lyns xxx

No Card for Now

Morning Bloggers!

I hope everyone is doing well, you may have seen in my blog last week that my close friend Sarah's Dad passed away very suddenly. His funeral was at the weekend, it was a lovely service and I think that it was a great tribute to Richard. He will be missed greatly. Consequently I have spent a lot of time going between Edinburgh and South Queensferry where my friend lives. I have been checking on her every so often to make sure she is OK and taking care of herself. She is doing very well and I hope I have half the strength that Sarah does when it comes to dealing with crisis. She is a star.

I happened to catch this picture on a trip out to South Queensferry - I have a picture of the rail bridge too but unfortunately it's not as nice as this. I think the colours in the picture are gorgeous. On the same night I managed to get the car stuck on a hill - I was having a bit of a dosey moment! I phoned OH who was like 'Lynsey there's clearly nothing I can do' I said 'yes I know I just wanted advice' as soon as I came off the phone I got the car moved right away... what a do-nut!

Hopefully I'll get back into making some cards soon, I am also upping my gym time at the moment - bit of a chub going on! lol!

Well Take Care everyone and thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

A Christmas Card


I hope you are all doing well! Since passing my test, I've been woman on a mission driving! he he... I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a little bargain of a car too... OH is intent on playing golf all the time and leaving me stranded! lol I've been enjoying getting out driving by myself too. Fortunately passing my test came at a much needed time, my best friends dad passed away suddenly last Thursday morning, so I've been to see her a couple of times to see how she's getting on. If you are reading this Sarah (although I doubt very much you are) I love you!

On to my card....

I have been trying to get into making Christmas cards again, but struggling if I am honest so I'm not sure about this one.

The stamp is from the Wild Rose Studio, coloured with copics and a topped with a little bit of stickles. Papers are DCWV and a little bit of Card Candy for a topper! I hope you guys like it despite me being a bit disappointed with it...

Hope you are all well, I'm off for a blog hop!

Lyns xx

Some good news!

Hi Bloggers!

Well this post has nothing to do with Crafting! I got some brilliant news today - I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! wooo hoooo! The car above is the car I will be driving, he is named Skob - you can see why. I like to make names out of the Scottish number plates, one of my directors is driving a Slob! lol He is the car I've done most of my driving in and tonight I'll be driving him BY MYSELF!!! Look out Roads.... Beeeeeep Beeeeeep here I come!

I have a full license now and only got 2 minors! One for positioning on a roundabout (was hogging the road a bit) and another for a control fault parking - which was right at the end of the test too! d'oh! For anyone out with the UK, you are allowed up to 15 minors in your test to pass, although 3 in one category will result in a fail... there are lots of categories though. You have to complete 2 manoeuvres they can be any of the following : turn in the road (3 point turn), left reverse around a corner, parallel park behind another car or a reverse bay park. I was given a turn in the road (my most perfected manoeuvre) and reverse into a parking bay... best one I've ever done too, I was perfectly between the lines! :o)

Thanks for visiting my page, I'm looking forward to driving to lots of craft shops! BEEEP BEEEEEEP!

Lyns xx

Same Sketch Two Cards :o)

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend and your week so far is going well! I went to see the A-Team at the weekend and absolutely loved it! I loved the original series and was a bit worried about how the film would be, but it was good. We also went out for some festival fun on the Sunday night, when I say festival fun it generally means just going to the varies pub tents etc. he he... we'll be doing some proper festival shows next week, so I'm looking for that.

On to my cards, my first one is for two friends who got engaged whilst on holiday, which is brilliant! So this was a sketch I saw some while back and thought I'd use. I printed the sentiment bit, embossed the white card on my bug and used some papermania paper for the background. I used the Martha Stewart Doily Lace Punch too!

This second card is a Penny Black Stamp coloured with copics and a little bit of stickles. The papers are Forever Friends one and the ribbon is papermania.

I was trying to keep these cards simple, but I hope they are still nice!

Well thanks for visiting! Hope you are well, take care, Lyns xx

Sweet Stop Challenge Sketch

Afternoon Everyone!

I hope you are all having a good weekend! It started out pretty rubbish here this morning weather wise, nasty grey cloud - peeing rain, so OH and I decide we'll go to the cinema this afternoon to see the A-Team. Course now it's glorious sunshine! :o) Typical! Hope it is nice wherever you are and you are making the most of it.

On to my card, today's card is using a challenge sketch from Sweet Stop Sketches I think you'll all agree it is fab sketch. I had to lose a couple of the elements though as my stamped image is a bit big! My image is coloured with copics and some stickles for sparkle, the backing paper is doodlebug, ribbon papermania. I also stickled the edge of the stamped text. I hope it's not too busy, I wasn't sure if I'd maybe done too much by adding the ribbon or embossing the green card... you know I just think there's a bit much going on... maybe it's just me!

I'm laughing at my cat who is squeezing himself into the last possible bit of sunlight coming in the window. I would take a picture to share with you but you know that as soon as I get up to get it he'll move!! Well hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend. I will probably get a bit more crafting done as the docrafts forum is a bit wonky today!

Take care and thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

Donkey Best Wishes & First Go at Stitching on Card!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Half way through the week, I find myself wishing my life away for the weekends and they are over so quickly. It's sad really. I've been having real problems getting on docrafts lately, so if it looks like I've been neglecting docrafts - it's not intentional. I finally managed to get 2 cards uploaded today but I do have more to go on. Oh the www can be such fun!

Today's card is again using the Donkey for Michelle, this time I've used him in a very bright colourful card. I'm not too sure if there's too much going on, but meh it's done now! It was also my first go with stitching... well that was interesting I can tell you that much! The first go I had on just a bit of card, it ended up getting a bit away from me. and there some pretty dodgy bits on this card hence the purple embossed daisy bit - it's covering all the REALLY wobbly bits! he he... I'll need to give it more practice, it's all about feeding through at an even speed I realise, but getting that speed even is HARD! lol I coloured my donkey with my copics, opting for a tan/brown donkey this time. I did my out the box cutting on my nesties - which I love doing now I know how! The papers were a digital download from the Shabby Princess. Prima flowers are topped with some brads/gems from my stash and I ran the purple card through my bug. Sewing was done on my little Quick Stitch sewing machine.
Well guys I hope you like my latest creation! Thanks for visiting and take care! Lyns xx

Art Deco Flapper Girl


Hope you are all well! Today has been a bit of a tiring day. I played badminton tonight, for the first time in agggges, I can tell I'm going to be sore tomorrow! But it's for the best, I need to lose some weight and upping my exercise is definitely what I need - tomorrow it's the gym and a swim.

On to my card...

I saw a stunning card on Sharon's blog, with this gorgeous stamp and I just thought... oooooo, I have to have it! I ended up getting several other Art Deco stamps... woops! Now my colouring is nowhere near as good as Sharon's, her card is just INCREDIBLE, but I think mine is ok! So my papers are from papermania and I coloured my ribbon and image using copics. I added the gems to the centre of the roses. I shaded parts of her dress and roses with gold glamour dust - hard to stay in the lines with the glue, but I think it's turned out ok. My bow was made on the Bow Easy. I hope you like! I'm a bit obsessed with this teal colour at the moment, I will have to create a card using anything BUT this colour!

Well Take Care Everyone! I hope you are all well and thanks for visiting. Lyns xx

Get Well Michelle!


How is everyone doing today? It's right dreich here today, lots of grey sky and drizzle - horrible. In Scotland, summer is a blood relative of winter... Anyhoo, wont let the weather get me on a downer. I've finally recovered after my weekend of excess, in my late teens early twenties this wouldn't have been a problem. However it seems like those days are LONG gone. It's the tiredness that gets me, I don't wake up with sore heads or a dicky tummy, just absolutely shattered. It's a good thing I don't do it often!

On to my card:

Unlike me I'm sure you were all with it and have seen on A Spoon Full of Sugar's blog about poor Michelle having a horrible accident in which she lost an eye. The blog were running a card drive and challenge with lots of prizes. Now me being special totally missed the challenge bit but I have made a card to send Michelle anyway and hope it helps along with the hundreds of others in perking her up. It's incredible what they have done to try and give her a bit of cheer and I really hope she feels better soon.

The donkey is a freebie image which you can get on the blog, which I coloured with copics, I added some little gems round the sides too. He kinda reminds me of Eeyore. The papers are Forever Friends ones and the ribbons and brads are from my stash.

Well I hope you like it guys, thanks for visiting, take care! Lyns xx