Ninety Cards Later...

Phew, where has the time gone?! You'd be forgiven for thinking I'd disappeared into a vortex somewhere. I can assure you all I've not stopped crafting, in fact it's been rather intense if I'm honest. Yesterday I finished the hand made invitation cards I'd volunteered to make my friend as a wedding present. Well 90 cards later, my hands are killing me, my neck has a permanent crick and I definitely need a new blade for my craft knife. I don't think I'll be doing that again any time soon! I've even worked out a way to make my own invitations for next year without cutting a single thing! It's been a hard slog and if I'm honest it's been hard being her bridesmaid too. There's been a lot of problems with the dresses resulting in numerous fittings, none her fault, but it's been demanding on my time which I have very little of at the moment. I am delighted that the invites are now done though and it's definitely a unique present. I've hopefully saved her a bit of money too.

On top of all this chaos, I'm still doing my driving lessons, which are going well so far! :o) I hopefully wont need too many more, but we'll just have to see. I've been getting lots of practice with my OH who says I'm definitely improving.

Well I'll hopefully get a picture of the invites to put on for you soon when I can get a better picture in some good light.

Thanks for reading, I'll have some normal crafting once my hands have returned to normal!

Lyns xx

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coops said...

hiya lyns, glad you are ok you are relieved you have finished the invites and so pleased the driving lessons are going well.,hope to see you back soon hun.luv coops.xx