Weddings and a Mojo Holiday

Good Evening Bloggers,

Well I'm still having a bit of bother with the new docrafts site but I'm hoping I'll get used to it soon. I think it's just the way it goes when something changes, it takes a bit of time to get the kinks ironed out. I finally got the chance today to sit and make some cards that thankfully have NOTHING to do with weddings! lol So far this year we are one wedding down, 2 to go. The next one is going to be the most demanding so whilst I'm looking forward to it, I'll be relieved when it's over too.

Anyway, I digress! I sat down to start making some cards and my mojo just went up in a puff of smoke... :o( so I'm not to sure about these two cards. I tried to keep the first one here simple, so I thought no patterned paper.

This second card, I just wanted to sit and colour. This is one of my most favourite images to colour, but I even found simple colouring a bit of a trial. Bleh! Hopefully my mojo returns from its holiday soon. I think it's just a shock to the system now not making wedding invitations!

Otherwise, I don't have much news... I was at a friend of OH's wedding on Friday in St. Andrews and thankfully the weather was BEAUTIFUL! You couldn't have asked for a nicer day it was perfect. Their ceremony was really sweet, I don't think it could've gone better. Needless to say I had a few drinks so I was a touch rough around the edges on Saturday morning, but nothing a fried breakfast and some fresh sea air didn't sort. Well I'm off now! Take Care and Thanks for Reading! Lyns xxx


Alizabethy said...

just love the card with the polka dot background - fabulous!

coops said...

stunning cards lyns, gorgeous images on both and love the colours.luv coops.xx