Mint & Chocolate Friday Sketchers Challenge

Evening Everyone!

How are you all doing? I had a bit of a long dragging day... OH had been off work today as he has the protective lens taken off his eye - sounds lovely. He used to wear contact lenses anyway so it's nothing new to him, he is glad the lens is out though as it was annoying him. OH was very sweet today, he bought me the Spanish Buzz Lightyear! :o) I have the original one but this one obviously speaks in Spanish as well as English, like the Buzz in the new Toy Story 3 Film (if you haven't seen it, I can't recommend enough that you do - even grown ups!).

On to my card... I am entering this into the Friday Sketchers Challenge. I went with a mint and chocolate theme for the colours, but only kept this theme loosely through my image. I coloured with copics, papers are DCWV, the Brads are card candy that I coloured with my copics to match. I also coloured the ribbon. The teal coloured card was embossed on my bug.

Well I hope you all like, it's just a short post from me tonight as I'm pretty tired and think I'll have an early night! Take Care Folks! Lyns xx

Something Different

Morning Bloggers,

How are you all on this not so fine Monday? meh! Mondays! Hates them! lol I didn't sleep well, I felt like I saw every hour on the clock. I'm pretty tired this morning not even a nice mug of coffee can perk me up.

Anyhoo... trying not to be dreary. You will all realise that I LOVE making cards, but I also like to dabbling in drawing when I get the chance and the mood takes me. I'll normally sit and draw a picture of a cartoon character or just something lying around... can't for the life of me do people though! I just can't get the shading etc. right. Whilst rummaging around in my craft things at the weekend I found this pencil drawing I'd done a while back. I was meant to do another of these pictures for my sisters old flat mate. Whilst she was at uni she stayed in a flat with her friends and the bathroom was left in a bit of a limbo state between, sort of decorated and mainly sort of not. One day her friends took to the walls and left scribbles and doodles everywhere. I decided to draw a picture of Jessica Rabbit, similar to the above pic. My sis' flat mate became quite precious about the Jessica Picture and wouldn't let anyone deface her or scribble over her, but eventually they had to finish decorating... so Jessica was lost beneath the paint. I'd promised my sis I'd do another picture of Jessica so that they could frame her and put it up in the bathroom, but I decided it would be nice to have a coloured version rather than just a pencil drawing... hopefully my colouring isn't too bad, I know some of the lines are a bit ropey but I think it's good enough for a student's bathroom wall anyway!

Well I hope you guys like my 'something different'. Take Care and thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

Chocolate Card and Some RED Hair


I hope you are all having a good weekend, not that there's much of it left now! OH is doing well after his eye zapping. He was a bit sore and gritty to begin with but he's doing fine now. We've not done a great deal this weekend except stay in the house. Today I drove us up to my Mum's to collect some fabby stamps my Gran had sent down for me. She actually had these for me whilst I was visiting and they went walkies whilst I was there - but I have them now so it's all good. I also drove OH out to his golf course to collect a competition form and then we went for a lovely lunch at the Pavilion. I had Linguine Marinara, it was YUMMY!! Lots of pasta, lots of fish - there was squid, muscles, prawns and salmon - just beautiful.

Yesterday I mentioned that I had dyed my hair RED, below is a picture... I must explain the reason it is so vibrant through my fringe is because my fringe was blonde. Now for all those who get their hair coloured at the hairdresser - I take my hat off to you paying that money, I just find it terribly expensive - so I do it myself... which can produce some interesting results! lol So previously my hair was light brown with a flash of blonde in the fringe (also done by my fair hand). And now it is RED! I will see how long I will keep it this colour, I look forward to the pink fit my hairdresser is going to throw when she sees it on Thursday for cutting - but hey, we only live once!

Some tips for home dying:
  1. Do, do, do a strand/skin test, nothing worse than discovering your allergic to the dye - ouch!
  2. On your first go, choose a colour only a few shades lighter or darker than your own. So it is not too dramatic on the first go.
  3. If going blonde remember that if your hair is very dark it will probably need pre-lightened first.
  4. If like me you are going for a wacky colour, pre-lighting will make the hair a much more vibrant shade - like my fringe.
  5. Put Vaseline around your hairline but not touching the hair itself, this will stop your skin being stained with dye.
  6. Always rinse till the water runs clear - less mess on your towels.
I hope these tips are help to someone! :o) P.S. don't be scared of dying your own hair - it's only hair and will always grow back!

On to my card... These are the stamps my Gran sent home for me. They are the 'Born to Shop' range, there was recently a free stamp with the do crafts magazine, these stamps are some more in the range. They are fab! Real girly stamps :o) The backing paper is part of the daisy and dandelion set, the ribbon was off OH's birthday cake - still has a chocolatey smell too, gives the card a little something extra! As always my image was coloured with copics and shapes cut with my nesties on my bug. I thought this would be a good card to give one of my girl friends. It's pretty much suitable for any of them! lol! We all LOVE our chocolate! he he...

Well that's pretty much my chat for this weekend, I hope you are all good and I'm off to have a blog hop and see what you've all been up to!

Take Care, Lyns xx

Completed Memory Book :o)


Well I did promise crafting this weekend and I certainly got down to it. OH's eye is very sore this morning, we went for his check up and apparently everything is ok it's just like to be sore after he's been sleeping as it's dry, he says this is worse than the first time he got it done. Hopefully this is it now and there's no more messing around! The real bummer has been that he's not allowed to drive, so I have been driving... I've become one of those people that hates driving now. People on the road are horrible... but I did get some new ink for my printer and got the photos for my memory book all printed up.

The following photo's are all part of the book, I hope you guys like it.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. I have also dyed my hair BRIGHT RED! When I can get a good picture of it, I shall share it with you!

Take care and thanks for visiting!

Lyns xx

Coffee, cake, cards and.... eye surgery...

Morning Crafters!

Thank goodness it's FRIDAY!! Just in case you didn't get that it's FRIDAY!!!! Can you tell I'm glad it's almost the weekend, I've had one of those topsy turvy weeks. This morning was the first time in a long time my alarm actually woke me up and boy is it some alarm... I got the new jazzy iPhone 4 when it came out (not dedicated enough to stand in the shop or wait by my computer at 4am, I ordered it when my email told me my contract was due for renewal then I just waited for it) and I have to say it is one cool phone, having the internet and my emails everywhere I go is brilliant - yet a bit restricting too, on me not the phone. I realised this when I was in the Highlands in the middle of nowhere and my boss called me. Anyhoo I digress, so the phone is fab and it also comes (as most phones do now) with an alarm clock, so I set it to go off every Mon - Fri at 7am. Last night I'd been fiddling with it and I had accidentally turned up the volume - oops! OH and I were blasted out our beds this morning lol! So I was in much need of a coffee and a bit of a chocolate croissant - very bad when you are supposed to be on a diet Lynsey!! Despite all this I am actually in a great mood today because today is the first time in a long while I've not woken up with a killingly sore shoulder, I went to the gym and pool last night to try and help. The whole time I was in agony but I tried to work through it and I guess it's paid off! woo hoo!

On another subject OH is away to have his eye lasered today. He had laser eye surgery last October but his weaker eye has decided it's just not playing the game and has to be redone - not by much I might add but I think he is determined to be able to see as far as me. he he he... so we'll be sitting in the laser place waiting for ages whilst they fiddle about, last time he was under the laser for oh maybe 15 mins but sat about waiting around doing nothing for 3hrs - crazy!!! Because of this our weekend will be quite a quiet one - I hope to make lots of cards and goodies! Anyone looking for something to do this weekend, I can't recommend enough seeing Toy Story 3 - it was BRILLIANT!

On to the card stuff...

I have tried for months to upload this card, every time it went in upside down...weird! I was using some leftover papers from the Garden Stack and I thought this image went perfectly, he's coloured with copics - as is the ribbon! I used my nesties for the circle and scalloped circle. This card was a real quicky and I thought quite a cutey for giving to someone as a birthday or thank you card.

Well thanks for visiting folks and I hope you all have a great weekend! Take Care, Lyns xx

A touch of jewellery making... sort of!

Hi Everyone,

I promised another project so here we are! I bought a pandora style bracelet a while back, but I'm cursed with very thin wrists. Seriously it's a wonder I've never broken them. My hands and wrists are like a child, my engagement ring is an I although I could probably get away with a H1/2. So that gives you a bit of background to my problem. Basically getting bracelets/bangles is a nightmare unless it is for a child, which normally means it's Hannah Montana themed or such like. So back to my original story, the bracelet I ordered came with lovely glass beads and such but was far to big for my wrist and kept falling off, despite ordering the smallest size. But alas! When I was in Inverness last week I discovered in the craft shop similar style beads and bracelets, however they had a bangle style one which could be squished to a smaller size (see here for what I'm talking about). Finally I was able to transfer my beads and by some more and wear my bracelet. Above is the finished result! I also bought a some more beads to add to it. Finally I have a bracelet that fits me, so I'm rather chuffed!

I hope you all like! I think I could end up with a few more of these. Thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

New Background!

Morning Everyone,

I got a little message saying that my background was going to disappear on Friday and to go grab an updated code before then. I went on to cutest blog on the block and thought, might as well have a change! So I decided to go a bit disco! What do you think? Bit too bright? I think it's fab! lol

Tonight me and the OH are going to see Toy Story 3 in 3D - I can't wait! I'm such a big child. I have the first two on DVD and I have a Buzz Lightyear toy, I got it as an 18 Birthday Present - quite scary because it doesn't seem that long ago, it is actually 9 years ago! Just shows you how long Toy Story has been going on. The old films are still great!

Hopefully I might get a chance to upload some more projects later on before the cinema - if not it will be tomorrow. Hope you are all well, thanks for stopping by! Lyns xx

A bit of a Lynsey's guide to Copic Colouring

Good Morning Everyone,

It's a nice bright sunny day here at the moment... I hope it lasts, I could use a bit of sunshine in my life at the moment :o) I didn't get up to much last night, went driving... AGAIN. I feel like it's all I ever do sometimes and although I like driving when I'm out and about, I don't like the build up to going, I wish I would just pass my test already! pft!

Anyhoo! The fun stuff now,

I decided I'd share with you all how I colour my images, I use copics and normally start with the darkest colour first. I choose where my light source is and put the darkest colours away from this first, so the first image below is how I begin. The colours I have used is E33, E11, YR20, BG10, RV42, R11 & R22. The image I used is called Bubbly Bears by Penny Johnson, you can buy it here they do international shipping should anyone not inside the UK want this stamp :o)

The next colour I have used is E11 I use this to pull the colour more in from the darker shade. You can see below what I've done.
I then take YR20 and colour all over the image blending until you can't see a noticeable difference between the shades, this doesn't damage the palest colour at all. You can see below how I've done this.

I then coloured the edges of the glasses and bubbles with BG10 and the bears noses with RV42. I used this colour for the inside of the smaller bear's ear (the girl bear (o:).
Finally I used R11 and R22 for the ground, the main colours in my card I'm using have pink in it so I decided against a brown or grey floor and thought the pinky colours work well.
Once finished, I used my nesties on my bug to cut the image out and cut out some glittery paper to mount on to my card. The paper I have used is papermania's confetti (just bought some more of this, it's lovely) The ribbon was holding some jewellery making beads to a card and I thought would work well on this. I used some glamour dust on the champagne glass to make it look sparkly. The butterflies I made using fantasy film. I will explain another time how these are done, it's very easy though! I hope you like the card.

Thanks for looking everyone, I hope my method of colouring my images may help some of you. This method of colouring can also be used with pro-markers, working dark to light or vice-versa should you prefer. Hope you all have a great day! Take Care, Lyns xx

Weddings... Birthdays... Craziness!

Hello Bloggers!

I'm sooooo sorry it's been sooooooo long! Where have I been???? Well I've been incredibly busy, so much so I've barely had a chance to think about crafting. I've been involved in a lot of bits and pieces with my friend Gill's Wedding, which was on the 11 July. It was a beautiful day, lovely weather considering how horrible it's been since! We had sunshine and unfortunately a lot of wind, but I think it was great. The above picture from L-R is Gill's cousin Victoria, Me, Gill and her cousin Alana. I think this is a lovely photo, taken with us all having a little chat and giggle about something, I wish I could remember now. The photographer has taken some pictures of just Gill and myself and has said she has lots of natural ones of us just chatting and messing around with each other so I can't wait to see them.

This picture below is of me and the other half (who I think has his eyes shut!) not only was the 11 July Gillian's wedding day, it was also Grant's birthday. I think he was quite embarrassed when everyone sang happy birthday to him! It was brilliant though and a really nice thing for Gill to do.

After all the wedding celebrations and running around like crazy we had a week's holiday, we went to visit my Grandparents in Inverness. We took a trip to the Highland Wildlife park which was great, we got to see Mercedes the polar bear in her new surroundings. I can safely say she looks MUCHhappier there than she did at Edinburgh Zoo. She has so much room to move around and when it snows up there it SNOWS, so she enjoys playing in that. Madly enough there is actually still a teeny weeny bit of snow on the hills up there!!! Unfortunately most of our trip it RAINED but we did get out and about a little and it was great seeing my Granny & Granda.

Now... down to the craft bits! I began yesterday making Gill a memory book of her wedding, I bought this book from a little shop called Hobby Haven in Inverness - craft shops in Inverness are WAY better than in Edinburgh I can safely say, so when I go... I buy loads! I decorated the book using the Papermania Confetti Papers and I've embellished with some sparkly stick ons, the butterflies are using the butterfly dimension punch. I have more stickies and bling inside the album, however my printer ran out of ink and I couldn't print any pictures! VERY ANNOYING! Once I get some printed I will pop some pictures of each page up, for now you have a front cover preview!

Well I'm off to catch up with everyone's blog and hope I never leave it so long between posts... I hope never to be as busy again until my own wedding!

Take care folks, Lyns xxx