Chocolate Card and Some RED Hair


I hope you are all having a good weekend, not that there's much of it left now! OH is doing well after his eye zapping. He was a bit sore and gritty to begin with but he's doing fine now. We've not done a great deal this weekend except stay in the house. Today I drove us up to my Mum's to collect some fabby stamps my Gran had sent down for me. She actually had these for me whilst I was visiting and they went walkies whilst I was there - but I have them now so it's all good. I also drove OH out to his golf course to collect a competition form and then we went for a lovely lunch at the Pavilion. I had Linguine Marinara, it was YUMMY!! Lots of pasta, lots of fish - there was squid, muscles, prawns and salmon - just beautiful.

Yesterday I mentioned that I had dyed my hair RED, below is a picture... I must explain the reason it is so vibrant through my fringe is because my fringe was blonde. Now for all those who get their hair coloured at the hairdresser - I take my hat off to you paying that money, I just find it terribly expensive - so I do it myself... which can produce some interesting results! lol So previously my hair was light brown with a flash of blonde in the fringe (also done by my fair hand). And now it is RED! I will see how long I will keep it this colour, I look forward to the pink fit my hairdresser is going to throw when she sees it on Thursday for cutting - but hey, we only live once!

Some tips for home dying:
  1. Do, do, do a strand/skin test, nothing worse than discovering your allergic to the dye - ouch!
  2. On your first go, choose a colour only a few shades lighter or darker than your own. So it is not too dramatic on the first go.
  3. If going blonde remember that if your hair is very dark it will probably need pre-lightened first.
  4. If like me you are going for a wacky colour, pre-lighting will make the hair a much more vibrant shade - like my fringe.
  5. Put Vaseline around your hairline but not touching the hair itself, this will stop your skin being stained with dye.
  6. Always rinse till the water runs clear - less mess on your towels.
I hope these tips are help to someone! :o) P.S. don't be scared of dying your own hair - it's only hair and will always grow back!

On to my card... These are the stamps my Gran sent home for me. They are the 'Born to Shop' range, there was recently a free stamp with the do crafts magazine, these stamps are some more in the range. They are fab! Real girly stamps :o) The backing paper is part of the daisy and dandelion set, the ribbon was off OH's birthday cake - still has a chocolatey smell too, gives the card a little something extra! As always my image was coloured with copics and shapes cut with my nesties on my bug. I thought this would be a good card to give one of my girl friends. It's pretty much suitable for any of them! lol! We all LOVE our chocolate! he he...

Well that's pretty much my chat for this weekend, I hope you are all good and I'm off to have a blog hop and see what you've all been up to!

Take Care, Lyns xx


coops said...

oh what a yummy card lyns.great image and love the big choccy ribbon and bow.
and wow!!! your hair looks great afraid my little sis dyed my hair years ago.she has had her own hair all colours, no probs but well she did mine and it was really long at the time too.i wanted it slightly darker and i ended up with a green tinge in my hair which took 5 years to fully grow out, am now a scaredy
i am going to see said little sis for my holiday as she now lives near plymouth.a first for me so am looking forward to it :)
cor i do waffle don`t i? hehe

xx coops xx

Alizabethy said...

Fab card and funky hair!

Lizzy xx said...

Fab card Lyns..luv the image & the bow is lush.

Luvin the red hair hun...looks great xx Lizzy xx :)