Friday, 23 July 2010

Coffee, cake, cards and.... eye surgery...

Morning Crafters!

Thank goodness it's FRIDAY!! Just in case you didn't get that it's FRIDAY!!!! Can you tell I'm glad it's almost the weekend, I've had one of those topsy turvy weeks. This morning was the first time in a long time my alarm actually woke me up and boy is it some alarm... I got the new jazzy iPhone 4 when it came out (not dedicated enough to stand in the shop or wait by my computer at 4am, I ordered it when my email told me my contract was due for renewal then I just waited for it) and I have to say it is one cool phone, having the internet and my emails everywhere I go is brilliant - yet a bit restricting too, on me not the phone. I realised this when I was in the Highlands in the middle of nowhere and my boss called me. Anyhoo I digress, so the phone is fab and it also comes (as most phones do now) with an alarm clock, so I set it to go off every Mon - Fri at 7am. Last night I'd been fiddling with it and I had accidentally turned up the volume - oops! OH and I were blasted out our beds this morning lol! So I was in much need of a coffee and a bit of a chocolate croissant - very bad when you are supposed to be on a diet Lynsey!! Despite all this I am actually in a great mood today because today is the first time in a long while I've not woken up with a killingly sore shoulder, I went to the gym and pool last night to try and help. The whole time I was in agony but I tried to work through it and I guess it's paid off! woo hoo!

On another subject OH is away to have his eye lasered today. He had laser eye surgery last October but his weaker eye has decided it's just not playing the game and has to be redone - not by much I might add but I think he is determined to be able to see as far as me. he he he... so we'll be sitting in the laser place waiting for ages whilst they fiddle about, last time he was under the laser for oh maybe 15 mins but sat about waiting around doing nothing for 3hrs - crazy!!! Because of this our weekend will be quite a quiet one - I hope to make lots of cards and goodies! Anyone looking for something to do this weekend, I can't recommend enough seeing Toy Story 3 - it was BRILLIANT!

On to the card stuff...

I have tried for months to upload this card, every time it went in upside down...weird! I was using some leftover papers from the Garden Stack and I thought this image went perfectly, he's coloured with copics - as is the ribbon! I used my nesties for the circle and scalloped circle. This card was a real quicky and I thought quite a cutey for giving to someone as a birthday or thank you card.

Well thanks for visiting folks and I hope you all have a great weekend! Take Care, Lyns xx


Aunty Sue said...

love the card and how brave of OH i want mine doing as i am blind as a bat and would love not to wear glasses. Going to watch toy story this afternoon with my 2 nephews Aunties holiday treat.

coops said...

stunning card lyns, the image is so cute and your colouring is the yummy papers and bow.

x coops xx