Something Different

Morning Bloggers,

How are you all on this not so fine Monday? meh! Mondays! Hates them! lol I didn't sleep well, I felt like I saw every hour on the clock. I'm pretty tired this morning not even a nice mug of coffee can perk me up.

Anyhoo... trying not to be dreary. You will all realise that I LOVE making cards, but I also like to dabbling in drawing when I get the chance and the mood takes me. I'll normally sit and draw a picture of a cartoon character or just something lying around... can't for the life of me do people though! I just can't get the shading etc. right. Whilst rummaging around in my craft things at the weekend I found this pencil drawing I'd done a while back. I was meant to do another of these pictures for my sisters old flat mate. Whilst she was at uni she stayed in a flat with her friends and the bathroom was left in a bit of a limbo state between, sort of decorated and mainly sort of not. One day her friends took to the walls and left scribbles and doodles everywhere. I decided to draw a picture of Jessica Rabbit, similar to the above pic. My sis' flat mate became quite precious about the Jessica Picture and wouldn't let anyone deface her or scribble over her, but eventually they had to finish decorating... so Jessica was lost beneath the paint. I'd promised my sis I'd do another picture of Jessica so that they could frame her and put it up in the bathroom, but I decided it would be nice to have a coloured version rather than just a pencil drawing... hopefully my colouring isn't too bad, I know some of the lines are a bit ropey but I think it's good enough for a student's bathroom wall anyway!

Well I hope you guys like my 'something different'. Take Care and thanks for visiting, Lyns xx


coops said...

wow its fab lyns and what a figure shes got :)

xx coops xx

Mina said...

your Jessica is stunning Lyndsey...she will brilliant in a frame on your sisters bathroom wall
Mina xxx