Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A touch of jewellery making... sort of!

Hi Everyone,

I promised another project so here we are! I bought a pandora style bracelet a while back, but I'm cursed with very thin wrists. Seriously it's a wonder I've never broken them. My hands and wrists are like a child, my engagement ring is an I although I could probably get away with a H1/2. So that gives you a bit of background to my problem. Basically getting bracelets/bangles is a nightmare unless it is for a child, which normally means it's Hannah Montana themed or such like. So back to my original story, the bracelet I ordered came with lovely glass beads and such but was far to big for my wrist and kept falling off, despite ordering the smallest size. But alas! When I was in Inverness last week I discovered in the craft shop similar style beads and bracelets, however they had a bangle style one which could be squished to a smaller size (see here for what I'm talking about). Finally I was able to transfer my beads and by some more and wear my bracelet. Above is the finished result! I also bought a some more beads to add to it. Finally I have a bracelet that fits me, so I'm rather chuffed!

I hope you all like! I think I could end up with a few more of these. Thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

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coops said...

aw this is gorgeous lyns.the colours are lovely. i am also like you.i`ve had that many braclets bought for me which are in a cupboard gathering dust.i have tiny hands engagement ring is an H and my wedding ring is an I.i also have the ankles to match, mores the pity, they are so need fat pumping in to them., not liposuction.heheheh.
xx coops xx