A touch of jewellery making... sort of!

Hi Everyone,

I promised another project so here we are! I bought a pandora style bracelet a while back, but I'm cursed with very thin wrists. Seriously it's a wonder I've never broken them. My hands and wrists are like a child, my engagement ring is an I although I could probably get away with a H1/2. So that gives you a bit of background to my problem. Basically getting bracelets/bangles is a nightmare unless it is for a child, which normally means it's Hannah Montana themed or such like. So back to my original story, the bracelet I ordered came with lovely glass beads and such but was far to big for my wrist and kept falling off, despite ordering the smallest size. But alas! When I was in Inverness last week I discovered in the craft shop similar style beads and bracelets, however they had a bangle style one which could be squished to a smaller size (see here for what I'm talking about). Finally I was able to transfer my beads and by some more and wear my bracelet. Above is the finished result! I also bought a some more beads to add to it. Finally I have a bracelet that fits me, so I'm rather chuffed!

I hope you all like! I think I could end up with a few more of these. Thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

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coops said...

aw this is gorgeous lyns.the colours are lovely. i am also like you.i`ve had that many braclets bought for me which are in a cupboard gathering dust.i have tiny hands too.my engagement ring is an H and my wedding ring is an I.i also have the ankles to match, mores the pity, they are so bony.lol.i need fat pumping in to them., not liposuction.heheheh.
xx coops xx