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Hello Bloggers!

I'm sooooo sorry it's been sooooooo long! Where have I been???? Well I've been incredibly busy, so much so I've barely had a chance to think about crafting. I've been involved in a lot of bits and pieces with my friend Gill's Wedding, which was on the 11 July. It was a beautiful day, lovely weather considering how horrible it's been since! We had sunshine and unfortunately a lot of wind, but I think it was great. The above picture from L-R is Gill's cousin Victoria, Me, Gill and her cousin Alana. I think this is a lovely photo, taken with us all having a little chat and giggle about something, I wish I could remember now. The photographer has taken some pictures of just Gill and myself and has said she has lots of natural ones of us just chatting and messing around with each other so I can't wait to see them.

This picture below is of me and the other half (who I think has his eyes shut!) not only was the 11 July Gillian's wedding day, it was also Grant's birthday. I think he was quite embarrassed when everyone sang happy birthday to him! It was brilliant though and a really nice thing for Gill to do.

After all the wedding celebrations and running around like crazy we had a week's holiday, we went to visit my Grandparents in Inverness. We took a trip to the Highland Wildlife park which was great, we got to see Mercedes the polar bear in her new surroundings. I can safely say she looks MUCHhappier there than she did at Edinburgh Zoo. She has so much room to move around and when it snows up there it SNOWS, so she enjoys playing in that. Madly enough there is actually still a teeny weeny bit of snow on the hills up there!!! Unfortunately most of our trip it RAINED but we did get out and about a little and it was great seeing my Granny & Granda.

Now... down to the craft bits! I began yesterday making Gill a memory book of her wedding, I bought this book from a little shop called Hobby Haven in Inverness - craft shops in Inverness are WAY better than in Edinburgh I can safely say, so when I go... I buy loads! I decorated the book using the Papermania Confetti Papers and I've embellished with some sparkly stick ons, the butterflies are using the butterfly dimension punch. I have more stickies and bling inside the album, however my printer ran out of ink and I couldn't print any pictures! VERY ANNOYING! Once I get some printed I will pop some pictures of each page up, for now you have a front cover preview!

Well I'm off to catch up with everyone's blog and hope I never leave it so long between posts... I hope never to be as busy again until my own wedding!

Take care folks, Lyns xxx

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coops said...

hiya lyns, great to see you in blogland your pics
,your dress is gorgeous and looks like the bride had a beautiful the start of your keepsake too.
xx coops xx