No Card for Now

Morning Bloggers!

I hope everyone is doing well, you may have seen in my blog last week that my close friend Sarah's Dad passed away very suddenly. His funeral was at the weekend, it was a lovely service and I think that it was a great tribute to Richard. He will be missed greatly. Consequently I have spent a lot of time going between Edinburgh and South Queensferry where my friend lives. I have been checking on her every so often to make sure she is OK and taking care of herself. She is doing very well and I hope I have half the strength that Sarah does when it comes to dealing with crisis. She is a star.

I happened to catch this picture on a trip out to South Queensferry - I have a picture of the rail bridge too but unfortunately it's not as nice as this. I think the colours in the picture are gorgeous. On the same night I managed to get the car stuck on a hill - I was having a bit of a dosey moment! I phoned OH who was like 'Lynsey there's clearly nothing I can do' I said 'yes I know I just wanted advice' as soon as I came off the phone I got the car moved right away... what a do-nut!

Hopefully I'll get back into making some cards soon, I am also upping my gym time at the moment - bit of a chub going on! lol!

Well Take Care everyone and thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

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