Some good news!

Hi Bloggers!

Well this post has nothing to do with Crafting! I got some brilliant news today - I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! wooo hoooo! The car above is the car I will be driving, he is named Skob - you can see why. I like to make names out of the Scottish number plates, one of my directors is driving a Slob! lol He is the car I've done most of my driving in and tonight I'll be driving him BY MYSELF!!! Look out Roads.... Beeeeeep Beeeeeep here I come!

I have a full license now and only got 2 minors! One for positioning on a roundabout (was hogging the road a bit) and another for a control fault parking - which was right at the end of the test too! d'oh! For anyone out with the UK, you are allowed up to 15 minors in your test to pass, although 3 in one category will result in a fail... there are lots of categories though. You have to complete 2 manoeuvres they can be any of the following : turn in the road (3 point turn), left reverse around a corner, parallel park behind another car or a reverse bay park. I was given a turn in the road (my most perfected manoeuvre) and reverse into a parking bay... best one I've ever done too, I was perfectly between the lines! :o)

Thanks for visiting my page, I'm looking forward to driving to lots of craft shops! BEEEP BEEEEEEP!

Lyns xx



well done
Hugs Dianne xx

Aunty Sue said...

wow congrats and what a score too.

Lizzy xx said...

Oh well done thing I ever did was learn to drive xx Lizzy xx :) BEEP BEEEEEEEP,lol

debby4000 said...


coops said...

oh big congratulations lyns.there will be no stopping you now :)

xx coops xx

Jennifer said...

Congrats!!! Took me four attempts. I was ready to throw the towel in! lol! So good thing I passed on the 4th attempt. xx Jenny xx

crafting caz said...

Well done, I passed 7 years ago and have never looked back it was the best acheivement of my life, enjoy every second and stay safe. Carrie-lee xxx