Craft Fair

Hi Everyone,

I've been a terrible blogger lately and a terrible crafter too, life has really got in the way over the last month. There has been so many things that have happened that have made me take a bit of a look at life and just think, sometimes it's good to slow down. Whilst it's not exactly working out that way at the moment, I'm sure I'll get there eventually!

So my wedding plans are well under way, our venue is booked, I've paid for half of my dress - it's gorgeous but due to OH being a nosey, I wont put a picture on here! I have chosen my cake and bridesmaid dresses and despite being a crafter I wont be making my own stationery. Part of our deal with the hotel is that they arrange DJ, centre pieces, stationery etc. etc. so it's really only the invites and whilst I love card making - after making my friends I'm not eager to do it again... even for myself! lol

You might have noticed a change of layout and style of my blog, I like this style/layout and think this could be my one I 'keep'. My last style I felt there was a bit much going on. I will be updating my blog on a semi-regular basis, but perhaps not as often as I have in the past. I want to spend more time crafting - well when I get the time that is!

Last weekend, myself, my girlfriend Sarah and Lors from the Do Crafts forum all went to the Craft Fair at the SECC in Glasgow. It was the first time I've driven right into Glasgow, my dad lives just outside Glasgow but thankfully you come off M8 just before the motorway starts going that crazy 5 lanes of mayhem way! lol! I managed it though! We had Sarah's sat nav which unfortunately needs updating so it was as much need as a chocolate teapot... he he... I spent a lot of the time arguing with it - but we didn't get lost. We had a great time there and I've got some goodies which will hopefully give my mojo a good kick up the bum!

Well I better go now, I will catch up with all your blogs soon!

Take care and thanks for visiting! Lyns xx


Lesley said...

hi huni..fab news on the wedding plans..i was at the SECC on Saturday and came home with loads of goodies...glad u had a fab time..luv n hugs Lesley xx

coops said...

hiya lyns,great to see you in blogland hun.congrats on the wedding plans and hope to see you again soon :D

xx coops xx