Edinburgh Castle

Hi Everyone!

Phew we are stowed in snow at the moment and there's more on the way according to the forecast! Scary biscuits! OH never made his flight as the airport's remained closed - ah well! It was a business flight so I'm sure he's not really all that bothered lol!

So things have been a bit on the treacherous side here... some paths are just like ice rinks, fine if you have ice skates he he... Anyway you can see from my pretty pictures some of our snow, I managed to take these whilst the snow stopped. The castle looks like a nice big cake with icing sugar sprinkled on top.

And here is a bit more of a front on view. Getting around is proving interesting and taking a long time so I've not had much time to craft, hopefully get some more done tonight :o)

I hope you guys are all well and hopefully aren't under a blanket of snow too! Unless you love it then I hope you are! :o) Take Care! Lyns xx

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coops said...

beautiful snow pics lyns.it looks nice but ain`t it a pain in the rear :D
we`ve got lots here in the staffordshire moorlands and now all schools closed as well. ah well bring on the big defrost :D:D

xx coops xx