Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are gearing up for an even better Hogmanay!! I'm sorry I haven't blogged recently or crafted - I'm sick! Completely loaded to the eyeballs with cold :( it sucks! I had a lovely Christmas but by Christmas night I started to get the icky scratch in my throat and here we are still loaded with cold. Not cool! Christmas was fab and Santa brought me another set of Copics - WOO HOO! Thanks to being ill I've not actually opened them yet - scandal! I will hopefully start getting better and get card making again soon.

Tonight will be fairly quiet, my sister will be over for some drinks and probably a bit of wii playing but it'll be more quiet than normal... OH is also sick so it'll be like sick folk anonymous in here! Whatever you are all up to I hope you have a brilliant time and that 2011 is a great year for you all!

Take Care and Thanks for visiting/following my blog!

Lyns xx

Big Thaw, Eyes and Cards

Hello Bloggers!

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the run up to Christmas? The big thaw has begun here! woo hoo! Actually, it's pretty unfair to say big thaw as it's set to be freezing cold next week and the temperature right now is 3 degrees so hardly bathing suit weather lol! So today has been an interesting day, I asked OH if he would look out a couple of Christmas presents for me, when he was tidying them back up he turned quickly without looking and jabbed his eye on a branch of the Christmas tree... silly sausage... Well unfortunately he's taken a chunk out of his cornea. We spent more time than we'd have liked in the Eye Pavilion this morning, but it's good to know that he's OK and has his ointment and drops to help.

So speaking of said tree... I took a bit of a better picture for you all to see!

Now on to my cards, finally finishing up my cards. I went with a Forever Friends theme and this first one is for my sister and her partner. The red paper was some I got free with a magazine, the decoupage sheets were from last years FF selection and I embossed the white card on my bug, the sparkles are stickles.

This next card is for my Dad and his partner, pretty much the same as before, last years decoupage sheets, stickles glitter glue, paper is from the FF decoupage pack and some glitterations. Again the embossing was done on my bug.

Here is a closer view of the decoupage...

I just love these decoupage sheets, really quick to make up and they look gorgeous when you add a bit of BLING!

I'm very tired tonight, after doing up these cards and printing save the date cards for my wedding, I have been sorting out all our Christmas cards. Apart from the close family, everyone's cards are written up and ready to go. I have also looked through all our kitchen cupboards and written up a shopping list... it's getting a bit mother hubbardish due to the snow. I'm not keen on driving in the snow, but I'll get to the shops tomorrow now that the 'big thaw' has begun!

Well take care everyone and keep warm, thanks for visiting my blog! Lyns xx

Snow, snow, snow - GO AWAY NOW!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and aren't too cold, this morning we were a balmy -10 degrees Celsius (14 Degrees Fahrenheit) in Edinburgh, buses are all going weird and wonderful routes, so it was a cold walk to work this morning. Below is a picture of me, taken last week outside my work. I wish it could say the snow has eased up... but it hasn't. For the city centre these conditions are very unusual. All transport was cancelled yesterday and the main motorway in Scotland was closed, yip we're having a great time!

I've been struggling to make cards recently, I've been so cold and really tired from walking everywhere that I've just not had the energy, the card above is the most recent I have made for my sister. The picture was taken with her blackberry so excuse the quality. The papers are Forever Friends, the image is Lili of the Valley, I used my bug to emboss the snow flakes and my image is coloured with copics and topped with stickles... JUST FOR A CHANGE! lol

So there's been not much doing so I thought I'd get my Christmas Dec's up. Below is my fireplace. My Mum gave me the garland, which I added the lights too. 100 twinkling (or mental disco if you wish) lights from Tesco for £5 - bargain!

Below is my lurvely new Christmas tree, it is 7ft tall so it's a bit of a bugger to photograph. Unfortunately I can't have a real tree, my cat would have great fun with that! Apologies for the quality of the picture, taken with the phone... although OH's fabby camera is BACK! so hopefully I'll get some better ones.

All my shopping is done, just waiting on a few things arriving by super Royal Mail... that aren't delivering! Hopefully some comes soon!

Well I hope you are all well and warm! Look after yourselves everyone, especially if you are anywhere that is really cold like frozen Scotland. Thanks for visiting! Lyns xx