I'm rubbish I know!

Hi Everyone, 

Hope you guys are all doing great! It's been snowing here this morning, which is just 'cracking!!' Can you sense my sarcasm.  It's thankfully doing nothing more than giving us a dusting of icing sugar so that is something.  Well I know I've been completely rubbish lately about blogging and making cards, I really feel like I'm never getting a second to stop - which is frustrating when I know I have an image all coloured at home just itching to be made into a card... :-( well I WILL make time to do it tonight, right after I've done the 30 Day Shred - ouch btw! To those who don't know what 'The Shred' is, it is a fitness DVD that Jillian Michaels (yon wifey from the Biggest Loser) does, you do it for 30 Days, Level 1 for 10 days, Level 2 for 10 days and so on... until you've done the 30 days.  Now if you stick with it you are supposed to be a lot fitter and have great abs.  I'm on day 6 now, I'm no longer 'as' sore but for a while, it was seriously OUUUUCH! 

So apart from shredding the other thing I did at the weekend was stay with some friends, my friend Jane works with me but isn't coming to our work Christmas party this year so we wanted to do something just us so it was nice to go down and basically eat, drink and be merry (hence the shred).  

The long and the short of it now is that there's very little crafting been down, I did however manage to get a new box to keep all my copics in and I did sit and create my own dividing system last night... now you can't see the dividing very well but they are, I promise.  

I really will try to get a card uploaded by tonight/tomorrow morning!  Hope you guys are all doing good! 

Take Care, thanks for visiting me! Lyns xx

Windy Days!

Hey There Guys! 

Just a quick post from me today, I have been on a complete cleaning/organising mission at work at the moment meaning I'm SHATTERED by the time I get home at night.  I've been trying to bring the organisation mode home with me, so I've been shredding all my ancient paperwork at home - I hate how much paper and junk I accumulate!  Now on to my card... 

Today's card is a stepper card, I bought the card in a pack that was like 3 for a pound, I wasn't clever enough to do all the measuring folding and cutting.  The main image is from a decoupage sheet by docrafts and I added a little glamour dust.  Here is a little close up of the decoupage:

Well I am off for a blog hop just now, I hope that you don't get blown away with this horrible weather!  Take Care, thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

LOTV Christmas Bear

Hey-hey Everyone! Morning! 

I hope you all had a great weekend and got up to plenty of mischief... I went to the flicks to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 - AMAZING! Well maybe not if you don't like Twilight, but I lurved it! I kept forgetting we were in the Cinema though and wanted to talk to my sister about stuff... I'm going again to see it this weekend :o) I know I'm a massive dork! But I can't help it! 

Unfortunately didn't get much crafting done at the weekend as I wasn't feeling the best, not quite sure what's up with me but I'll be alright in the end.  Will definitely get some more done this week because I need to get a serious move on with my Christmas Cards - Eeeeep! 

On to today's card, this is another LOTV stamp, tried to keep this looking quite simple.  The backing paper is embossed with the cuttlebug folder snow, LOTV stamp is coloured with copics and topped with a little stickles.  The Ribbon is from the good ole USA, it's much more vibrant in the flesh so I gotta say sorreeee for my rubbish photography again.  

Well thanks guys for stopping by, I'm going to hop off round your blogs now! Take Care, Lyns xx

Enchanted Christmas - Fairy


How are you all doing today? I'm so warm it's crazy, it's November for goodness sake and I'm BOILING!!! I thought I'd walk to work this morning, get some fresh air but I really wish I hadn't because I wound up cooking.  It's crazy how mild it is here today - I guess I can't complain too much, it's better than snow!! 

Anyhoo, I am so glad it's the weekend... not just because tonight is Twilight night, but because I can get down to some hardcore crafting.  I've got very little planned, so I just want to sit and work away on some more Christmas cards.  It's nice to be back in the zone and working again, I really miss it when I'm too busy to craft.  

On to my card... This is a decoupage card that is actually a Papermania set, it's gorgeous!  You wind up with this beautiful 3D card, really all you need is some DS tape, foam pads and glitter - should you so wish! 

There you have it, basically the only thing I added was the stickles glitter.  

I have to apologise for my lazy photography, yep quick snap on the phone again! I promise to start taking some better pictures with my actual camera soon!! 
Well I hope you all have a great weekend and for all my Twihards out there - ENJOY!!! Take Care and thanks for visiting me! Lyns xx

LOTV Christmas Bear

Morning Guys! 

I hope you are all doing good today! I was sooooo lacking in motivation to get up this morning.  Hubster left at silly o'clock this morning to collect our friend and colleague Allan to get started early on some surveys, needless to say after he left I moved to the middle of the bed and just got myself NICE AND COSY!! When my alarm went off, I was tempted to turn it off and just hide back under the covers.  Meh! 

Ooommiiiggaawwddd oooommiiiggaaawwdd!!!! Tickets are officially booked for Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn, my sister and I are disgustingly excited.  In fact my wee sis is considering wearing her Team Edward t-shirt that I gave her for Christmas a few years ago... now I gave her it as a joke back then, but now is it weird that it seems totally appropriate??!! lol 

Anyhoo... on to my card for today!  Below is another Christmas card made using an LOTV stamp... ain't he a cutie?! 
Now if I'd been at all organised I would have entered him into the LOTV challenge, but silly me missed the deadline! D'oh!  I'll do this weeks one - PROMISE! :o) Little bear is coloured with copics and topped with some stickles to make him SPARKLE! The papers are errrrmmm... something, sorry I can't remember.  The ribbon I picked up in America, Pearls are from my stash and the snowy paper was just plain white card put through my bug with an embossing folder. 

I hope you guys all like my wee LOTV bear today! I'm off to go and see what the next challenge is he he he... Thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

Kraft Card Christmas Colouring

Hi Everyone! 
How are you all getting on today?  I hope you are all doing good.  This week is going quite slowly, I feel like the days are just all merging into one at the moment, I'm sure it's the dark mornings and dark nights that do it.  It's so grey at the moment - yeuch! I think the only thing I'm looking forward to at the moment is the prospect of seeing the next instalment of the Twilight Saga next week - I know I'm a TOTAL GEEK, but it's going to be great... I just know it is.  My sister and I are so excited for the release, we can barely contain ourselves! lol 
Until we can get to the flicks and see the next Twilight, I'm trying to keep myself busy with crafting, it's great to be getting back into making cards and get the creative juices flowing.  I decided to buy some kraft card to play around with, just to get a different effect with stamping and as a backing card.  
So I had my first bash last night with stamping and colouring.  I wasn't sure how well copics would colour on the kraft card, but it turned out much better than I thought.  I went in with slightly darker colours than I would normally choose, my stamp here is Fizzy Moon, I used a gel pen to colour the white fur trim of the bear's hats and scarves. 

I also decided to try making a kick stand card as I'd seen a Quick Flick Tutorial by Bev Rochester, I thought this style of card would work well for my kraft card.  It's a great tutorial and a great style of card, something a little bit different from the norm but super easy to do.  
The kraft card is from ebay, fizzy moon is coloured with copics and a white gel pen, I used stickles to make the snow sparkly, the inside of the card is decorated with papermania Christmas papers, I used my nesties for the stamp and inner writing shapes, the ribbon is from my stash and the brads are card candi and the sentiment stamp on the front was free with Card Making and Paper Craft Magazine.  The inner sentiment came with Fizzy Moon. 
I hope you all like my first bash at Kraft Card and as always thank you for visiting my blog.  Take Care, Lyns xx

Warm Wishes

Hey Guys! 

Hope everyone is good today! We're now at that time of year where it's just Christmas card after Christmas card that will be appearing.  I love making Christmas cards but it then gets to January and I think 'hmmm... what will I make now'.  If I wasn't daft to the core, I'd just keep making Christmas cards so I'm ready for next year - but I wont! :o)

I've been trying to plan where to put my Christmas tree when the time comes, as since I got a new sofa in the summer, I am actually now short on space for the tree... so I think there will be a lot of musical chairs going on in my house come December - all part of the fun I guess!!  

On to today's card...
This is from a Papermania Christmas Decoupage set I got before going off on honeymoon.  I thought it was just so traditional Christmas looking and really pretty so I had to get it.  This picture isn't great for showing the 3D off but it really does stand off the page.  I added stickles to parts of the snow to make it stand out a little more.  The ribbon was off a gift I received and the gems were from my stash.  This is much more traditional than I would normally do but I think I'll be making quite a few cards like that this year.  

I hope you like today's card, thank you for coming to visit me! Take Care, Lyns xx

Christmas Sparkle!

Hey There Everyone! 

Hope you all had a fantabulous weekend, Monday just comes around again too quickly.  I had a weekend where I finally got down to some crafting - at last! I got a good load of cards made, which should mean plenty of blogging over the next couple of days. I have also ordered a few new little bits and pieces so I have some new goodies to play with... 

I also got started on some Christmas shopping at the weekend, I bought my niece LOTS of new clothes.  My sister wanted some more clothes for her and seems to have enough of everything else so I stepped up to the plate for that... well it's hard to keep things in perspective when the little cherub is with you in the shops smiling away at you!! he he he... hubby says I've to buy no more! Woops!  

After I melted my credit card on Saturday I got down to some serious crafting on Sunday, here is the first card I made.  

The stamp is LOTV and coloured with copics, I added some gold glamour dust to the stars on her skirt and surrounding her, the fur on her coat is stickles glitter glue.  The papers are part of the papermania Christmas range and edged with glue and glamourdust, the gems are from my stash and I used a Martha Stewart Punch for the edging under the ribbon.  The ribbon is from a gift set I received - Recycle I say!  The frame around the stamp is a Spellbinders Nestable Die. I think it's really ornate looking! Pretty pretty! 

Here is a close up of the image.  Sorry about the picture quality of these - they were taken on my phone as my laptop is not working at the moment and the card reader on my old laptop is choosing to play silly buggers... technology - I repel it! 

I hope you like today's card, I'm off for a blog hop! 

Take care everyone and thanks as always for stopping by! Lyns xxx

Birthday & Christmas Card

 Good Morning Everyone, 

I hope you are all doing great!  I know it's taken forever but finally I feel like I might just be on my way back into blog land.  The last year has been fantastic, but I've really missed crafting.  Whilst I wouldn't change a thing about our wedding, I can see the appeal in running off abroad with just close family to get hitched - takes at least SOME of the drama out of the equation.  

We got back from honeymoon at the end of October, it was incredible, we both had an amazing time.  I REALLY didn't want to go home.  I was close to tears driving back for our flight - I guess that is the sign of a really great holiday.  We spent two weeks in Florida, being complete tourists taking in all the fun of the parks.  I think you could go there for months and still not cover everything!  Here are a couple of pictures:
Me enjoying the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. 

Me and Hubby showing off our Geek 'chic' 3D glasses. 

Me cooling down a little by the fountain in Disney Studios.

Now on to my cards! At last!  Before heading off to America I got the latest issue of DoCrafts Creativity Magazine, which had some of these lovely 'Enchanted' Christmas Decoupage in them.  I bought up a few packs before going away and they've been crying out to be used since I got back so here is my first offering.  Enchanted Santa decoupage, with some stickles for a bit of glimmer and a couple of gems stuck in the corner.  I wanted to keep this one simple, the image does all the talking. 

I thought to help get my mojo going again I would take part in a challenge, so I took a peek in the Challenges forum on DoCrafts and noticed the latest LOTV challenge was a sketch with the strict instruction of 'Not Christmas'. 
I thought my little bear was just perfect for the sketch, she's coloured with copics, the papers are tulip and papermania.  Gems and ribbon are from my stash. 
This was the first time in a LONG LONG time that I've really sat and coloured so I have stamped myself a load of images to sit and colour tonight :o) 

I'm going to have a look round blog land and get all caught up with you all.  Take Care and thanks for visiting me! Lyns xx

FINALLY A Card... BF's Birthday Card

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, I have just finished packing my suitcase for AMERICA!! woo hoo! I'm so excited, although unfortunately the weather in Orlando at the moment is not so great, I'm hoping to counterbalance the rubbish weather by bringing my umbrella's with me... I used to be a Scout and our moto is 'Be Prepared' so I'm hoping by being prepared fate will sort the weather out for me! lol

On to my card, this weekend it was my besty's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!! She was super lucky getting a Mullberry Bag - ooooooo - for her birthday from her husband.  I gave her a lovely set for Molton Brown, which I'm hoping she's pampering herself with right now.  I also picked myself up a travel set whilst there... now I'm digressing...

So my card!! I decided that the first card I should make in like FOREVER should be for my besty, I used an LOTV stamp and some Papermania papers.  I coloured my image with copics - as always and added a bit of stickles for SPARKLE!

Here's a little jaunty side view.  I think I got the ribbon from John Lewis and the paper with the writing on it is magnolia.

Well I hope you like today's card, I might not get many more done before my holidays but I will do my best!  Off to have a peak at your blogs now, thanks for visiting and take care! Lyns xxx

Our Wedding Day xx

 Hi Everyone, 

So the big man and I are finally married - HOOORAH!! Planning a wedding is a stressful adventure, but it was worth every second of it.  As you can see from the above picture, we are both Scottish and we both now live in Edinburgh, I am from Edinburgh and the OH is from Arbroath.  Picking a mutual location was always going to be a challenge, but after much searching we chose the Orocco Pier in South Queensferry, which is just outside of Edinburgh.  It is an incredible location, it looks on to the Forth Bridges and is basically straight out on to the Beach.  Even if you aren't getting married I thoroughly recommend going for a bite to eat if you are local or if you fancy a weekend away definitely check them out, great rooms above a brilliant bar/restaurant - ask Henry in the Bar to whip you up a French Martini! 

I thought I'd share a couple of pictures that our photographer took of the day - here is moi getting ready with ma mere in the background helping lace me up.  I think this look's like I am having a conversation with God or Angels perhaps! 

 A bit more ready and less animated now, killing time before the ceremony was HARD!

Here is a picture of my shoes taken in a little bit of an unusual manner, but you definitely can appreciate the bling in this light!

I am incredibly fortunate, my Granda was a Pipe Major in the Cameron's Queens Own Highlanders, he  wrote a tune for me when I was born, so I was very lucky to be piped up the aisle to my own tune Miss Lynsey Grant.  He piped us out to Mairi's Wedding and in to the Wedding Breakfast to Highland Laddie. 
I absolutely LOVE this picture as I feel it looks like I've been twirling around the lamp post! 

As the sun went down in the evening and the party got well and truly under way, the hotel lit these beautiful torches on the balcony, they set the mood perfectly... apart from a few guests trying to light their cigs on them leaving with singed eyebrows!

It was about now I got my dancing shoes on... 

The day was incredible, my OH's friends are CRACKERS but such incredible fun.  They were definitely the heart and soul of the party and I feel incredibly lucky that many guests said it was the best wedding they'd ever been to - what a compliment!!!  

As I mentioned before Orocco Pier is directly on the Beach, with Beach access down some stairs from the balcony... OH's friends thought nothing more of having a skinny dip in the Sea at midnight - definitely THE funniest thing I have EVER witnessed at a wedding!  4 lads ditching their kilts and associated paraphernalia on the Beach running butt naked toward the water!   They didn't just do a little run in and out either - but some full on swimming, now I can safely say - at the end of September back stroke in the Forth is IN NO WAY RECOMMENDED.  For any of you feeling extremely brave, feel free to sign up to the Loony Dook  which takes place every new year. 

We are off on our honeymoon soon, to the USA - woo hoo! It's safe to say I cannot wait to hit 'em Craft Shops!  Normal service shall resume by November - Thank you all to have continued to follow my blog despite being a bit radio silent at times and I hope you have enjoyed looking at our wedding pictures. 

Take Care, Thanks for Visiting! Mrs. McG xxx

I Miss My Blog and Crafting

Hi Everyone,

How are you all doing?  It is safe to say that I am just not getting the chance to craft or blog at the minute.   Many of you already know I am getting married next month and boy has the organising of that taken over my life!!  There have been a few mini-nervous breakdowns but I'm getting there.  I almost lost my engagement ring which freaked me out totally! I found it in the weirdest of places too... the track that my sliding wardrobe doors sit on! eh?! How on EARTH it got there I have no idea... I found it eventually so that's the main thing.  The wedding plans are all going well, just time consuming and getting all the information together that is needed makes me want to scream sometimes.  OH has just discovered he doesn't have a copy of his birth certificate so guess who has to find out where to get a new one etc.  me of course!! 

I am also incredibly chuffed to say that I became an Aunt.  I am thrilled!! Baby Hannah was 7lb 9oz. and 50cm long.  She is GORGEOUS.

We have been helping my sister out as much as possible, she is so cute I just sit and look at her for ages.  I will share some more photos and information with you all soon and hope after next month I'll get back into my routine of crafting and blogging because I miss it like crazy!  I have big plans for next year too that are chiggering away in the back of my mind that I can hopefully put into practice and share with you all.

Take care everyone! I miss reading your blogs, I catch up as often as I can.  Until things return to semi-normality look after yourselves.

Lyns xxx

Tatty Teddy - Me to You Decoupage Birthday

Hey Everyone!  How are you all today?  I about got blown away at lunchtime!  It's crazy the fecking wind here could take me off my feet!  Scottish weather at it's best! lol! I could live with the rain but the wind drives me crazy, I hate the howling... OH said a road sign blew into the car when he was driving through town today and a branch from a tree whacked the windscreen - this is our replaced windscreen after getting chipped and scratched in the winter, two days later it got chipped AGAIN, but we got it safe sealed... the last thing the windscreen needs is being whacked to buggery! Ahhh...

Anyhoo, last night after being with my boo Sarah all day (waves if she's reading!) I went home and made this card.  I used the Me to You decoupage sheet and my Tulip Papers. 

The dry embossing is a Me to You folder that I used on my bug and added some stickles to for a bit of much needed BLING! The little gems are from my stash. 

Well better get on - hope to be out for a swim tonight and a bit of crafting later! Thanks for visiting and take care, Lyns xx

Tulip and LOTV

Happy Weekend Everyone!  Woo hoo!  

Hope you are all having a good weekend so far.  I got my weekend off to a chilled out start by getting my nails done.  I normally have very strong nails that are quite long, but unfortunately they can break now and again... which I obviously don't want for when I get married. So I thought I'd give some bio sculpture nail extensions a try now to see if I like them - gives me plenty of time to let my own nails work their magic underneath, cos unlike your normal nasty nail extensions, these don't damage the nail.  Well the beauty salon I went to was FANTABULOUS!  So lovely inside, really damask chic is how I'd describe it.  The salon owner Anna was doing my nails, she is lovely so if you are in Edinburgh and fancy a pamper sesh - check out RBFY Beauty Studio.  You can book on line too which is great! Here is a piccie of my nails....

The pinkie nails are actually my own, she was great doing them and all for making them better and stronger!

Anyhoo, today I decided to get down to a bit of crafting... I got some of the lovely Tulip Paper this week, which is just so pretty!  I was itching to get crafty with it! It has a lovely textured feel... pretty nice! 

My image is LOTV, stamped with Memento Ink, coloured as always with my copics, I have since taken this picture added some stickles to the flowers to make it sparkle!  Papers are obviously Tulip and I added a few pink gems from my stash.  Trying to keep it on the simple side so not too much going on.  Cutting and shapes where done on my bug :o)  

Well guys thank you for visiting my blog - tonight I'm going to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean film, hope it's good!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care! Lyns xx

Tatty Ted 2!

Hey-there blog-land! How you all doing? It's been a busy week, I was quite bad and ordered a few new things from the glitter pot. Some of you will have noticed the new Tatty Teddy Me-to-You Bear range, I lurve these wee guys, but I think I prefer the decoupage over the stamps... Normally I'm a stamper but the stamps are quite difficult to get coloured properly, but that could just be me!

So on to my card, the backing paper is Me to You the decoupage is Me to You. I folded the spotty paper over to create a concertina effect. I notice, a lot of people stitch it to hold it all together, but I couldn't be bothered getting my sewing machine out so I just used DST.
The lacey edge bit is a Magnolia Die, which is awesome. It's sorta all over the place rather than being all even... I like it! I used Card Candi in the Corners. The sentiment came with the decoupage sheet which I also put a bit of stickles on to SPARKLE it up a bit! lol!

Well that's everything from me today, hopefully be back with some new projects tomorrow! Thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

Tatty Ted!

Hi Guys!

How are you all doing tonight? I'm pretty tired... I feel like I've not done much either but I guess I have really! I got caught up on my house work this weekend, OH also attacked our drying area in our back. We live in a flat so don't have a garden, just a bit of concrete with washing line where the weeds grow like MAD! Having no garden means, no shed so no gardening tools... however OH decided it would be best to keep the weeds down if we had a strimmer. So he was out doing his manly bit strimming away, for now the weeds are at bay!

Whilst OH was doing that, I made a nice batch of scones...
They were delish! There are some left but I don't imagine they'll last long!

I also managed to pick up the latest copy of the Do Crafts magazine, who were giving away a free stamp and little embossing folder, the stamp is a wee cutie, but he doesn't really like being coloured with copics, so I think I'll have to use Pencils on him in future. The papers are of the Tatty Ted variety too and my ribbon was coloured with my copics, the charm and sparkles were from my stash. A pretty quick simple card today but effective I think!

I also started knitting OH another scarf - having been at the first one for about 5 years, I decided to give up on it (I'd made it WAAAAY to thick). I'm onto a new one, hopefully this one wont take as long! Best get cracked on with it, I don't want OH to be waiting another 5 years!

Thanks for visiting everyone and take care, Lyns xx