Lots of News!

Evening Friends!

How are you all keeping? Good I hope! Almost done with the dreaded month of January, it's not such a grim month for me as it's the month of my birthday and the month I got engaged to OH. This Saturday is the anniversary of our engagement and my birthday and I am really looking forward to it. I have a bit of a mad party every year... normally ends up with lots of drunken singing and dancing, so I can't wait!

Now I have some fabby news, I am going to be an Aunty! yippee! My sister Emma is expecting a little ba-ba on 6 August this year! Now I have actually known since Christmas Eve but was sworn to secrecy!! Now that the cat is well and truly out the bag, I'm sure it's ok to share with you all!!

My other good news is that my wedding dress fits PERFECTLY! It's crazy how amazing it is... I don't need a thing done to it apart from the loop for the bustle! I'm so chuffed with it :o) Now if I could trust OH not to look I would show you a picture... but I can't... so you will have to wait until September to see a picture! he he...

On to this evening's card...
The fabby Pink Cat Studio have had an amazing new release of digi stamps today, Alice & Wonderland themed! They are FANTABULOUS! I have coloured Alice here with my copics as always and added some stickles to her apron and hairband. The paper is Papermania, I used my Martha Stewart Doily Punch, my dots embossing folder and coloured the ribbon with copics.

Alice was cut out using my nestabilities... I made a bit of a muck of dry embossing... try and ignore it! woops! lol

Well I hope you like today's card and are all looking forward to having a great weekend!

Take care and as always thanks for visiting!

Lyns xx

Busy Busy Week!

Hi Friends!

Happy weekend! Can't come soon enough! :o) It's been a mad busy week. After getting all my crafty things tidied I got started on my spare room and cleared out my cupboard, I've still to clear another cupboard... but it's not as severe as the others were! I also bought a new netbook this week, I decided my poor old laptop really was getting too sluggish for things. I felt quite sad laying it aside. I had the mammoth task of moving my itunes over to my new computer and eurgh... it was time consuming! I have 30gb of data on my ipod... mainly tunes and a few films so that took a long time. Then there was syncing my phone and pod up with the new puter. I also had to transfer all my crafty bits and pictures... another few gig of data... but I am done now! When it came to shifting emails I decided most of the emails were crap anyway and I could always look them up on the old laptop if I desperately needed to. So my new little puter is so much more dinky than my big laptop, it's also gorgeous girly pink with a swirly top :o) I was also pleased to get a free wireless mouse and cover for it.

So with all this going on I've had zero time to craft :o( I'm hoping to get some done tomorrow afternoon and possibly Sunday. My other exciting news is that my wedding dress is in the shop! yippee! I am going for a inspection/try on tomorrow and I can't wait! I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight I'm so excited! he he!

Well that's my news for now guys! Hope you all have exciting things planned for the weekend! Take care and as always thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

Wish-wash bear!

Hi Everyone!

Hows your weekend's going? Hope everything's going good. It's horrid weather here today, so apart from having my ass kicked at the gym, I've not really been out today! My word I realised how ill I must've been cos I really suffered at the gym... not in the same way if you've been for a while, more like my lungs were dying! lol! However on the plus side, our gym has some new cool machines where you can plug your iPod in and listen to your own playlists or watch any films you have on, so that was cool.

Once I got home, I decided to go on a craft stash diet/cull... so I went through all my craft stuff and cleared out of crap that I am never ever going to use, I was ruthless guys, it was hard but I did it. It's good though, I now know what's in all my craft drawers and what stash I have! Go me!

On to the crafty matters... I had stamped this image out the other night and coloured it and added a nice coat of gloss to the water and bubbles but I had to wait for it to dry... so it took me until today to do anything with it!

My popcorn bear is coloured with my copics and I used Anita's 3D Gloss on the water. I decided to go for a more CAS look so I decided no patterned paper and put a nice pice of shimmery blue card through my bug in the happy birthday folder. I also added a couple of gems from my newly culled stash.

This is the inside of the card, I stamped the ducky and sentiment on to white card and mounted on shimmery capsule collection card. Didn't take me to long to make this card but I think it ok!

My ingredients for this card:

Capsule Collection Shimmery Blue Card
Copics for the colouring
Anita's 3D gloss
Gem's from my stash!

Me and OH are off to the cinema tonight to see the Tourist - hoping its a good film! I'm looking forward to some popcorn! he he!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Take care and thanks for visiting!

Lyns xx



I hope you all have great plans for the weekend! We have nothing planned this weekend - which is a good thing. I jumped the gun saying I was all better yesterday, I had a HORRIFIC migraine this morning and awful nausea :o( Feeling a bit better now, just that foggy feeling. If any of you get migraine's I'm sure you kwim, its icky! Here's hoping to a stress free weekend so I can get my butt back to the gym! lol

Here is a card I whipped up, I got the backing paper from the internet, added the stickles glitter glue to the white stripes. I downloaded the digi image from Kenny K - I think it's a fab funky image! She's coloured with copics and printed the sentiment from my computer.

The ribbon was tied around some jammys I got for Christmas, thought I'd put it to good use! The gems are papermania. Hope you guys like my card!

Well I'm offsky just now, I think it'll be an early night for me tonight, try and ditch this head-fuzz! Take care everyone and thanks for visiting.

Lyns xx

Colour Create Challenge 62

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well! I'm back at work and on the mend, I'm feeling a lot better. I'm still on the antibiotics but getting there... hopefully back to normal soon I really need to be getting my butt back to the gym! I'm sure lots of people are feeling the clothes pinch at the moment. he he he! I got some great news, my wedding dress is in the shop ready for inspection, it's great because it's come way earlier than was expected and with all the snow chaos I thought it'd be held up even longer. I'm going to see it and try everything on next weekend, so I'm really excited! It also gives me a week to lose a few lbs! he he!

On to my card! I used the colour scheme from Colour Create Challenge Blog this is the colour scheme:

With optional extras of flowers and/or gems. I think I've nailed all bases in this card! The paper covers the flowers, which is papermania as is the gems. My stamp is Penny Johnson and I just think it's so cute! The ribbon was wrapped around my bridesmaid bouquet for my friends wedding - I decided to use it for this card as I thought it matched in with the theme.

My stamp is coloured with copics and I used a little bit of stickles on the butterfly. I thought it gives a little bit extra!

Well guys I hope you like my card and that you are all well and looking after yourselves!

Take care and thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

SSS90 - Flirty Flowers

Howdy Everyone!

How are you all this Sunday evening? We've had MORE SNOW!!! I'm so sick of the sight of it now. We made it to the birthday party and at 11.30pm it started blizarding! Not good! I was driving the short distance back to the OH's Dad's house... first proper time driving in the snow. Yeah I was scared! It was a bit like Bambi on ice! I'm getting over my tonsillitis slowly but surely, just taking it day by day.... ah well! The party was good though, despite the snow and I think the birthday boy enjoyed himself. He got home at about 5am! lol

So here's today's card. I used the Sweet Stop Sketch SSS90 but I just feel like my card is missing something... help!

Just for a change I used a popcorn the bear and coloured him with copics lol! I also coloured the ribbon with copics and used papermania backing paper. I used my bug to emboss the pink card and added some gems from my stash. Any advice or tips on what to add - please leave a comment!

Thanks everyone! Thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

Popcorn Birthday Card


What's everyone got planned for the weekend? We are off to a birthday party... providing my health is a bit better! I have been feeling a bit better and more with it today. After seeing the doctor yesterday I was prescribed antibiotics for tonsillitis. I have been getting bacterial tonsillitis pretty much 1 - 2 times a year since I was a child... well according to my mum I had the first bout when I was just 7 months old. It's a bit of a mystery why my tonsils weren't removed when I was a kid but they wont take them out now, apparently I've to be missing 4 or more weeks of work before I'm even considered for a tonsillectomy. It's grim. So for now I'm rattling with all the drugs I have to take, but at least I'm feeling a bit better!

So on to my card... this is for OH's friend who's birthday is this weekend.
Popcorn is coloured with copics (SHOCK - lol), the paper is from my stash I can't remember the make (sorry), I used my Martha Stewart Punch for the zig-zag bit, green card is from the capsule collection as is the jewels.

Here is a shot of the inside, the mug is a part of the Popcorn set and the Let's Celebrate was from another popcorn the bear set. You can tell I love these stamps?! lol

It's not long till my birthday, OH wanted to know what I would like, I was thinking a Kindle e-Reader as a possibility. Can anyone offer an opinion? It's good to get real folks views.

Well I hope you all have a good weekend! Take Care folks! Thanks for visiting!

Lyns xx

Just Because...

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well and 2011 is off to a good start for you. Unfortunately yes I am STILL ill, although thankfully today I am going to the doctor. I have an appointment for this afternoon. I'm fairly certain I'll be told 'it's just a virus' but I guess I can just wait and see.

On to my card... It took 3 days to make this card - you can imagine how much use I'd be at work if I was there!! So this image is a Popcorn the Bear, he's having a nice chillout in his garden :o)

This is a big square card, it was interesting doing the dry embossing with my bug... as the paper is actually too big to go through the bug so there was a bit of folding and moving and to do the last bit I put it in between the folder and stood on it rocking back and forth, not the best method but it did the trick!

Popcorn as always is coloured with copics mounted onto capsule collection paper, I used my Martha Stewart Punch for the edging. I coloured the ribbon with my copics to match the rest of the card. The buttons are also capsule collection.

This is the inside of the card, I hand wrote the sentiment... I know it's not very great! Souffle was stamped and coloured with my copics.

Well I hope you like my card, I think I'm going to give it to my Dad for his birthday. I will try to make some more whilst I'm off sick, unfortunately being sick means everything takes more than double the time it normally would.

Take Care Everyone and More Importantly BE WELL!

Lyns xx


Hi Everyone and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I hope you all brought in the bells in brilliant drunken fun! Unfortunately I didn't... I'm STILL sick, I just can't shake this. I start to think I'm getting better and then nope... the nose starts running again or I start coughing like mad :o( OH is pretty much the same. The most I've managed to do these hols is play a bit of wii, shuffle round the house and feeling brave... I went to hobby craft today where I bought two stamps. Some of my favourite popcorn the bear stamps. They are fab and they are about the only reasonably priced thing in Hobbycraft. I thought the Thanks a Bunch was perfect for sending thank you cards for my awesome Christmas Gifts. It also gave me a chance to try out my latest set of Copics! It's brilliant having the choice of them ALL now! Although I am starting to think I'll have to move on to the Sketch markers he he...

So below is the card I made....
I embossed using one of my Bug folders (I have managed to break the handle on my bug [long story] anyone know if you can buy a replacement handle? The bug itself still works... just the bit you hold to crank the handle has completely sheared off... woops), The papers are from the Capsule collection, as are the stick on jewels. I used my nestabilities for the circle, scalloped circle and 'Thanks' Tag.... all done on my bug.

Well hope you guys like my card and maybe someone out there can help with my bug handle problem!

Take Care, Lyns xx