Busy Busy Week!

Hi Friends!

Happy weekend! Can't come soon enough! :o) It's been a mad busy week. After getting all my crafty things tidied I got started on my spare room and cleared out my cupboard, I've still to clear another cupboard... but it's not as severe as the others were! I also bought a new netbook this week, I decided my poor old laptop really was getting too sluggish for things. I felt quite sad laying it aside. I had the mammoth task of moving my itunes over to my new computer and eurgh... it was time consuming! I have 30gb of data on my ipod... mainly tunes and a few films so that took a long time. Then there was syncing my phone and pod up with the new puter. I also had to transfer all my crafty bits and pictures... another few gig of data... but I am done now! When it came to shifting emails I decided most of the emails were crap anyway and I could always look them up on the old laptop if I desperately needed to. So my new little puter is so much more dinky than my big laptop, it's also gorgeous girly pink with a swirly top :o) I was also pleased to get a free wireless mouse and cover for it.

So with all this going on I've had zero time to craft :o( I'm hoping to get some done tomorrow afternoon and possibly Sunday. My other exciting news is that my wedding dress is in the shop! yippee! I am going for a inspection/try on tomorrow and I can't wait! I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight I'm so excited! he he!

Well that's my news for now guys! Hope you all have exciting things planned for the weekend! Take care and as always thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

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coops said...

aw i hope the dress fitting went well hun :D

xx coops xx