In a huff...

Ok... ok. I admit it. I'm a bad blogger.

I have good reason, well it's a good enough reason to me! I'm in the huff.
I'm not talking a wee huff, I'm talking a BIG, almighty huff.... anyone who follows me and drops by regularly will have no doubt read at some point that I'm a migraine sufferer. It sucks. So I'm on my preventative meds, which are lovely, working well etc. etc. 1 migraine in 3 weeks is a great huge push forward for me.

Doc told me I had to get my eyes tested too. It's worthwhile, make sure there's no demons lurking in there. Well here's now why I'm in the huff.... I NEED GLASSES. Now I'm not vain about wearing them etc. I have frequently in the past messed around with other peoples glasses, worn ones with plain lenses for the fun/fashion factor. I just never wanted to have to rely on needing them to SEE!

I am being a touch melodramatic according to my OH and colleagues.... apparently I'm getting like the lowest strength sort of glasses you could possibly get (like normal vision folks will look through and it'll be pretty much crystal clear to them too). I also only have to wear them when staring at the bloody VDU at work and working with close detail (crafting!!!!!).

After moaning for ages at OH, moaning at my colleagues (everyone was getting very bored of me by this point), I phoned boss and whined at him... told him it was all the works fault and I wanted them to pay for the glasses. So they are. I guess the like me after all... I have a sneaking suspicion he just wanted me to shut up though. I get the glasses Tuesday, I hate waiting for things. I'm a bad mood, I can't craft and I don't to in case my crafting is rubbish now.
So here it is, my last card pre-glasses...

I hope the colouring etc. is ok! I know my lettering is squint but I meant that - honest! I made the card for my girly at work's little (well not so little) boy turning eight. I always make my girl a card for her birthday and her son LOVES them and makes me a card for my birthday which is a few weeks after his muma's. I thought he'd like this as it's COMPLETELY 100% ONLY FOR HIM.

My stamp is popcorn the bear and his balloons, coloured with copics and Anita's 3d gloss used on the balloons. Papers are from the DCWV Glitter Stack, I used my bug on the yellow card with the happy birthday folder, the little tiles are by doodle bug and I used my bug and nesties for the circle/scalloped circle cutting.

I hope you like guys, I'm sorry for my huff... I will eventually snap out of it. As long as OH keeps calling me Hector, Spectre, Four Eyed Projector... I will be a-huffing!

Take Care Guys, Thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

New Baby - NO Stamp! For Once! xx

Howdy-hoedy bloggers, Thank GAAAAAAAWD it's FRIDAY!!!

I hope you guys are all doing well! I am pretty tired if I'm honest, it's been a busy busy week! So I'm really glad it's the weekend, I hope to get making some cards. I've not had much chance this week.

On to the card I managed to make through my tiredness! I wanted to whip up a quick card without using a stamp. I'm becoming a bit of a stamp addict... I wanted to use my little chipboard fizzy moons I bought a while ago that have just been screaming from their box for me to use them.

Some of you guys might already know that my wee sis is pregnant, expecting in August. My OH really hopes she has a wee girl... funny that! So I thought these little cuties would be perfect for a little girl card, I will also make a little boy one - because you never know! She is going to find out the sex of the baby but the appointment isn't for a while yet... so either way I'll be prepared! he he!

So ingredients for this card were...

Fizzy Moon Glitter Chipboard Shapes
Magnolia Papers
Shapes cut on my bug with my nesties!
Ribbon just plain old white satin!
Pearls from the stash
Charm from stash
Glitter edging - stickles!

Hope you guys like! As always, have a great weekend and thanks so much for visiting me! Lyns xx

Blues - Copic Creations Challenge


Hope you are all doing well. I am just over one week through my pills... so far they are working out great! Fingers crossed they keep on working! They make me have some pretty weird dreams but I'm sleeping like a log so that can only be good! :o)

On to my card... I am submitting this on to the Copic Creations challenge which is blue themed! So my favourite Blues to use is the BG variety... which is what I've used here.

My papers are from the Garden Party Stack which have lots of sparkle on them! The stick on pearls are from my stash but work well with the colours. I liked to keep this card very CAS themed. I think the paper is pretty enough it speaks for itself.

Here is a close up of my image, which is LOTV Bunches of Love, I've coloured with Copics and topped with a little bit of stickles on the roses. Well I hope you guys liked my card for today, sorry for the shortish post - I'm pretty tired so it's off to bed soon!

Take care and as always thank you for visiting me! Lyns xx

DoCrafts SSC Challenge 13.03.11

Happy Sunday Bloggers!

Hope you have all had a great weekend! It's been pretty quiet weekend in the Lynsey household. Pretty much we've just been doing lots of exercise and a bit of baking! I made some cranberry & white chocolate (with vanilla) muffins and some scones. Yummy!

I also got my census questionnaire yesterday, I went through most of it filling it in online.... I learnt something new from filling it in... apparently I speak Scots, as well as English. I can read/write/speak/understand Scots. I think the Scottish Government are doing more to embrace the different dialect here. It's quite mad when I think back to answering questions with 'aye' as a child and my parents would say 'speak properly! it's not aye, it's yes' Yet they would say aye all the time!! And even after all their harping on about 'speaking properly' I still speak the dialect... somethings you can't control.

Anyhoo... on to today's card! I'm hosting the Sunday Stamping Challenge on the Do Crafts forum... please join here! Anyone can join, it is a sketch/stamping/spring themed challenge, the sketch is below.

My stamp is LOTV Spring Swing! So cute! Coloured in with copics - duh! lol The papers are the Garden Party Stack, they've got oodles of glitter on them! Can't really see in the photo I'm afraid. The ribbon is from a roll I have that I like to colour with copics, but today the plain old white is on show! The gems are papermania.

Here is a copy of the sketch for the challenge, please join in if you'd like! Otherwise, please use the sketch as you wish! I don't mind and share away too, but please don't repost on your blog without linking back here! Thanks!!!

Well hope you guys are good! Take Care, Lyns xx

Brand New Bunnies - LOTV


Can you tell that I'm glad it's FRIDAY! It's been a long week... Now don't get me wrong, I'm actually one of those crazy people that 'like' their job, but this week's been BUSY. I've been getting my division ready for our Quality Assurance assessment. It's not fun, that's for sure. I had to make sure that all the filing was up to date and that everything that should be in the folders was. I had to ensure our archiving cupboard was in tip top shape (that actually took 2 days to do) and I had to tidy/organise our office. Wednesday I cleared a colleague's desk, my hands were actually filthy grey with dirt afterwards, it was horrible! He's a sweetie though, he bought me a bunch of flowers doing it :o) The good news is that we passed our assessment and that's it over with for another year.

One thing that made it a good day yesterday was I got my brand spanking new LOTV stamps through the post! They are so frigging cute it's unreal! Last night I just HAD to get playing with them.

Here is my card... the stamp is called Bunny Cupcakes I thought they were just so unbelievably cute and had seen cards made by some of the DT made with them and... well you guys know me I just HAD to have them!

Here is a sideways view of the card, you can see I've matched the inside to the front. I love this colour scheme and just thought it would work well as an 'inside-out' style.

Here's an close-up of the stamp and my colouring. I thought I'd also explain how I like to colour for a change. I take my darkest marker first and work out where my darker areas are and lay that down first then work to the light. I am also of the school of thought 'a little at a time' you can always add but it's harder to erase! I didn't want to have a flat white/cream background for my stamp, sometimes block colour is just too much. I call the background technique 'the Monet' I just use a light coloured marker and dab the tip all over to create a speckled look. I think this gives the image a bit of depth.

Well it's soon time for work so I hope you guys are doing great and enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned! As always thanks for visiting me and take care! Lyns xx

The ingredients for my card are:

Stamp : LOTV
Markers : Copic Ciao
Papers : DCWV Garden Pack
Coloured Card : Papermania
Punch : MS Doily Lace
Ribbon : Coloured with Copics
Embellies : Card Candi Coloured with Copics

Docrafts LOTV Challenge No 2. Pink & Girly

Morning Bloggers!
How is everyone this morning? Wish this wind would get lost! More snow is forecast for Scotland this weekend - how is there any more snow left in the sky?! I mean seriously, have we not had enough???!!! I'm onto Day 3 of the meds... and woe my dreams are MESSED UP! Really weird and vivid dreams, I really feel like I'm there and it's all actually happening! It's really bizarre. I'm also finding that I'm pretty tired but when I come to going to sleep it takes ages... very odd!
Anyhoo, on to today's card... I made this little one last night, can't resist me an LOTV Challenge... I love's me LOTV Stamps! The challenge is Pink and Girly, I realise that the ribbon and bits look red in the picture for some reason but they are definitely PINK!

My stamp is coloured with copics and topped with stickles, my ribbon is also coloured with copics. Papers are papermania. I cut the shapes on my bug using my nesties. The gems are from every craft's a pound and the charm was in a lot for a pound from one of yon cheap book shops... I can't remember the name!

I hope you guys like today's card! As always thanks for visiting and have a great day! Lyns xx

First Christmas Card of the Year

Good Morning Guys!

How is everyone today? Day One of my beta blockers went well, no headaches not even a whiff of a fuzzy head. I did notice that my heart rate is pretty low - 44 beats a minute (ordinary heart rate is about 61/62 bpm when resting). I did feel pretty relaxed yesterday and sometimes a little tired, hopefully I'll get used to that.

Did you guys have some pancakes for tea (dinner) last night? We did - it took me a long time to make them all and I felt a little sick after eating them, but it was worth it.

I am going to apologise right away for the quality of my pictures! I'm sorry they are HONK! Unfortunately OH's camera is on the blink AGAIN... hopefully Jessops will sort it again for him. I took these pictures using the shan* camera.

My little card is very plain and simple - for me! The stamp is LOTV and guess what guys - the new stamps are on sale in 1 HOUR'S TIME!! ! (9am UK Time) I will be at the ready to buy at least two I've seen I like! Bad I know!
Anyhoo... I digress! So my image is LOTV, coloured with copics and I got the glitter back out! Stickles for the snow and hats. I also added three little gems and dry embossed along the edge of the card.

Hope you guys like this, I wanted to keep this Clean and Simple but not lose my style. Well I better get on now! I hope you guys are all well and as always thank you for visiting me! Take Care, Lyns xxx

*shan - Edinburgh word meaning several things 1 - a shame (e.g. awwww... that's shan, don't be mean!) 2 - Rubbish, Crap, Lousy (e.g. Your phone is shan... you should get an iPhone). I have renamed OH's phone Shan-phone as it's an ancient phone with basic features, featuring a great deal of gravel damage!

Times to Treasure

Good Morning Everyone!
How are you all today? I'm doing ok today! Yesterday's doctor's appointment had me leaving the surgery with 4 prescriptions for various drugs to help with my migraine's and managing them a bit better. So I'm now on beta blockers every day for the next few weeks to see how I go. The doctor was great though, she said it's not the end of the road, there are other treatments we can try so I guess it's a wait and see! I'm so far just feeling a bit tired. Apparently my pulse and blood pressure were brilliant and I'm very healthy, but I can tell you guys at the moment I don't feel it.
So this is one of my cards made using one of my 5 stamps from the SECC Craft Show. It is an LOTV stamp and the sentiment is included with your stamp. They are so cute! OH says this is me and him reading a book! At least today we are people and not bunnies! Although he did say afterward 'actually that can't be me, that boy has way too much hair!' lol! At least he'll joke about his hair loss.

You will notice today guys NO GLITTER!! I'm getting good eh?! I did use shimmer chalks over the image but you will probably not be able to pick that up in the photo. I've coloured my image with copics, the papers are papermania and I embossed the yellow card on my bug. The ribbon is also papermania, part of the capsule collection. Of course I had to use some new CANDI - You can buy that here btw.

Here is an upclose of my stamp, I have used a white gel pen on the edges a bit and you can maybe JUST see the shimmery chalk. I also come bearing a tip today... stupid me has ran my colourless blender copic DRY!!! So I took a small shot of vodka and watered it down a bit and it works pretty well if you just dunk the tip of the pen in, the only thing I'd say is if you have it too strong it'll break down the paper, so just a wee bitty at a time.

On another note I actually completed my challenge of using all my new SECC stamps so tomorrow's card will be a Christmas card! Come back and visit me tomorrow to see what I've done! Thanks for dropping by today! Take care everyone, Lyns xx

You're My Best Friend

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend whatever you got up to. It was quite a quiet weekend for me, which I really enjoyed. It was great to go to the craft show then get down to some serious crafting. I set myself the challenge of using all of the 5 stamps I bought at the show. There was only one of them I couldn't make anything with, a Christmas stamp. I was just not in the right inspiration zone for a Christmas card. I did however use the other 4, two of the cards I made were on my blog yesterday.

Today's card is using the bunnies in the bath card - which when I showed my OH he said 'awwww... it's you and me in the bath' I thought that was sweet!

I tried to keep it simple, I used the same dovecraft Christmas papers (I know ironic considering I couldn't actually make anything with the Christmas stamp). The stamp is one of my LOTV stamps, coloured with copics and for once I took it easy on the glitter! There is a TINY bit of stickles on the glasses. I used Anita's 3d gloss for the water and bubbles. I also used two of my new card candi.

Here's a close up view of the stamp, it's gorgeous! You can find the link to the stamps on my side bar.... they will be having a release of more stamps soon, someone better keep me away from the site that day - lol!

Well today I'm off to the doctor to see about my headaches, here's hoping there's a solution offered! I hope you all have a better day than I think that I'll be having. As always, thanks for visiting me and take care. Lyns xx

Glasgow SECC & New Stash Cards

Hi Everyone and Happy Sunday Afternoon!

I hope you all have had a nice chilled/fun weekend so far. Yesterday I made an impromptu trip to Glasgow for the Hobbycrafts craft show, which was great! OH came with me and was very good, he is an excellent bag holder! He also picked up a goody bag from Craftworks Cards for his Nanee's birthday. I bought WAAAAAAAY too much, but I NEEEEEEEDED it all! lol I picked up some new nesties, LOTV stamps, gems, cards... you name it!

Today's cards are made from my new stash :o) so my first card is an LOTV birthday card. The papers are actually Christmas papers but I thought they were so cute and colourful they'd work well for a birthday card too! They are by Dovecraft
I have coloured my stamp with copics and used some stickles on the cake and her petticoat. I also coloured the ribbon with copics. I used my martha stewart doily lace punch and gems along the end. I also used my new nesties :o) I picked up the charm in a lot that were 4 for a pound at the fair. I also used some new card candi - these are fantastic, so cheap and a bit better than using brads all the time.
Here is an up close of my LOTV bear - the stamps were 4 for £15 - so needless to say I got 4!

My next card is also a new stamp, but fizzy moon this time - he is adorable! I love fizzy moon products, I have a couple of the bears and OH has been buying me fizzy birthday cards for a long time!
Now I can't decide if he's a mother's day card or a birthday card. He'd be a perfect birthday card for my Granny but he'd also be a perfect mother's day card for my Mumma. I think I'll have to make another card using this stamp.

He's coloured with copics, bit of stickles on the flowers and cut using my new nesties. The papers are papermania, ribbon is from John Lewis and couple of little gems on the LOTV sentiment.

Well I've set myself the challenge that I've to make a card using all my new stamps today. 2 down 3 to go! I better get back to work! I hope you guys are all having a great weekend and as always, thank you for visiting me!

Lyns xx

Wedding & Celebration

Evening Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well! I'm sorry I've been a bit incognito lately, unfortunately my migraines have been acting up lately. I have an appointment with the doctor where I'll hopefully get something sorted :o(

On to my card. This little stamp is LOTV coloured with copics and dusted with Glamour Dust... didn't do so good with the Glamour Dust! woops!

I did this card for a challenge on docrafts which I hope I'm not too late to enter. The challenge was wedding themed, a stamped image and 3 embellishments... I hope I have fulfilled the challenge! The papers are Papermania, Ribbon was a lot from John Lewis, Gems are Papermania and I can't remember the charm I'm afraid! woops!

My next card is one of my new cute fizzy moon stamps! He's just soooo cute! I have coloured him with copics and dusted the edges with gold glamour dust.

The backing paper is DCWV and the ribbon is off a box of choccies... the gems are papermania.

Well I hope you guys like tonight's cards... Hope you are all well and off to do a bit of blog hopping!

Thanks for visiting! Lyns xxx