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Hi Everyone!

I think you'll all be pleased to hear that I'm out of my 'wearing glasses' huff. I'm not going to say that I'm being the best about it, but I'm doing better than I was. I actually wear them for the computer and they do help. I'm not so good about using them on my little laptop at home, but strangely I don't really feel the need for them with that. Progress I guess!

The only thing I've not done any of recently is crafting because I've been so mad busy organinsing the wedding! It's that just under 6 months stage we are at now so I needed to get the ball rolling.

I've ordered stationery samples for my invitiations. I'm sorry everyone, I'm not making them myself I just don't think I could hack it, I did it for my friends wedding and that was hard going. I know I wasn't as in control with that but I just feel I'd rather have it done professionally.

I've also ordered my bouquet, here is a little picture of what it will hopefully look similar to. My favours have also been ordered now - some yummy amazing fudge from the fudge kitchen, seriously if you guys have a sweet tooth then check out their website and order some up! For those of you in or around Edinburgh, the Fudge Kitchen is on the Royal Mile, pop by for a try. Other things I've finally organised are my chair covers, I have got a few swatches through the post to decide on. It's hard to know until I see the full bridesmaid dresses. I still have quite a bit to get sorted, but at least I feel like I'm a bit more organised now.

Hopefully I'll get some crafting done soon, but until then! Take Care guys and thanks for visiting me! Lyns xx

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Leighpea said...

Hi Lynsey, you have been away awhile. I emailed you via docrafts. Love your flowers.
Speak soon