6 Things

Good Evening Everyone,

I hope you are all good! I was actually hoping to have a card to share with you tonight, but unfortunately I've only just got home from swimming and I'm done, I don't think I'll be moving much from the sofa tonight. Instead I thought I'd play the 6 things game with you! I will share six random things and challenge you all to do the same the next time you don't think you have anything to blog.

1. The Boys are Back in Town

This morning LOTV's new boy stamps went on sale, I bought 4 stamps for colouring : Abracadabra, Armchair Bear, No. 7 Bear and Mini Bear and a whole load of sentiments. I must say now I have nothing to do with LOTV, I just LURVE their stamps!

2. Excitable

I'm sooooooo excited that it wont be too long until I get my new sofa! It was so comfy and cosy, it'll be great to curl up on.

3. Swimming

I love love to swim, I joined the gym recently to try and get into better shape etc. etc. but it's not really been working for me, I should never have turned away from swimming. I forgot how great it is to just lose my thoughts whilst beating out laps.

4. Scrape

I have a horrid scrape on my nose, it's sore and very red - just call me Rudolph.

5. iPhone

I'm completely addicted to my iPhone, I'd be SERIOUSLY lost without it!

6. Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde was on Sky tonight, it's a great film! I know it's completely cheesey but it's great to watch. Even OH likes it, despite what he might tell you! lol

Well I hope you are all good and let me know if you have bought any of LOTV's new stamps! Take care and thanks for visiting! Lyns xx

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