I Miss My Blog and Crafting

Hi Everyone,

How are you all doing?  It is safe to say that I am just not getting the chance to craft or blog at the minute.   Many of you already know I am getting married next month and boy has the organising of that taken over my life!!  There have been a few mini-nervous breakdowns but I'm getting there.  I almost lost my engagement ring which freaked me out totally! I found it in the weirdest of places too... the track that my sliding wardrobe doors sit on! eh?! How on EARTH it got there I have no idea... I found it eventually so that's the main thing.  The wedding plans are all going well, just time consuming and getting all the information together that is needed makes me want to scream sometimes.  OH has just discovered he doesn't have a copy of his birth certificate so guess who has to find out where to get a new one etc.  me of course!! 

I am also incredibly chuffed to say that I became an Aunt.  I am thrilled!! Baby Hannah was 7lb 9oz. and 50cm long.  She is GORGEOUS.

We have been helping my sister out as much as possible, she is so cute I just sit and look at her for ages.  I will share some more photos and information with you all soon and hope after next month I'll get back into my routine of crafting and blogging because I miss it like crazy!  I have big plans for next year too that are chiggering away in the back of my mind that I can hopefully put into practice and share with you all.

Take care everyone! I miss reading your blogs, I catch up as often as I can.  Until things return to semi-normality look after yourselves.

Lyns xxx