I'm rubbish I know!

Hi Everyone, 

Hope you guys are all doing great! It's been snowing here this morning, which is just 'cracking!!' Can you sense my sarcasm.  It's thankfully doing nothing more than giving us a dusting of icing sugar so that is something.  Well I know I've been completely rubbish lately about blogging and making cards, I really feel like I'm never getting a second to stop - which is frustrating when I know I have an image all coloured at home just itching to be made into a card... :-( well I WILL make time to do it tonight, right after I've done the 30 Day Shred - ouch btw! To those who don't know what 'The Shred' is, it is a fitness DVD that Jillian Michaels (yon wifey from the Biggest Loser) does, you do it for 30 Days, Level 1 for 10 days, Level 2 for 10 days and so on... until you've done the 30 days.  Now if you stick with it you are supposed to be a lot fitter and have great abs.  I'm on day 6 now, I'm no longer 'as' sore but for a while, it was seriously OUUUUCH! 

So apart from shredding the other thing I did at the weekend was stay with some friends, my friend Jane works with me but isn't coming to our work Christmas party this year so we wanted to do something just us so it was nice to go down and basically eat, drink and be merry (hence the shred).  

The long and the short of it now is that there's very little crafting been down, I did however manage to get a new box to keep all my copics in and I did sit and create my own dividing system last night... now you can't see the dividing very well but they are, I promise.  

I really will try to get a card uploaded by tonight/tomorrow morning!  Hope you guys are all doing good! 

Take Care, thanks for visiting me! Lyns xx