Friday! Friday!

Hey-hey Everyone! It's FRIIIIIIIIIDAY! Yeah! Yeah!

How good am I?! Posting two days in a row... AND with my promised Christmas Card.  So I didn't do a great deal last night, chatted to Hubby on Skype - what would we do without it?!  I also got DRENCHED whilst out with the dog, she was soaked to the core, I had all my waterproofs on though, so underneath I stayed dry. Molly LOVES splashing in puddles and it's very funny when she does, its like she's trying to catch the splashes! She's so entertaining, I spend so much time laughing at her.  I got her home (where I'd preempted the wet disaster - shut every door off the hall and drying accessories ready to hand) I got her straight in the door and then gave her a good rub down with a towel, I'm so grateful for wooden flooring!  Once the towel was drenched and she wasn't so much, I put her drying coat on her - now you might be wondering what a drying coat is when it's at home but take a look at my friend Angi's website Freckles Designs. She makes wonderful accessories for dogs and gifts for your home. Have a peek at what she has for sale just now.  I cannot recommend the drying coat enough though, it definitely helps get your pooch dry quickly, meaning less stinky wet dog smell! 

Here is Molly wearing hers whilst giving me a grin with her bottom teeth! lol This is about a split second before she jumped on me and kissed my face! 

On to today's card, it's another boofle themed Christmas card, using the reindeer this time. I'm sorry about the quality of my photographs too, I'm not sure why they are a bit rubbishy today! Anyhoo, papers are boofle, as is the decoupage sheet and sentiment.  I ran some kraft card through my bug with the boofle button impress folder and cut with a nestie circle to make a backing for the reindeer to sit on.  The ribbon is from my stash. 

With the little bits of left overs I decided to make this little tag, I just cut a bit of scrap kraft card into a tag shape then added the left over scrap tartan paper and one of the boofle sentiments.  I punched a hole using my crop-a-dile and put a snowflake brad through it and added ribbon from my stash and some dark grey gems. 

I hope you guys like! I hope you all have exciting weekend's planned.  This morning I found a bulge in my kitchen ceiling that I thought 'oh nooooooo water' but I stabbed it and weirdly nothing there?! Not even damp - it's so odd. I'll be up in the loft having an investigate of that at some point of the weekend - that'll be fun. Grumble... grumble... 

Take care guys and thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

Home for Christmas...

Hey-hey Everyone, 

It's almost weekend time! Woooooooo hoooooooo! I am looking forward to this weekend, I'm hitting the town for some cocktails in celebration of my friend's 30th Birthday, so in preparation tomorrow night I will be getting my spray tan done.  I also by chance happened to have a hair appointment on Saturday morning, so I hope to be going out with luscious locks and a gorgeous glow... watch this space! I may end up a haystack with streaky orange legs! LOL I hope not! 

This week I have kept up my 2 Christmas cards a week, I have made my two already AND I think I might just have another cooking in the back of my mind... maybe I should save it for next week though?!  ha ha!  I thought this Boofle Decoupage would be great for my Hubby, especially with the Sentiment 'Home for Christmas' because he will be home for a whole 2 weeks at Christmas - YIPPEE!! I did however end up with Chris Rhea's 'Driving Home for Christmas' stuck in my head the whole time I made this... 

The image is a Boofle Decoupage Sheet, with stickles added to the snow.  The papers are also Boofle Christmas mounted on to Green Card and Kraft Card.  I also tore up a bit of scrap kraft card then ran it through my bug with the Boofle Impress Button Folder and I pulled the hell out of that Cheese Cloth to roughen it up a bit more.  The two little gems in the corner were from my stash.  

I have decorated the inside of the card using the same papers from the front, I thought it'd be nice to use a gold/bronze marker to write my message.  The Sentiment is also one off the Boofle sheet.  Tomorrow I will share my other Boofle Card I made :o) 

Yesterday I was off work unwell :o( - Molly was super confused, she was upset that I wasn't going out so she could have a good kip and a filled Kong.  I thought I'd take a bath to try to relax a bit... Molly had other ideas! 

This face says 'Me? Eating the Bubbles? Nope, definitely wasn't me!' 

Earlier in the week I had a go at making my own granola bars and Oh My God they are YUMMY!  If you fancy trying your hand at them, the recipe is here and it is super easy and they really are super tasty.  I gave my colleague one to try and she said they were lovely too and a real compliment to me, she said 'much better than shop bought ones' :o) 

I shall be back tomorrow with another project and I will eventually remember to put my brother's Halloween Card up - I'm so glad he doesn't know my blog address... I can imagine the abuse I'd take! 

Thanks for visiting Guys and hope you are all well. Lyns xx

Don't Wine Alone...

Hey Everyone, 

Did you all have a good week/weekend?  I was so bad and forgot to come back and post my brother's card, I promise to do it when I get home, promise, promise, promise! Well if I don't get too engrossed chatting/coffeeing with my mate Sarah... then I promise!  I've been a little distracted... one of our ridge tiles fell off our roof back in January, smashed the gutter at the front of our buildings (2 sections of course, couldn't just be 1) and now every time it rains (all the time beings as we are in Scotland) it is like Niagara Falls coming out of that gutter.  I'd share some pictures but the front of my building isn't the most aesthetically pleasing.  Organising the repairs has been a bit of a bug-bear... it's hard coordinating with the other owners and then the builders and getting quotes and getting everyone together at once to sort it all out.  However I think we are very NEARLY there.  Fingers crossed it is done soon and we can not be rained on whilst opening our front door. 

My card for today is one for my Friend Claire who has turned 30, lots of my friends join the 30 club this year, but I'm one of the babies of the group so it's next year for me :o) This is a digi stamp from Bugaboo which is DEFINITELY app for Claire, I think she'll like it.  

My papers are Tulip Linen, with some lace, ribbon that I have had for AGES! The diamante button is from the ribbon girl.  

I found this image a bit of a pain to colour for whatever reason, it just doesn't sit quite right with me.  I'm sure that my friend wont notice/mind! As always this has been coloured with copics. 

Off for a blog hop now.  Take Care and thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

My Own Challenge

Hey-hey Guys,

How is everyone?  Good I hope! I got down to some crafting at the weekend and picked up some bits and pieces so I decided to set myself my own challenge.  It is just under 6 weeks until I go out to visit Hubby again, so every week until I go I have to make two Christmas cards.  I can't sub them for something else either, has to be Christmas.  I figure then at least my close family and friends will at least get a home made card even if others have to get a shop bought one - I hate doing that though.  I like to give everyone a home made one but sometimes it's just not possible.  I don't have a great deal of time at the moment so I have to make the most of what I do have. 

Well I went to the devil zone that is Hobbycraft at the weekend... their stock was not great!  I was very disappointed especially as I took my brother with me and he was desperate to get some things and they didn't have anything he was after.  He was quite let down and I felt really bad for him.  I managed to get some of the new Boofle Christmas goodies - hey it's not LOTV for once! lol 

This is my creation using my Boofle Stash and there'll be more to come for sure, cos he's such a cute bear! 

Unfortunately the paper is very shiny so it's a bit difficult to photograph - so there's quite a bit of glare. 

Here's my wee bears close up! I added the glitter, it's stickles ice glitter glue, it's made my paper a bit wibbly-wobbly but it's better now it's nice and dry! lol 

Here's the inside of my card, the stars are from the inside bits that are on the front, I just thought it added an extra wee something. 

Tomorrow I will be back with my Brother's Challenge card for LOTV, I need to tidy up the pictures a bit before they go up.  I hope you guys like and if I stick to this challenge (not if, I WILL stick to it) then you'll be seeing a lot more Christmas cards!  Take care and thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

Lili's Fairies Thursday Challenge - Black Magic

Hi Guys

Hope you are all having a good weekend, it's been a good day so far for me, I have had my younger brother staying with me, he has been crafting with me which has been good. We've both made cards for lili's fairies Thursday challenge which is black magic, my brother has interpreted it literally and chose to do something with magic and black bits - I will share his card on a separate post as he wants to be in with a chance of winning the challenge lol

So here is my entry which is an LOTV fairy, coloured with copics and stickles, the sentiment is also LOTV, I have heat embossed this with silver embossing powder, my stars we cut from black card and then silver glitter embossing powder and heat embossed, the ribbon is black velvet.

Here is a close up of my image, not the best colouring but I try!

I hope this reflects the black magic that the challenge was after and will be back with my brothers efforts shortly.

Thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

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Easter in September?!

Hey-Hey Everyone, 

Wednesday means we're half way there! woo-hoo! We've got another beautiful day in Edinburgh today, a bit chilly this morning but nothing I couldn't handle. What I could've done without was the dog getting up at 5.30 am and hacking up bits of stick she'd managed to swallow yesterday.  Disgusting.  Once she'd brought that up she was happy as larry and thought we should be getting up and she should be getting breakfast.  She got sent back to bed!  I really wish I could have some of Molly's enthusiasm in the mornings cos she's always happy.  

Take a look at this picture of her yesterday - blatant self-love! 

She's some dog! 

Well as promised yesterday I am back today with another card, wow! 2 days on the trot - who'd have thought.  This is one I made a long time ago that I don't seem to have blogged about... I think I was hanging off to make an inside section then never did! 

My stamp is LOTV (shock) and coloured with Copics... again what a surprise. The diamante button, binding ribbon and lace are all from The Ribbon Girl. I coloured the binding ribbon (if I remember rightly) using copics.  I also scrunched it up a bit to give it a more rustic look.  The papers are erm.... hmmm... Tulip from Papermania! Got there eventually.  Stickles have been added over the easter egg.  

Here's a close up of my colouring: 

Well I hope you guys liked today's card and the picture of my mental mutt Molly.  I'll be back again soon with some more adventures! Thanks for visiting. 

Take care, Lyns xx

Anniversary Bears

Hey Everyone, 

Hope you are good today!  It is a beautiful day here in Edinburgh, which always put everyone in a good mood, I'd be in an even better mood if I didn't have to be at work... but that lottery win just isn't coming :o) 

I had a great crafty day with my friend Sarah on Saturday, we sat and coloured images had a good blether and a mess around, so much messing around that I didn't actually get a card finished - woops! I had to do crafty detention and got it finished on Sunday night, here is the finished product. 

I bought the stamp from LOTV a while back, I think it is really cute - you all know I'm a complete sucker for LOTV and nothing much has changed where that is concerned.  My backing papers are from Hot Diggity Dog (I think) I used the Magnolia Die on my Bug for my stars.  Lace is from The Ribbon Girl.  I can't remember where the gems are from, or the cheese cloth! Oh dear.  

Here is a close up of my colouring (copic ciao markers) which I hope isn't too rusty after so long away.  I used a Copic Spica Clear Glitter Pen on the leaves, which is really difficult to see but it is quite shimmer in person.  I also used some Stickles glitter glue on the water, stars, moon and champagne. 

This card is going to be for my hubby as it is our anniversary in 20 days - wow! Unfortunately I can't post the card to him as there isn't really a mail service in Qatar so I will be keeping it to give to him when I see him in October.  I can be pretty certain he wont be looking at my blog! lol I hope you guys like. 

I will be back tomorrow with another card for you. Thanks for visiting, I'm off for a hop now! 

Lyns xx

Sticking my head above the parapet

Hi Everyone

Where to begin, well you will see my last post appears like it was a blatant lie, I can assure you at the time I had all the best intentions of being 'back'. Life has seriously come in the way of my crafting.

My dearest husband chose to take a job working in Qatar, whilst the money is fantabulous and tax free, it is not so great being apart. Friends ask if I will join him out there, unfortunately I can't earn the same kind of money there. Taking a similar job I would earn approximately a third of what I do in the UK. The point of him being there is to provide us with a better future by saving as much as we can, I would eat into that saving which would defeat the purpose for being there.

Things haven't been easy to say the least, it's very difficult being without my best friend, my rock. To try to help fill some of the void I now have a lovely yellow Labrador called Molly, she's beautiful - I think you will agree. Whilst she's great fun she can be a lot of work too. Labs have always been a part of my family though so I did know what I was in for, she's definitely worth it.

I have found the last 4-6 months incredibly stressful. Learning to live alone again has been difficult. One of the hardest things has been how little we actually get to see one and other. Neither myself nor hubby get a great deal of annual leave so we can only see each other for about 5 days at a time. Christmas will be the time we can see each other for the longest time, he will be home for nearly a fortnight. I have never been so keen for winter to come.

Ultimately 2012 so far has been a hard year for us, but we are strong people and we will persevere. Though we don't like this situation we are slowly becoming used to it, it's never nice and so far the only good thing I can relate to him being away is that nothing moves now when I put it down! I'm trying very hard not to wallow in missing my husband, because I do. So much it hurts.

At the weekend I got back on the craft wagon, my lovely friend Sarah and I had a great afternoon colouring, chatting and laughing at YouTube videos - don't tell anyone I'm a YouTube junkie! Tomorrow I will share with you all the card I have made. I have still been ordering some craft goodies and dropping by your blogs, just for a little peek.

For now I am back as much as I can be, I will try to keep more up with my crafting as I miss it sincerely. It is hard to be inspired when you feel so low but I promise to be back to make the effort to get back to my happy self.

Thank you for visiting, Lyns xxx

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