My Own Challenge

Hey-hey Guys,

How is everyone?  Good I hope! I got down to some crafting at the weekend and picked up some bits and pieces so I decided to set myself my own challenge.  It is just under 6 weeks until I go out to visit Hubby again, so every week until I go I have to make two Christmas cards.  I can't sub them for something else either, has to be Christmas.  I figure then at least my close family and friends will at least get a home made card even if others have to get a shop bought one - I hate doing that though.  I like to give everyone a home made one but sometimes it's just not possible.  I don't have a great deal of time at the moment so I have to make the most of what I do have. 

Well I went to the devil zone that is Hobbycraft at the weekend... their stock was not great!  I was very disappointed especially as I took my brother with me and he was desperate to get some things and they didn't have anything he was after.  He was quite let down and I felt really bad for him.  I managed to get some of the new Boofle Christmas goodies - hey it's not LOTV for once! lol 

This is my creation using my Boofle Stash and there'll be more to come for sure, cos he's such a cute bear! 

Unfortunately the paper is very shiny so it's a bit difficult to photograph - so there's quite a bit of glare. 

Here's my wee bears close up! I added the glitter, it's stickles ice glitter glue, it's made my paper a bit wibbly-wobbly but it's better now it's nice and dry! lol 

Here's the inside of my card, the stars are from the inside bits that are on the front, I just thought it added an extra wee something. 

Tomorrow I will be back with my Brother's Challenge card for LOTV, I need to tidy up the pictures a bit before they go up.  I hope you guys like and if I stick to this challenge (not if, I WILL stick to it) then you'll be seeing a lot more Christmas cards!  Take care and thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

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coops said...

so gorgeous lyns.fab traditional colours and i love the fab boofle :D

xx coops xx