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Hi Everyone

Where to begin, well you will see my last post appears like it was a blatant lie, I can assure you at the time I had all the best intentions of being 'back'. Life has seriously come in the way of my crafting.

My dearest husband chose to take a job working in Qatar, whilst the money is fantabulous and tax free, it is not so great being apart. Friends ask if I will join him out there, unfortunately I can't earn the same kind of money there. Taking a similar job I would earn approximately a third of what I do in the UK. The point of him being there is to provide us with a better future by saving as much as we can, I would eat into that saving which would defeat the purpose for being there.

Things haven't been easy to say the least, it's very difficult being without my best friend, my rock. To try to help fill some of the void I now have a lovely yellow Labrador called Molly, she's beautiful - I think you will agree. Whilst she's great fun she can be a lot of work too. Labs have always been a part of my family though so I did know what I was in for, she's definitely worth it.

I have found the last 4-6 months incredibly stressful. Learning to live alone again has been difficult. One of the hardest things has been how little we actually get to see one and other. Neither myself nor hubby get a great deal of annual leave so we can only see each other for about 5 days at a time. Christmas will be the time we can see each other for the longest time, he will be home for nearly a fortnight. I have never been so keen for winter to come.

Ultimately 2012 so far has been a hard year for us, but we are strong people and we will persevere. Though we don't like this situation we are slowly becoming used to it, it's never nice and so far the only good thing I can relate to him being away is that nothing moves now when I put it down! I'm trying very hard not to wallow in missing my husband, because I do. So much it hurts.

At the weekend I got back on the craft wagon, my lovely friend Sarah and I had a great afternoon colouring, chatting and laughing at YouTube videos - don't tell anyone I'm a YouTube junkie! Tomorrow I will share with you all the card I have made. I have still been ordering some craft goodies and dropping by your blogs, just for a little peek.

For now I am back as much as I can be, I will try to keep more up with my crafting as I miss it sincerely. It is hard to be inspired when you feel so low but I promise to be back to make the effort to get back to my happy self.

Thank you for visiting, Lyns xxx

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coops said...

hiya lyns.i hope you get back into your crafting soon, can`t be easy being so far apart from each other all the time.

xx coops xx