Crappiest of crappy weeks!

Man this has been a really really really crap week!  

So I have had roof problems for a while.  I live in a block of six flats, 3 owned by the local authority, 3 by private owners.  The ridge tile slipped off the roof during high winds and smashed our front gutter which has caused no end of problems.  In a normal situation the local authority are easy to deal with and the owners not so much... but it's been a COMPLETE reversal this time.  Us wee owners just want it fixed and all OK again, but the local authority have done nothing but be utter PESTS! 

Then a bulge appears in my kitchen ceiling, I send a brilliant friend Allan up into my loft space to have a look... yep there's a hole.  The tile has slipped, the under-felt is away and the sarking is also away... This is not a good recipe for a Scottish roof... you know we love a bit of wind and rain!  There hadn't been any water in the bulge in the ceiling but the insulation above was damp.  Then it rained really badly, the wind smacked the block in a way that was going to take it right through the hole and then came the water through the ceiling... GREAT! Although there's not been anymore water through since - although we've had loads of rain. 

So that was bad, but thankfully is now in the midst of beginning to be fixed! And then on Friday I get a garbled text from my Mum.  My brother has been mugged and assaulted.  He's only 13 :-( He was quite shocked afterward and he kept saying to my Mum, you just don't realise what is happening Mum, I thought the guy just wanted to borrow my phone, thats why I asked him why he wanted to know what kind it was.

He decided he wanted to stay the entire weekend with me, which was of course fine.  I brought him back to my place, he was so shaken up he wanted to sleep in my bed.  What could I say, I felt bad for him, I told him fine, but NO TEETH GRINDING! So of course he couldn't sleep and dosed most of the night, asking me questions randomly every hour or so.  The dog felt she had to sleep with us too, so there was the boy on one side, the dog on her back in the middle with her head on the pillow weighting down the duvet and me balancing on the edge shattered! 

Needless to say, no crafting has been done.  In fact it's a wonder I haven't been locked away cos I swear I was on the brink of flipping!  I pray that this is the end of the chaos and I will now be back to normal - well at least once the roof is fixed! 

Wish me luck! 

Lyns xx



O dear Lynsey's sorry to hear all your bad news,hope you get everything sorted soon and hope your bother is ok take care
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Lors said...

Hello Ive just been going through my blog list and thought I'd pop by and say hi...have a lovely weekend..Lorsx