Art Deco Happy Couple

Hi Everyone, 

Pheeeeewwwweeee... so Picasa web has updated and it's causing me a bit of a mare... I'm a Mac user and trying to get my photos into some assemblance of order under my Picasa App is proving diiiifffiiicult.  I am glad I finally got these photos sorted though. 

It has gone from being Summer to Winter overnight here, it was FREEZING yesterday and it's quite chilly now, enough that I want to put the heat on and that's unusual for me.  I'm wearing a hoody, but my wee nose is cold, I think I'm gonna have to cave.  I caved... it's on now, I will be warm soon. 

Today's card is one I have made for our friends Jess and Darren, they got engaged recently in Australia, Jess is Australian but they are back in Scotland to have a Great Gatsby themed engagement party.  I thought the Days of Decadence set I had was the perfect accompaniment to this. 

I have also decorated the inside of the card to match.   The Days of Decadence set is from Hunky Dory Crafts, some of the paper is from my stash, the ribbon is from my stash and the gems were clear but I couldn't find the black ones so I coloured them with copics as a cheat :o) 

I thought I should also share a little picture of my little woofy, she's looking so cute... how could anyone say no to this face? 

I like to think this face says 'Me Mum? Realllly? Me?!' 

Well I hope you like today's card, I went a bit mad with my Decadence kit and I have created quite a few but I will try to spread them out rather than bombarding you all at once. 

Take Care and thanks for visiting me.  Lyns xx

Not a card... but a Cake Pop!

Hey-hey Everyone, 

First off apologies for the radio silence, it has been a monumentally MAD week.  I had a bit of a wobbler last week involving a mad clean and a whole lot of not sleeping.  My family tease me frequently saying I'm OCD and that I'm a clean freak etc. it is all in jest, I know this.  BUT they are right in some ways I am slightly obsessed about cleanliness and I go through phases where I am particularly wound up about it.  

Anyhoo, I was topping up the dogs food bucket with a full bag of dog food and there was beasties (bugs) in the bag.  Of course I didn't realise this until AFTER I'd tipped it into the bucket... *boak* I am almost retching thinking about it.  That set me off on a total mad cleanse.  I spent a good couple of days decontaminating everything.  Now really the beasties just went from the bag to the food bucket and then latterly to the wheelie bin outside. I however was convinced they were EVERYWHERE. I have about finished my decontaminating mission, I have foggers to let off this weekend.

After my loopy turn, I was off on my sister Emma's hen night.  I was sharing with my other sister Hayley.  We got the train to Glasgow and stayed at a lovely hotel. Here is me doing my double handled teapot pose in our room:  
I'm wearing the worlds highest heels... but you can't see them :o(
I have kinda quirky taste hence the dress.  Here is a 'selfie' with my sister Hayley. Can you tell we are sisters?
And here is the reason I was hinging a bit on the Sunday morning.  These were LOVELY cocktails, I love me a French Martini...

I finally got around to doing some crafting (sorta) last night, I bought from Create & Craft's website a Cake Pop set and I've been itching to play with it.  Well it turns out I am fecking crap at using it.  I definitely need some practice with it, so I think I'll make some more this weekend and get some more card making underway.

They look pretty but they could be better and see those little pink and white pearls; I managed to spill them ALL OVER my kitchen.  I even had to take the bits of the gas cooker to get them out - oh dear! At least they taste good.

I hope you are all doing good, I will have a blog hop later to see what you are all up to. 

Thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

Lili's Challenge - No flowers :o)

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all good and having a good weekend.  I have had a total crafting weekend, I have had the Create and Craft channel on in the background whilst I have been colouring away.  

I am entering this card into the Lili's Little Fairies Challenge  No Flowers.  This wasn't too hard for me because I am not a big flower person.  I like them in person but I just can't get flowery inspiration, so an easy challenge for me! 

Here is my card, LOTV image, paper pieced together, but not too many layers, just a couple.  I have coloured with copics and added a little bit of stickles to the stars.  I put the white card through my cuttlebug with the big spots embossing folder and added the spotty ribbon, which was from my stash.  I just hand tied the bow and glued it on.  Heart gems are from my stash.  

Here is a close up of the image, you can really see the glitter and you get a better idea of the 3D from this angle.  I tried to keep it CAS looking. 

I hope you guys all like what I came up with.  Thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

Just to say...

Hi Bloggers, 

I hope everyone is good this weekend?  It was a beautiful day here in Edinburgh.  I took Molly the Maniac a walk today at our local park, she only tried to storm the football pitch once today, we are definitely making improvements with her ball addiction.  She had a tennis ball at the time too! She's definitely some dog.  

My card is 'Just to say... SORRY!' I completely got side tracked today with my sister and forgot I was going to visit my old friend, she had sent me a wee text reminder, but where was my phone (bleeping away mad with messages)... yep down the side of the sofa! Woops! 

I made this card and thought that it had to be a sorry card for my terrible memory.  It is not like me to forget things like that, so I felt terrible but I am going to meet my friend tomorrow.  My image is LOTV, coloured with copics and a little bit of stickles.  The green paper is from LOT Nitwits Paper Pad the gingham paper is so old I can't remember.  The gems from my stash as is the ribbon.  

Here is a little up-close of my colouring.  I used the spellbinders die for my wobbly white card line.  

Ok confess, who watched the LOTV show on create and craft? Yep I did, I only ordered a couple of stamps after watching, but I did join the create and craft club, I also watched a show about cake pops and ordered those and some other things.... oh dear! I stayed good with the stash ban though, I bought glue and stamps and that was it.  I can't wait to play with the cake pop set, I was almost drooling watching the show with it on.  I will share a pic of the goodies when they arrive. 

Hope you are all well and thanks for dropping by! Lyns xx

Birthday Surprise Card

Hey There Everyone! 

How is everyone doing?  I think I have just about gotten over this bug, I wont lie my tummy was ropey for a bit there.  It's a horrible feeling, so I'm glad that I'm getting back on track.  

It is my sister's hen night next week, I'm looking forward to hitting Glasgow for some fun.  I am sharing with my other sister Hayley - who was living with me at one point.  Best to stick to the one you know you wont murder in the night for stealing your lip gloss!  Since hubby has relocated out to the sunny desert he's turned me into a bit of a hotel snob, but I knew the pickings would be slim (our fault for leaving it last minute)... by a total fluke I've booked us into one rated in the Top 5 on Trip Advisor - I'll give feedback after the event.  The requisite was easy for us, it couldn't have wallpaper that exacerbated the hangover! lol

Today's card is one I made a while ago for hubby's birthday then totally forgot to write up about it - Woops!

The stamp is from LOTV and coloured with Copics.  The paper is also from LOTV and I used my Magnolia Tag Die and Doohickey Lace Die.  The ribbon was from my stash and then I went a bit mad with the Stickles.  I thought at the time I'd gone a bit wild with it and was worried hubby would think I was treating him like he was 8 years old, but he loved it.

The tag pulls out to reveal my own message to him! I hand wrote that - wish I hadn't, the pens I used aren't the best for writing with - Meh! Nothing I can do now.

Hope you are all good and as always thanks for visiting me. Lyns xx

Clear out and a card...

Hi Guys, 

How are you all?  Did you all have a great weekend?  I unfortunately didn't get to do a great deal of what I had planned, because I have been unwell.  I have had an extremely sore stomach.  I went to my mums for cocktails as planned, only had a couple of drinks and ended up feeling so terrible I had to go to my bed at just after 9pm.  I'm so rock 'n' roll. 

I did manage to sit and sort through my stash and have made up two goodie bags to give to my sister; things I just wont use again, don't have space for or have two of.  What really got to me though, was the amount of things that were spoiled thanks to me having too much crammed into my drawers and boxes. I am now on a stash ban, nothing except glue or card blanks, or such like. It was totally unnecessary the amount I had to throw away. 

The card I have made took me quite a while to colour, since I have been unwell, my concentration is really out of sorts... I have no idea what's wrong with me. I spent a long while trying to get the light source right etc. so hopefully the colouring has turned out ok. I have used Papermania Country Christmas Papers, Kraft Kard blank, Country Christmas Ribbon and a little bit of cheese cloth.  Diamante Stick-ons from my stash. 

The stamp is from LOTV and coloured with Copic Markers.  I have added some stickles to the snow and added some frantage to the side, I used the shabby white enamel. Here is a close up of my image.  

I hope you are all well, thanks for visiting.

Lyns xx
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Stash Hoking

Hi Guys, 

Fantastic news... IT'S FRIDAY! Anyone got anything exciting planned? Nothing mad planned with me.  The dog and I are going to my Mum's tonight for a couple of cocktails, should be nice.  I have zero Edinburgh Festival-ness planned, which is unlike me.  I'll go to the end of Festival Fireworks maybes.  It's not the same without Hubs.

The other night I was having a hoke (is this a word, a Scots word or a Lynsey word? I am unsure) about in my craft drawers.  I uncovered loads of old paper I had forgotten about.  Ultimately it made me realise I have WAY too much stash, most of which I am not using and I have lots of stuff I can't find because of it.  Why do we end up hoarding so much stuff? I'm feeling the need to have a cleanse

During my little hoke I found pretty papers, I love turquoise/teal it's one of my favourite colours and the night before I had been having a wee colour of the Bambi Stamp again (trying to get the hair right).   Between the fluke choice of colour for the stamp and finding the papers, I ended up making a card.  I decided to go out of my comfort zone and make a more rectangular card, what do you know though - I don't have any of those in my stash! I had to make one, so it's a top folded, rectangular card (did I explain that right).  I came up with this this: 

Everything apart from the stamp is old stash, so I am feeling rather pleased with myself.  I will definitely get my stash in order though, work out what is rubbish, what I'd like to keep and will give the rest away.  I think I just made a plan. The unfortunate thing about old stash is, I can't remember where ANYTHING is from! Sorry about that.  It might have bee a DCWV pad of paper, Bambi was coloured with copics and there's a touch of Stickles on the bubble.
This is my work space whilst I'm 'playing'.  That's a fish on my screen, the daylight lamp is making it look more odd in the photo that it does in life.

I hope you all have a great weekend, take care and thanks for visiting me. 

Lyns xx

Christmas Decoupage

Hey There, 

How are you all doing?  I'm glad it's almost the end of the week... we are getting there!  The first week back to work is always the hardest after being on holiday.  I'm also really noticing that my place is really noisy, I'm longing for the quiet of Aviemore.  The peace, the no work, the hot tub. I can dream... and buy lottery tickets to hopefully win the millions and do all that and give up work to become a full time crafter and saver of the world!

On to my card for today.  This was in the Docrafts Goody Bag and I though I might as well make it up to see what's it was like.  Pretty cute! There are A LOT of layers to this decoupage and I used foam pads, so it's a good thing it came with a gusset envelope too.  I added the little tags to some bakers twine along with the bows and sticky crystals.

Here's a close up of this, when you take the card out the envelope they sort of jingle a bit and dangle like decorations.  Ooooh... an afterthought, I should've added some little coloured bells, Santa bells would be ringing.
This was pretty easy to make up and didn't take too long.  The Goody bag was a good buy this time and, I'd recommend it.

As always thanks for visiting me.

Lyns xx

I Chews You!

Hi Everyone, 

Hubby has gone back to the desert :o( I miss him so much, I have been trying to keep myself busy so I don't just sit in a downer.  I can tell the Dog misses his ball throwing arm too, she looks at my throws as though to say 'Really? That's it?!' Yep Molly I am afraid it is! 

I have been keeping the crafting levels high to keep my mind busy.  Plus I love crafting so it's good to do something you love when you feel down.  I was inspired by Christine's card she uploaded on Facebook.  I loved the image so much I had to go buy it and it's good to get a bit of diversity amongst my racks of LOTV stamps! he he... This stamp is from Kraftin Kimmie, called Bambi Bubble Gum.  I can't tell you how much I have wanted a stamp with a gumball machine on it.  That's weird, right?! Check out Christine's blog for a look at some truly beautiful cards though, her work is just divine.

Bambi and the ribbon are coloured with Copics and I added a bit of glittery shimmer to the Bubble.  The papers are from two separate pads from Papermania, inside of the card is decorated to match.

Here's an up close of my colouring.  I can't do the hair right, I'm just no good at it.  I tried to make her more of a red head but I don't know if it's having the right effect. Hmmm...

Hope you guys are all well and as always thanks for visiting me.

Lyns xx

To A Special Friend....

Hey Guys! 

What did I tell you, another card!  AND... I have one ready for tomorrow too! I am on the ball, best keep it up! 

I have some pics of the dog to share with you guys too, she won a competition to win a bandana.  The prize was one of the new bandanas, which aren't on sale yet. I was also to take a picture of her wearing it and send it in for use on their website.  So if you guys like to dress up your dog and make them look super cute check out Pet Pooch Boutique.  They do such cute collars, leads and bandanas for dogs and you might even see Molly modelling her ladybird bandana: 

She is hard to photograph cos she's a wriggler! lol This is the bandana she won which will be available to buy from Pet Pooch Boutique soon.  She also received another of my choice as her prize, how cute is this: 

See what I mean... she's always moving! I wont bore you guys with more dog pics now.  I will get on to my card. 

I was at it again, bought more of the LOTV new release for Christmas.  These are Fairies in Stocking which can be found here.  LOTV are also going to be appearing on Create and Craft TV, which I can't wait to see... but I hope they show things I already have, I shouldn't really be buying ANYMORE craft stash for a while! 

The papers were part of the goody bag, I stamped the sentiment onto a piece of leftover paper.  I have decorated the inside of my card to match and the snowflake corners are from memory box. 

As always the image is coloured with copics.  I really need to get better with hair, I make it look terrible. If anyone can recommend a good youtube tutorial then please share. 

I hope you are all good and enjoy the project I have created and the pictures of that poser Molly.

Take Care, Lyns xx

Stags Head Decoration

Hi Bloggers! 

How is everyone? I am on FIRE this afternoon, crafting like a demon!  Which hasn't been like me, I haven't really had much time to make anything lately and my mojo was on a very long holiday. 

It seems to have come back, I think I got much of my inspiration from being away this week.  Hubby is back with me, so we head up North to Aviemore for a week.  I think you will notice the influence of the Highlands in my project.  We went some amazing walks, some accidentally longer than others - my baaaaad! On one particular walk, we chose a Forestry Commission walk just outside of Grantown-on-Spey - yep I picked the red path, the longest one! It was great though, we saw a deer, Molly splashed in a burn, chased butterflies and generally did her dog thing. 

The weather was great for the most part, so we had a great time walking and enjoying the hot tub in our Cottage's garden.  It was great being reminded of a place where mother nature is definitely still in control. 

We couldn't go all the way to Aviemore, without taking a further trip to Inverness to visit my Granny.... who is a fellow Crafter.  We went to the craft shop and she bought the Docrafts Goody Bag.  I having been inspired from all the Deer bought the Stags Head X-cut Large Die.  It was then a bit like Green Cheese, I wish I had bought the Goody Bag too - I ended up going back to get it! But you can see I have put it to good use. 

I made this decoration which I thought you could hang up all year or add some more glitz and make it a Christmas Decoration. 

The Stags Head had to be run through my bug a few times to get it to cut well and I recommend gluing it together to keep everything from moving and falling out. 

The papers are from the Country Christmas pack and seem to have been inspired from Deer and a bad Christmas jumper - which I love! So I cut a rectangle of Kraft card and mounted the beige piece of Country paper onto this. all other pieces were cut using nestabilities on my bug. Almost everything here was from the Goody Bag, obviously the Die I bought separately and the brad/pearls were from my stash.  

Believe it or not I have another project ready to share tomorrow. Hope you are all well, thanks for visiting me! 

Lyns xx

What's in a name?

Hey There Bloggers!

How is everyone doing?  It's weird for me to say this, but it has been HOT here... I actually had to sleep with my fan running one night it was so warm. Today is cooler here, but still a beautiful day, I am going to take my lovely wee dog for a walk shortly, she much prefers walks in the cool than in the heat.... but she has had fun playing in the inflatable pool.... 

I think I am in love with the photo on the bottom left, I have set it as my computer desktop at work.  Anytime I feel I need a smile, I look at that picture! She's the best for making me smile. 

Well on to the title of my post, What's in a name? I am not sure if Coke have been carrying this out world-wide but they have a marketing campaign in parts of Europe (I at least know the UK and Holland are included in this) where bottles of Coke have peoples names printed on them.  I never hold out hope for my name, because nowhere ever has it... like EVER! Anyhoo, I was having a rubbish day yesterday and was stomping through the supermarket looking for Sushi and the bottle was just there, sitting forward in the fridge away from the other bottles of Diet Coke... 

I had to have it... I also then uploaded this picture to my Facebook and tagged all my fellow Lynseys and it may surprise you, but I know LOADS, the majority of which spell it this way.  I think this might've just made my week. 

Now on to my card for today.  ANOTHER LOTV... cos like I don't own any other stamps! ha ha! 

I used LOTV sentiment stamp and little characters, which are totally cute! They are coloured with copics and have a little bitty of stickles glitter and gloss on the balloon.  This card is for my niece Hannah, I couldn't fit her whole name on the card, so she was abbreviated to Han.  I also had a play of my new cuttlebug for this card.  I may have mentioned before that my old cuttlebug's handle had an unfortunate accident... I could still use the bug, but it was a bit of a hardship, I contacted provocraft who said unfortunately they didn't supply replacements anymore - so I bit the bullet and bought a new one - what a difference?! I can't believe I was fighting with the old one for so long. 

My papers, ribbon and small jewels are paper mania, big button gem is from The Ribbon Girl, the tiles are part of a set from doodlebug.  I used the Doohickey Scalloped edge and the Spellbinders Wavy Border. All stamps are LOTV. 

Well guys thanks for visiting me, I really hope you are all well. 

Take Care! Lyns xx  

Doha Vacay!

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

I've had projects I've wanted to share but I couldn't because the birthday's have not been yet and the people are yet to open the cards... eurgh! FRUSTRATING! I could start making Christmas cards but I am not in that frame of mind.  My sister also borrowed my Cuttlebug, felt like I'd lost a limb! Even though I wasn't even in the Country for the most part... what can I say, I'm a little obsessive.

I went to visit hubby in Doha, Qatar again... which was great! VERY VERY HOT though, 44oC is too much for me... It was also really windy for much of it, so it felt like you were being blown about by a massive hairdryer.  He treated us to a trip to the Four Seasons, which was lovely.  Only thing I would say about them was that considering just how flipping expensive it is to stay there, they really should include more with their room rate. 

This is the view from our Balcony along the beach, the pyramid building is the Sheraton which is closed for refurbishment.
Me posing by the pool :o)
The pool area was lush, when I went down in the morning to absorb some rays, a Pool guy came over, put a specially fitting towel over the sun lounger, then another to rest my head on and then brought me a cool box full of 330ml bottles of water and ice - which was definitely much needed.  I loved that they were small bottles, bigger ones get warm too quickly there!

Gorgeous Pool
Beautiful pool view from my sun lounger! I am too lucky seriously! Hubby and I also went for a Friday Brunch whilst we were there, it was incredible! Such tasty food, it's the deserts I really love though, what a choice! I think I'd get seriously fat if I went to live out there.

When I came home, my mum was mocking my luggage, yep it's ginormous! However I never fill the bag full, there's always tonnes of space, but she doesn't seem to get that when you have a healthy shoe obsession like I do, you need to take lots of pairs.  Who needs 6 pairs of shoes for a 4 day trip... and I bought more when I was there! I threw a pair out to balance it out! Seriously! I did really!

Not this pair though! :o) I love my shoes! Just look at the sparkle!

I hope everyone is doing good and I'll promise to share some cards soon... once the birthdays pass...eurgh!

Take Care Everyone!

Lyns xxx