Where have you been?


As I have been terrible at updating my blog, I'll try to surmise what has happened over the last year. 

My husband got relocated to Qatar for work...

Which is marvelous for him career-wise but sucks husband/wife wise, it's been just under a year since he's been away and I'm getting used to it.  I still don't like it but I'm more settled with what's what now.  I think I was pretty depressed when he first went out there and sure I found it really hard being alone, but I think I've just about found my balance now.

I went for a moment of madness and decided it was time to colour my hair again so I went from blondie to.... well I don't know how you'd describe this colour... Magenta?!

Hubby and I had a great Christmas together, our first one with our mad dog Molly - seen here crashing out, it was all jut too much for her... humans always eating and poor Molly Dog just having to sniff it out from where she is lying.

Hubs and I had an extremely busy festive period, visiting friends and family.  The first week he was home we were run ragged trying to catch up with everyone, hate to say I was drunk as a skunk pretty much the entire time - woops! As we weren't together for our anniversary, we had a belated meal out at the Dome in Edinburgh; which is famous for it's Christmas Tree.  Here are a couple of pictures of us both and of course the TREE!

We also caught up with some of Hubs friends whilst they were in Edinburgh for the Hogmanay Festivities! As I am sure you can tell from this picture - it was messy!  Do not ever, ever go out for a night on the drink when you have had nothing to eat and a bit of a dicky belly... cos it just makes things WORSE!! :-)

Having had 2012 prove to be a fussy year for a lot of it, I decided to make 2013 be a good year - no matter what!! As I also explained to my boss that 2012 was in fact the 13th year (because of all the millennium chat and years can't start at zero), this in fact is the 14th year and therefore I now see 2013 as the lucky one!  I pinched this from Edinburgh's Hogmanay Site! 

2013 is proving to be pretty good so far, work has really picked up and my department has found itself in the unique position of hiring rather than firing!  We are busy - it means things are more manic but I'd rather be busy than bored!   It was also my birthday in January, turning 30...eeeeep!  I went for a great night out with friends... who were calling me the green one (on bottom) and the purple one (on top) as in the sweets in a tin of Quality Street! :o) I think my hair and dress clash in a good way though! :o)

I have had a visit to Doha to visit Hubs and had a great time seeing him, we went for an amazing Brunch at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant Opal (posh eh?!) at the St. Regis Hotel, Doha... here's my french toast pud!
It was unbelievably tasty! The food was incredible and the Head Chef even came to say hi to us and ask how things were... talk about feeling like a Celebrity! Here is a view from the restaurant and some pics of us posers!

We also met up with some great friends and enjoyed catching up with people and seeing my friend Jamie's wife Natalie, we always seem to miss each other, she's in Scotland or SAfrica whilst I'm in Doha, so it was great to see her and their little boy Cole - who thought I was hilarious! Such a great wee man!

It is definitely a lot of traveling to visit but it's really worth it. I have been incredibly lucky whilst visiting Grant and appreciate all that he does for me/us by being out in the Desert.  It's a hard working environment and we're enjoying the benefits of being here whilst we can and are able to afford these things.  We took a trip to the Ladies tennis where we saw Victoria Arazenka (who was No. 1 at the time) play Agnieszka Radwanska (World No. 4), we had to leave before we could see Serena Williams unfortunately - it would've been awesome to see her play! 

Well I've done my best to sum up the last wee whiley. I hope you are all well and will be hopping the blogs soon to see what you have all been up to!  Check me out on twitter where you can keep up to date with my day-to-day bletherings. Thanks for visiting! Love Lyns xxx

Radwanska, Agnieszka