Geisha Birthday Girl


Hiya Everyone,

How are you all doing today? Nothing good ever happens on a Tuesday does it?  I was supposed to blog this yesterday, BUT it ended up being a totally manic day, I didn't get a lunch break and then I was rushing around like a loony when I got home so I couldn't post.  I would've blogged this first thing this morning, 'cept yesterday decided to spill in to today - madness I tell ya!  MADNESS!!

Did you all have a good weekend? Anybody do anything wild and exciting?  I can't say I did anything too wild, well no more than normal anyway. :o) I swore I was off the drink, said I'd had too much the previous weekends, I couldn't be killing my liver anymore... then my mate Rhea called me and asked if I wanted to go out.  I believe the conversation went something like this -

Rhea: Hey Babe, What'cha doin' tonight?
Me: Hey Babes, Nothin' hooooow? (Scots say how instead of why)
Rhea: So ya coming out? we're having drinks at mine then going to the Grassmarket!
Me: Aye, cool, said I was aff it but feck it! I lied!

I believe this is called the drunken pout!! Ha ha! Rhea looks lovely... me, hmmm... not so much! Ha ha!

This is what lead to this picture....

I apparently love a chocolate raspberry white Russian - they were very tasty! Like an alcoholic Milkshake! I will now have a heart-attack realising I was spending nearly £7 on a drink - ON A DRINK!!!!

Now that I have been zapped back to life I can share the project I was working on at the weekend with you (pre-drinks).  One of the girls at work is celebrating her birthday soon, so I thought I'd finally have a play with one of my Geisha Girl stamps from LOTV.  They are so cute, I'm not very good at the black hair with the old copics so sorry about that.... 

Here is a close up of my  Geisha Girl too!

My card ingredients are: 
  • LOTV Geisha Girl Stamp & Sentiment
  • Binding Ribbon from Ribbon Girl (abused by me at home)
  • Lace & Diamante Button by Ribbon Girl
  • Papermania Papers (ancient ones... )
  • Coloured with copics with a touch of stickles for some BLING! 

I thought I'd also share with you our weather forecast... lovely isn't it! Thankfully no snow has stuck so far with me, but there's more due apparently... eurgh! I have also just noticed, I did have watermarks on these pics but they've disappeared... meh! What you gonna do! 

Hope you guys are all well, look forward to checking out more of your projects too! As always, thanks for visiting me! 

Lyns xxx

Red Noses!

Happy Friday Guys, 

It is Red Nose Day here in the UK, the above picture is me sporting my awesome red nose... I have to say, definitely the best ones there have been.  You may be wondering what Red Nose Day is, well click here if you'd like more information.  I have been buying little bits and pieces of comic relief goodies for myself, friends and family to help raise funds.  This guy is awesome... 

When you squish him, he farts and burps and growls.  Are any of you doing daft things for Comic Relief? 

I am currently in the midst of a couple of crafty projects, so I don't have anything to share today, but I hopefully will have over the weekend.  I'd like to thank everyone who's dropped by my blog recently and to those who left comments, thank you so much.  I appreciate it greatly especially when I'm so sporadic with my blogging.  

Take Care! Lyns xxx

Mum's Birthday

Hey Everyone,

Happy Birthday to my Mum & Gran today! I hope they both have fantabulous days.  Mum is unfortunately at work dealing with a massive meeting, but she's taken tomorrow off for a day of chill, always good to have a 3 day weekend too :o)

Here is her card, I figure this is totally me when I'm like 8 giving her some flowers I've just hauled out the garden. The only thing is, there's no way butterflies would have flown this close to me! :o)

I bought these papers thinking they'd be great for making boys cards - which they will be - BUT I thought I'd change it up and make a woman's card with them.  I get fed up of using the same colours, so I hope that Mum likes this.  As she requested funds for her birthday I made up a little money pouch in this card too.  She is going to have a mass pampering day I think, lets face it, we could all use one of those now and then.

Card ingredients are:
  • LOTV Stamp (I promise I do use others)
  • LOTV Nitwits Papers
  • Ribbon from a Christmas present! ha ha!
  • Cheese cloth & gems from stash
  • LOTV Sentiment, heat embossed with silver powder. 
  • Coloured with copics, Stickles on the flowers.
Hope you like it guys and I hope you are all having great days whatever you are doing.

Thanks for visiting me! Lyns xxx

Tough Cookie!

Hey-hey Guys,

I think my creative muse is back - well for now, so I'm making the most of it!  I have managed to settle down and craft the last couple of nights, it's been great to get back into it.  It's like when I go swimming again, I always wonder why I stopped.  Life bloody gets in the way that's why!

It's my Mum's & Gran's birthday tomorrow, so I made them both up cards, I used the bitty's that were left over from the Mother's day card to make up my Gran's birthday card.  Lots of layering going on and I worked this one backward.  I had my card all made up and then coloured the image - I don't normally do it this way, but I think it's worked out alright.  I love this bunny stamp, he's too cute - so good for cards at this time of year - eh well when the seasons are behaving like they're supposed to. what's with the fecking snow?!

My card ingredients are:
  • LOTV Stamp 
  • LOTV Nitwits Paper Pad
  • Kraft Card for Layering
  • Magnolia Doohickey Border Die
  • Ribbon & Gems from Stash
  • Coloured with Copics
  • Wee bit of stickles glitter for his tail! 

I never know what to get my Gran (or anyone for that matter) so I made a wee money/voucher pouch that way she can pick what she likes :o). 

I can't share Mum's card just yet cos it'll be just my luck she'll see it.  I'll be back with the goods tomorrow... I thought I'd share a pic of a t-shirt I bought recently... sums me up I reck :o)

Hope you all are great and not too cold in this horrible weather!  Thanks for visiting!

Lyns xxx

LOTV Mother's Day Cutie!

Morning Guys! 

How's everyone today?  I hope all the UK Mums are being spoiled by their offspring today!  I will be visiting my Mum later today with some flowers and champers... and the above card.  I finally got off my butt and went raking for some of my craft goodies and pulled them out to have a play.  I got some inspiration from the LOTV Pinterest site and this is what I came up with!  Hope you guys like it, it's been way too long since I've crafted properly - I think my colouring is a bit crap! I need to get some more practice on the go.  I'll hopefully get some more today as it's my Mum and Granny's birthday on Thursday... so two more cards to go! 

Otherwise I've had a pretty easy going week/weekend, my migraines were giving me a bit of jip this weekend so I took it easy but I'm feeling on form today.  Which is great because I'm getting my hair done today - just topping up that mad colour! :)

I was supposed to get my nails done last weekend, but I ended up just doing them myself, as they are a decent length - bar a couple that have died.  I decided to do a cow print french manicure - what do you think? 

To get myself back in the crafty mood I had to do a wee bitty organising... 

It looks all creepy and dark, but it isn't in person! Here is my faithful assistant...

She was trying to chew some craft card just before this... look at those 'I'm so hard done by' eyes! 

On to my card, this is for Mother's day, the stamp and papers are all LOTV and my image is coloured with copics, the border punch is Martha Stewart and I have no idea where I got the ribbon!  I put a little dink of stickles glitter on the cakes :) 

And a wee up close shottty of the image... don't be too hard on my colouring - it's been a while, I have good excuses!! Tee hee! 

Anyhoo Peeps I better go take the dog out and get organised for my hair cut... parking in Edinburgh is a nightmare, so I think I'm going to take the bus. 

Hope you are all good! Love Lyns xxx

Hey There Friday Feeling!

Hey There Friday Feeling! 

Everyone has gotta lurve a Friday! It's the end of my working week and that means only good thangs for the weekend, yeay! This is me today being a bit daft, I love these red noses for Comic Relief they are awesome, I've been buying them for friends too cos they are just too cute  I also have this guy below, he's furry and when you give him a squeeze he farts and roars - He's awesome!

So what has everyone planned for this weekend? I am thankful I'm getting my nails redone because I have lost 4 of them now, two thumb nails and my pinky and index finger.  I hate when they are in this rubbishy stage....
rubbish stage
This is how they should look:
Beautiful Sparkly Nails

I go to an awesome little shop on Montrose Terrace in Edinburgh who are super fast and efficient at doing nails, love them. Their site is Top Nails.  If you are in the Edinburgh area and like getting your Nail extensions/false nail thang on, then you should check them out!  I'm also getting my eyelash extensions done (through a combination of people I add up to a truly false Lynsey, fake nails, eyelashes and hair colour but the rest of me is 100% all me baby).  They are also looking a bit scabby in that in between stage.  Don't look too closely at that pic above or you will notice the clumps that are missing.  Now apart from my intensive beautifying, I also have my wee bro staying with me.... here is our feet! 

I wont be able to call him wee much longer, he's growing at a rapid rate... it's scary!  His feet are the big ones on the right, incidentally those shoes were taken back because they were too small... :o( mine fit like a glove (a mere size 4/38).  Jamie is coming for a visit tonight and we are going to smash some soldiers in COD : Blackops - it's just how we like to roll, we love an online death match. 

My friend Sarah is coming for a visit tomorrow night, where we are going to go old skool with a pizza, film and wine.  I have bought so much crafty things that I've not used yet that I hope to crack them all open on Sunday... we shall see how it goes! 

What have you all planned for the weekend?  Thanks for visiting me! Lyns xx