Hey There Friday Feeling!

Hey There Friday Feeling! 

Everyone has gotta lurve a Friday! It's the end of my working week and that means only good thangs for the weekend, yeay! This is me today being a bit daft, I love these red noses for Comic Relief they are awesome, I've been buying them for friends too cos they are just too cute  I also have this guy below, he's furry and when you give him a squeeze he farts and roars - He's awesome!

So what has everyone planned for this weekend? I am thankful I'm getting my nails redone because I have lost 4 of them now, two thumb nails and my pinky and index finger.  I hate when they are in this rubbishy stage....
rubbish stage
This is how they should look:
Beautiful Sparkly Nails

I go to an awesome little shop on Montrose Terrace in Edinburgh who are super fast and efficient at doing nails, love them. Their site is Top Nails.  If you are in the Edinburgh area and like getting your Nail extensions/false nail thang on, then you should check them out!  I'm also getting my eyelash extensions done (through a combination of people I add up to a truly false Lynsey, fake nails, eyelashes and hair colour but the rest of me is 100% all me baby).  They are also looking a bit scabby in that in between stage.  Don't look too closely at that pic above or you will notice the clumps that are missing.  Now apart from my intensive beautifying, I also have my wee bro staying with me.... here is our feet! 

I wont be able to call him wee much longer, he's growing at a rapid rate... it's scary!  His feet are the big ones on the right, incidentally those shoes were taken back because they were too small... :o( mine fit like a glove (a mere size 4/38).  Jamie is coming for a visit tonight and we are going to smash some soldiers in COD : Blackops - it's just how we like to roll, we love an online death match. 

My friend Sarah is coming for a visit tomorrow night, where we are going to go old skool with a pizza, film and wine.  I have bought so much crafty things that I've not used yet that I hope to crack them all open on Sunday... we shall see how it goes! 

What have you all planned for the weekend?  Thanks for visiting me! Lyns xx

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