Red Noses!

Happy Friday Guys, 

It is Red Nose Day here in the UK, the above picture is me sporting my awesome red nose... I have to say, definitely the best ones there have been.  You may be wondering what Red Nose Day is, well click here if you'd like more information.  I have been buying little bits and pieces of comic relief goodies for myself, friends and family to help raise funds.  This guy is awesome... 

When you squish him, he farts and burps and growls.  Are any of you doing daft things for Comic Relief? 

I am currently in the midst of a couple of crafty projects, so I don't have anything to share today, but I hopefully will have over the weekend.  I'd like to thank everyone who's dropped by my blog recently and to those who left comments, thank you so much.  I appreciate it greatly especially when I'm so sporadic with my blogging.  

Take Care! Lyns xxx

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