Trainspotting... Armed robbery? What; with a replica?!

Hey-hey Guys,

How's everyone doing?  So my mojo has gone on Vacay again without me, I hope it went somewhere nice at least... so I've not been overly productive :(  My Easter Weekend was pretty quiet, I was bad... I ate too much chocolate - oops!

Mainly this guy...

I love Colin the Caterpillar in cake form... but as chocolate on its own, I think he was EVEN MORE tasty! Good Lord! I've gained about 7lbs... I'm fasting now - or well, I better fast now or my dress for my friends wedding will not fit me.

I was also at the Cinema with my sister on Friday, we went to see Trainspotting.  Now clearly this film was released in 1996 and is obviously not a new release BUT - Emma and I were nowhere near old enough to see it then (although we did when my Dad bought me the VHS - questionable parenting methods by Dad, for discussion another time).  Anyway, so I have a deep love of this film.  It's set in my home town, it shows the horrible underbelly there is to Edinburgh which tourists don't get to see.  It's also very funny, whilst incredibly dark and sometimes hard to watch.  I have read the book more than once, I love Irvine Welsh's writing and the fact that he's still a bit of a Jakey at heart. So when I'd seen the Cameo Cinema tweet that they were showing it, my sister volunteered to come with me - we had a great time.

 I am the pink blob... Emma is the one you can at least see!

The Cameo is great, really old school, smells old and popcorny.  Emma also dropped a litre of Irn Bru on the floor.  She's an idiot. 

It was something to do with sitting in the bar before hand.

I was also extremely excited to see this on my twitter-feed before the film:

Some nights that happen in a random surge of events end up being the best, I think this was one of them.  Previous to hitting the cinema, we stood in my kitchen eating quesadillas and crisps, drinking wine and chatting.  We then watched interviews of Scottish People on American TV - it's what we do.  We reached a level of drunkness which meant we started doing the Gay Gordons in my lounge... why o why, I will never know!


I accidentally took a picture of myself on my phone yesterday... I look like one of the undead.  I couldn't do that again if I tried!

Well Hubby is back on Friday! Exciting!!! So I will probably not get a great deal done whilst he's home, but I'll blog again soon.  Though probably no cards for a bit.

Take Care Everyone! 

Lyns xxx

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