Doha Vacay!

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

I've had projects I've wanted to share but I couldn't because the birthday's have not been yet and the people are yet to open the cards... eurgh! FRUSTRATING! I could start making Christmas cards but I am not in that frame of mind.  My sister also borrowed my Cuttlebug, felt like I'd lost a limb! Even though I wasn't even in the Country for the most part... what can I say, I'm a little obsessive.

I went to visit hubby in Doha, Qatar again... which was great! VERY VERY HOT though, 44oC is too much for me... It was also really windy for much of it, so it felt like you were being blown about by a massive hairdryer.  He treated us to a trip to the Four Seasons, which was lovely.  Only thing I would say about them was that considering just how flipping expensive it is to stay there, they really should include more with their room rate. 

This is the view from our Balcony along the beach, the pyramid building is the Sheraton which is closed for refurbishment.
Me posing by the pool :o)
The pool area was lush, when I went down in the morning to absorb some rays, a Pool guy came over, put a specially fitting towel over the sun lounger, then another to rest my head on and then brought me a cool box full of 330ml bottles of water and ice - which was definitely much needed.  I loved that they were small bottles, bigger ones get warm too quickly there!

Gorgeous Pool
Beautiful pool view from my sun lounger! I am too lucky seriously! Hubby and I also went for a Friday Brunch whilst we were there, it was incredible! Such tasty food, it's the deserts I really love though, what a choice! I think I'd get seriously fat if I went to live out there.

When I came home, my mum was mocking my luggage, yep it's ginormous! However I never fill the bag full, there's always tonnes of space, but she doesn't seem to get that when you have a healthy shoe obsession like I do, you need to take lots of pairs.  Who needs 6 pairs of shoes for a 4 day trip... and I bought more when I was there! I threw a pair out to balance it out! Seriously! I did really!

Not this pair though! :o) I love my shoes! Just look at the sparkle!

I hope everyone is doing good and I'll promise to share some cards soon... once the birthdays pass...eurgh!

Take Care Everyone!

Lyns xxx