Stash Hoking

Hi Guys, 

Fantastic news... IT'S FRIDAY! Anyone got anything exciting planned? Nothing mad planned with me.  The dog and I are going to my Mum's tonight for a couple of cocktails, should be nice.  I have zero Edinburgh Festival-ness planned, which is unlike me.  I'll go to the end of Festival Fireworks maybes.  It's not the same without Hubs.

The other night I was having a hoke (is this a word, a Scots word or a Lynsey word? I am unsure) about in my craft drawers.  I uncovered loads of old paper I had forgotten about.  Ultimately it made me realise I have WAY too much stash, most of which I am not using and I have lots of stuff I can't find because of it.  Why do we end up hoarding so much stuff? I'm feeling the need to have a cleanse

During my little hoke I found pretty papers, I love turquoise/teal it's one of my favourite colours and the night before I had been having a wee colour of the Bambi Stamp again (trying to get the hair right).   Between the fluke choice of colour for the stamp and finding the papers, I ended up making a card.  I decided to go out of my comfort zone and make a more rectangular card, what do you know though - I don't have any of those in my stash! I had to make one, so it's a top folded, rectangular card (did I explain that right).  I came up with this this: 

Everything apart from the stamp is old stash, so I am feeling rather pleased with myself.  I will definitely get my stash in order though, work out what is rubbish, what I'd like to keep and will give the rest away.  I think I just made a plan. The unfortunate thing about old stash is, I can't remember where ANYTHING is from! Sorry about that.  It might have bee a DCWV pad of paper, Bambi was coloured with copics and there's a touch of Stickles on the bubble.
This is my work space whilst I'm 'playing'.  That's a fish on my screen, the daylight lamp is making it look more odd in the photo that it does in life.

I hope you all have a great weekend, take care and thanks for visiting me. 

Lyns xx

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coops said...

so stunning lyns.i love the turquoise too and the image is fabulous :D

xx coops xx