Not a card... but a Cake Pop!

Hey-hey Everyone, 

First off apologies for the radio silence, it has been a monumentally MAD week.  I had a bit of a wobbler last week involving a mad clean and a whole lot of not sleeping.  My family tease me frequently saying I'm OCD and that I'm a clean freak etc. it is all in jest, I know this.  BUT they are right in some ways I am slightly obsessed about cleanliness and I go through phases where I am particularly wound up about it.  

Anyhoo, I was topping up the dogs food bucket with a full bag of dog food and there was beasties (bugs) in the bag.  Of course I didn't realise this until AFTER I'd tipped it into the bucket... *boak* I am almost retching thinking about it.  That set me off on a total mad cleanse.  I spent a good couple of days decontaminating everything.  Now really the beasties just went from the bag to the food bucket and then latterly to the wheelie bin outside. I however was convinced they were EVERYWHERE. I have about finished my decontaminating mission, I have foggers to let off this weekend.

After my loopy turn, I was off on my sister Emma's hen night.  I was sharing with my other sister Hayley.  We got the train to Glasgow and stayed at a lovely hotel. Here is me doing my double handled teapot pose in our room:  
I'm wearing the worlds highest heels... but you can't see them :o(
I have kinda quirky taste hence the dress.  Here is a 'selfie' with my sister Hayley. Can you tell we are sisters?
And here is the reason I was hinging a bit on the Sunday morning.  These were LOVELY cocktails, I love me a French Martini...

I finally got around to doing some crafting (sorta) last night, I bought from Create & Craft's website a Cake Pop set and I've been itching to play with it.  Well it turns out I am fecking crap at using it.  I definitely need some practice with it, so I think I'll make some more this weekend and get some more card making underway.

They look pretty but they could be better and see those little pink and white pearls; I managed to spill them ALL OVER my kitchen.  I even had to take the bits of the gas cooker to get them out - oh dear! At least they taste good.

I hope you are all doing good, I will have a blog hop later to see what you are all up to. 

Thanks for visiting, Lyns xx

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coops said...

your cake pops look yummy lyns and I love your fabulous dress, you and your sister look very alike :D

xx coops xx