WOYWW 270 & Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Heya! We've made it to Wednesday... 

I know it's ages since I've taken a WOYWW photo, but I swear the desk was bad... I couldn't have photographed it. Honest! Here is my shot for today though, this is me just having finished up making another Charlie & the Chocolate Factory card... if you saw my last post, you'll know I bought lots of Roald Dahl goodies at the weekend *think I might need more goodies* Anyhoo, this was just at the end of the project.  Look at the silicon glue, it bugs me it's like that... I hate when the toothpaste is like that too, I'm gonna have to fix it. 

Here is said finished card, I was going for an 'imaginative thoughts coming off the page of the book' with this one... am I achieving that? I dunno.  It's a bit chaotic and mad but then so is the world of Roald Dahl so I think it works. 

This is a better look at the decoupage.  

On a separate note it's a total wash out here today, I had wellies, waterproof jacket and an umbrella on this morning.  To remember that it doesn't always rain in Scotland, here is a picture of Molly on a nice sunny day enjoying her ball and showing her enormous tongue.

I'm off for a peak at the other WOYWW folks - to see what it is we are up to, please visit Julia's blog.

Take Care, Lyns xx


Fuzzie Fingers said...

Wow! What a great card. Happy WOYWW!

My name is Cindy said...

Saw this Roald Dahl stuff on Monday - mmm wondering if I should get some for work (library) kids love RD stuff.Love your card - crazily busy but it works! Cindy #36

Chrysalis said...

I love that card - so unusual! Have a great week, Chris # 5

RosA said...

That card is simply stunning! Lots of lovely colourfulness happening! Really, it's great!
Thanks for stopping by earlier.

Kate said...

Love the pink bubbles on your blog. Molly looks like an absolute sweetie.

~Kate~ #39

Mrs.D said...

Oh what a super card, I bet whoever received that was pleased.
Molly looks happy too,
Chris #6