Glittered Martini Glass

Hiya Guys, 

Didn't I say I'd been on a crafting marathon at the weekend... as promised another project shared today.  I have funked up a plain Martini glass.  Because I'm daft I forgot to take a picture of the plain glass, but I did take some whilst it was a work in progress... 

Tools required: 
A clean clear Martini Glass
Glitter (I used two colours but you could use what you want)
Wee Foam applicator thingie
Mod Podge 
The 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum Voting Guide (or a bit of paper folded in half), I like to multi-use things and well that wee guide was lying there.

Using your foam thingie apply a layer of Mod Podge all over the stem and bottom of the glass, then shake that glitter like fook all where you want it.  Lift the glass and shake off the excess glitter.  Tip the excess glitter from your Independence Voting Guide back into the tub. I only covered half way up the stem of glitter so that I could create an ombre effect, like so... 

Shake off excess glitter and then leave to dry, I left this a few hours and then applied a layer of Mod Podge over the top of the glitter, this dries clear and acts as a finishing coat, I left over night and then applied another thin layer just for extra protection! 

The next day I added the gems, now they will eventually all probably fall off but they look cute for now.  

I used my copics to colour the clear gems blue to match the glasses theme.  

What do you guys think?  I think everything is gonna get GLITTERED!! We all have to remember not to let anyone dull our sparkle... things like a sparkly Martini glass help keep that at the forefront of our minds I think! ha ha! 

Well I hope you all like my jazzy glass! If anyone gives it a bash, please let me know! It's fun! 

Lyns xx

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coops said...

so stunning the bling ;D

xx coops xx