WOYWW 311 - Practice Makes Perfect

Hands-up, who found it a struggle getting up this morning - ME, ME, ME!

It's Wednesday, so there's two good things about that, 1. It's WOYWW (to see what we are up to visit Julia's brilliant Blog).  2. It's half way through the week! 

Anyhoo, back to the point... This is my desk, not too bad at the moment, I have inked up and stamped a load of different stamps to get me focused on practising my colouring.  I LOVE colouring the stamps I'm just not a great fan of actually stamping them... ha ha! 
These stamps are by Scruffy Little Cat, which you can pick up at Crafter's Companion. Beautiful stamps, I absolutely love these... they are quite big and just great to colour. I've coloured the below image with my copics, I'm currently taking Alyce's (Kit and Clowder) on-line colouring classes, my colouring seriously needs some work!!

This is what Molly thinks to it all... lazy lazy dog!  I recently set up my iPad to spy on her whilst I was at work, hoping I might get some Kevin McAllister-doggy-home-alone style hijinks,  but NOPE! She was BORING.  She sleeps, has the occasional scratch and at one stage she got up to look out the window.  However I later  discovered a cat had been hit by a car, so that's obviously the only reason she moved from the sofa! Lazy-Labrador!
On a separate note, thanks for all your lovely comments last week welcoming me back - I am feeling better about things, getting back to blogging and crafting more, so the absence is definitely over for now.

Thanks for stopping by! Lyns xx


MrsC.x said...

Hello! i also struggled to get up today would love to have dived back under the duvet but the school run had to be done! i am so jealous of your copics great way to store them when i get a few more i shall have to get a box like that :)

Happy Woyww! Have a great week :)
Charlie.x #11
or find me here

Lea.H said...

Love the stamps - and the colouring is much better than I could do!! :) lea number 24

Bridget Larsen said...

I'll stamp while you colour LOL, my colouring is atrocious.
Bridget #2

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lol, Molly is definitely giving The Look there :-).
Well done on your colouring, it's great! It made me laugh that you enjoy the colouring but not the stamping...I know what you mean. I love sewing patchwork but detest quilting!!
Hugs, LLJ 15 xxx

My name is Cindy said...

Ha ha what a disappointment to discover your doggy wasn't up to no good!! She probably guessed you were spying on her! I think your colouring looks gorgeous, would certainly beat mine. Happy WOYWW Cindy #25

sandra de said...

Well at least he is comfortable. I am sure my cat wouldn't even get up through the day. Great colouring.
sandra de @32

lisa said...

Yuk, I struggle to get up every morning. The duvet always pulls, lol.
Your colouring is gorgeous, don't be so hard on yourself.
I bet you pooch knew he was on candid camera and was just fooling you into thinking he leads a boring life while you are a work!!
Hugs Lisax #48

Julia Dunnit said...

Guilt gets me out of bed...Mr Dunnit gets up so early that I feel compelled to follow his effort! Your colouring is a great therapy and good for you for taking a class..practice makes perfect after all. I'm the opposite, would far rather be stamping!

Michelle G said...

Your colour work is brilliant.