WOYW Wednesday 330 & Craft Area Tour

Hey-hey Everyone, 

Happy Hump-day :o) So here's my desk for WOYWW - if you'd like to know what I'm talking about, please stop over at Julia's magnificent blog which is our on-line desk stalkers group.  Last week I shared that I had gone through a big de-clutter of my home and bought myself a new craft desk and got my spare bedroom into a semblance of order. A trip to Ikea, a late night and a few curses later... I am done. 

This video is a tour of my crafting area, honestly it will not always be this tidy, but because I'm super-proud of myself at the moment, I've been making sure to keep it neat... Give it a few weeks and it will be a bomb-site I'm sure! 

I know my craft area isn't as spectacular as many that you see, but it's very special to me.  It took me a lot of work and focus to get it looking like this, but still have it practical as a functioning bedroom too. 
Molly seems to have laid claim to the desk being her dog house, I have no idea why she's camped out under here, whilst I was working, I brought her bed through with me so she didn't have to lie on the floor.  She's some dog! 

Thanks everyone for stopping by, I hope you have a great day and I'm off to peak around your desks now too.  Lyns xx

All That Glitters is Snow

Hey There Everyone, 

How you doing on this chilly but sunny Monday?  It was a little bit brrrrr... when I walked Molly this morning.  

You might have seen last week that I bought and built myself a new craft desk/area.  I'm so pleased with it, I really feel like it has given me mojo back.  It's just better having everything in one place.  To make the most of my re-found mojo, I sat down to make this little card. I coloured up my LOTV image 'Cuddling Ted' using my copics.  I went nuts with some stickles glitter glue.  

Once that was all dry, I made up my card.  The papers were left over from a previous Christmas card I made and the colours all fitted well together.  I added some frantage to my image to give it more of a snowing look.  Am I the only one who finds frantage really messy?? 

The papers are from papermania, the sentiment and stamp are both from LOTV.  I used a spellbinders die for the waved craft card. I distressed the edge of the red layered card using the edge of my craft knife. The ribbon and pearls are from my stash.  

Here's a little close up of the image.  I am still working on my colouring.  I had 2 attempts before I got to this, I just kept making a complete boob of it! 

Practice makes perfect I guess :o) I will see you all on Wednesday for a special WOYWW. 

Thanks for stopping by, Lyns xx

A New Craft Area/Desk

Happy Friday Everyone, 

I am so excited to share this picture with you guys.  I had a total de-clutter of my home, it has been a great thing to do.  I cleared all my craft things into the wardrobe in my spare room, it's so much better being hidden behind a door, gives it a much tidier look. I went to Ikea last night with my sister and bought this desk with drawer and shelf space at the side, The top shelves came separately, but I wanted space to put bits and pieces.  The lights at the top behind the computer were £11 strip lighting, I used Blue Tack to stick it to the back underside - they do come with attachments, but I didn't want to fix them permanently.

It is great having a space to go now to work, instead of taking everything out and then putting everything away. 

The de-clutter is going to be an ongoing project, the other side of this wardrobe holds clothes that I rarely wear, occasion dresses and such like, I plan on having a good cull of these too.  I bought a new mattress for the spare bed, which was rolled/vacuum packed.  Once it is done settling I will finish everything up properly and hopefully do a little video tour of the room for you all. 

It might sound silly but I'm so proud of myself for building the desk myself, it took a while but it was worth it. 

Thanks for stopping by guys, take care, Lyns x


Happy Hump-Day Everyone,

This really is What's on my Work Desk Monday Night... but I am at least sharing the photo.  I knew I'd never have time to take photos again as I've got quite the busy week ahead.

(If you'd like to see what we are all doing and going on about, please check Julia's terrific Blog here).

As you can see the desk is still relatively under control, I brought little bits back out to play and decided to just craft a little.  I've got it all tidied up again now, but that was a fine step, I had a little craft then it was all easy to tidy up and I don't feel like it's taking over my living room.

I really wish I had a craft area, my dear friend has a terrific solution to craft space problems, she has a study bed.  It's basically a bed which converts into a desk and vice-versa.  I am going to save up for one of these, it will make such better use of my spare room, which is basically a bedroom/dumping room/clothes drying area. 

Well I hope you are all well, will pop by to see you all soon. 

Lyns x

Fizzy Moon - Snow Much Fun!

Morning Guys,

Two posts in a row, check me out!  This is a fizzy moon stamp, it's one of my favourite Christmas ones.  Fizzy Moon and his little buddy have been coloured using Spectrum Noir Pencils, I used my white gel liner to get the hats and bobble white.

The glitter is snow glitter, I think it's spica? I could be talking rubbish though, I've had it for so long.

The backing paper is a papermania set, I kinda wish it wasn't shiny, but it is so hey ho!  The Sentiment Stamp is by LOTV.  Red Pearls are papermania.

I distressed the edges of the red card by using the blade of my craft knife.  I'm going to make a batch of Christmas Cards that are quite samey so that I can have them ready to send out and probably make special ones for the family. I'll see how I get on though - small goals!

I used the white gel pen in circular motions to try and get it looking like a fluffy texture, but I'm not sure I've succeeded... perhaps I just need to buy a new pen.

I hope you guys like, thanks for stopping by my blog.  Take Care, Lyns x

Christmas LOTV Colouring - Spectrum Noir Pencils

Hey Everyone, 

How goes you?  I'm doing alright, which is better than bad - small victories and all that.  I decided to sit down and make a card up.  I had coloured this same image with my copics last week but I decided that it would be nice to use this one I had coloured using Pencils.  I had done it ages and ages ago.  I bought some spectrum noir pencils a while ago and this is one of my trial images.  I think it looks not bad.

My colouring still needs some work but I think I'm getting there.  I used a layout for this card which I've used many times, what can I say - I love a jaunty angle!

Here is a little close-up of said colouring - I do like the pencils for a bit of something different, they are not quite as harsh as the pens if that makes any sense.  I feel they are a little bit softer in their all round feel. 

All the papers, ribbon and gems are papermania.  The craft card is from crafter's companion as are the Spectrum Noir pencils. The stamp is from LOTV. 

Slowly but surely this Christmas cards will be made! 

Take Care Guys, thanks for stopping by! Lyns x

WOYWW 327 - Bit of Colouring

Happy WOYWW Everyone, 

I've been rubbish, I know I have... look at my desk! There's hardly anything on it! The reason for that I have been colouring some images.  I was meant to take my Copics on holiday with me, but they weigh 2KG and I didn't have 2KG spare to take them :o(  I have had a few rocky months, I'm currently suffering with depression which sucks but it's a day at a time process and I will get there... So I have cleared the crafty stuff to give me a bit of space to breathe, I'm still colouring and will still make up some cards, just a bit more slowly I think. 

Here's my image that I was working on.... Time to get the Christmas Hats on!

I have also been trying to get my backside out and about doing things; I've been walking Molly loads, I managed to get some brilliant photos of her at the beach recently.

This photo is my Blog Banner, desktop wallpaper on my computer, phone and iPad - I love it.

If I could bottle Molly's happiness and enthusiasm I'd be super-rich! :D

Thanks for stopping by my desk, I will pop round yours all soon. 

Lyns xx