A New Craft Area/Desk

Happy Friday Everyone, 

I am so excited to share this picture with you guys.  I had a total de-clutter of my home, it has been a great thing to do.  I cleared all my craft things into the wardrobe in my spare room, it's so much better being hidden behind a door, gives it a much tidier look. I went to Ikea last night with my sister and bought this desk with drawer and shelf space at the side, The top shelves came separately, but I wanted space to put bits and pieces.  The lights at the top behind the computer were £11 strip lighting, I used Blue Tack to stick it to the back underside - they do come with attachments, but I didn't want to fix them permanently.

It is great having a space to go now to work, instead of taking everything out and then putting everything away. 

The de-clutter is going to be an ongoing project, the other side of this wardrobe holds clothes that I rarely wear, occasion dresses and such like, I plan on having a good cull of these too.  I bought a new mattress for the spare bed, which was rolled/vacuum packed.  Once it is done settling I will finish everything up properly and hopefully do a little video tour of the room for you all. 

It might sound silly but I'm so proud of myself for building the desk myself, it took a while but it was worth it. 

Thanks for stopping by guys, take care, Lyns x

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