WOYW Wednesday 330 & Craft Area Tour

Hey-hey Everyone, 

Happy Hump-day :o) So here's my desk for WOYWW - if you'd like to know what I'm talking about, please stop over at Julia's magnificent blog which is our on-line desk stalkers group.  Last week I shared that I had gone through a big de-clutter of my home and bought myself a new craft desk and got my spare bedroom into a semblance of order. A trip to Ikea, a late night and a few curses later... I am done. 

This video is a tour of my crafting area, honestly it will not always be this tidy, but because I'm super-proud of myself at the moment, I've been making sure to keep it neat... Give it a few weeks and it will be a bomb-site I'm sure! 

I know my craft area isn't as spectacular as many that you see, but it's very special to me.  It took me a lot of work and focus to get it looking like this, but still have it practical as a functioning bedroom too. 
Molly seems to have laid claim to the desk being her dog house, I have no idea why she's camped out under here, whilst I was working, I brought her bed through with me so she didn't have to lie on the floor.  She's some dog! 

Thanks everyone for stopping by, I hope you have a great day and I'm off to peak around your desks now too.  Lyns xx


sandra de said...

Thanks for the tour.....I love your craft area. Having all the furniture in the one colour makes it look neat and tidy. my craft room is made up of bits and pieces that no one wants!! Have a lovely week.
sandra de @11

Jill Kiln Fired Art said...

Looks fantastic, enjoy your crafting in there
Jill #21

Diana Taylor said...

I loved the tour - you've done a fab job and I especially love the hidden lights, that's a great idea and looks really pretty. Hope you have lots of fun in your 'new' space and thanks so much for stopping by my desk earlier. Have a great week,
Diana #18

Kristiina Majuri said...

Congrats on the "new" space, I can recognize the urge to keep it tidy (and the bombed up look that is inevitable at times). I rearranged everything last summer, and I enjoy the decluttering part every time I do it, because everything has a place to go... for the time being :)
Thanks for your visit earlier!
Kristiina #11

Barb said...

I enjoyed watching your video. What a lovely tidy craft space. Mine is shamefully untidy. Molly looks very happy under your desk. Happy Crafting! Barb#24

Julia Dunnit said...

Ooh lovely, I love a neat and tidy set up, something I can only aspire to! I love too that all the fixtures are white, makes for a real 'I thought about this' look....something else I aspire to! Enjoy your space.

Regina Hamilton said...

What a neat and organized work area. Thanks for the tour. #35

Twiglet said...

Looks like you have a very useful crafty space there - enjoy using it. x jo

StampinCarol said...

That was a nice tour! Mine area is an absolute mess but have been doing a bit of purging. Thanks for stopping by. Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #42

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Loved the video tour!! What a great space you have and such a useful 'helper' sleeping underneath!! I love your header photo as well....where is the beach?
Hugs, LLJ 17 xxx

Neet said...

Looks good and it is yours which is most important. Happy crafting.
Hugs, Neet 6 xx

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Great idea giving us a video tour. Love those colored lights! Everything so neat, tidy and white. Enjoy your time crating in this great creative space!