WOYWW 327 - Bit of Colouring

Happy WOYWW Everyone, 

I've been rubbish, I know I have... look at my desk! There's hardly anything on it! The reason for that I have been colouring some images.  I was meant to take my Copics on holiday with me, but they weigh 2KG and I didn't have 2KG spare to take them :o(  I have had a few rocky months, I'm currently suffering with depression which sucks but it's a day at a time process and I will get there... So I have cleared the crafty stuff to give me a bit of space to breathe, I'm still colouring and will still make up some cards, just a bit more slowly I think. 

Here's my image that I was working on.... Time to get the Christmas Hats on!

I have also been trying to get my backside out and about doing things; I've been walking Molly loads, I managed to get some brilliant photos of her at the beach recently.

This photo is my Blog Banner, desktop wallpaper on my computer, phone and iPad - I love it.

If I could bottle Molly's happiness and enthusiasm I'd be super-rich! :D

Thanks for stopping by my desk, I will pop round yours all soon. 

Lyns xx


Peg Robinson said...

Molly does look like she is truly happy. What a tidy space. Lovely coloring. Peg R 36

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Hi Lynsey, I totally understand your need to clear your space to be able to breathe. I've recently done a huge delcuttering of the entire house and at times I felt so overwhelmed with stuff it was suffocating me and causing panic attacks. Sometimes it's nice to go back to basics. I love the neat, compact box you store your copics in. Great colouring - hope your mood lifts soon. Happy WOYWW zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #28 (ps I've added you on G+)

Julia Dunnit said...

Chris Packham described his dogs as 'Joy grenades' on desert island discs...I think he was quite right! And I agree about the pictures of Molly, they are GORGEOUS!
Am shocked at the weight of the Copics, my word! Your colouring is fab, glad you can get some pleasure from it when you're up to it. Take it easy gal and know that if it feels like you're wading through treacle sometimes...wade on, it will get easier.

Dia said...

Your desk looks awesome! And what a fun colouring project!
Ah, sweet bundle of joy Molly! How precious to have such a good companion.
You're on track, one step at a time, sending you some Grace!