Happy Hump-Day Everyone,

This really is What's on my Work Desk Monday Night... but I am at least sharing the photo.  I knew I'd never have time to take photos again as I've got quite the busy week ahead.

(If you'd like to see what we are all doing and going on about, please check Julia's terrific Blog here).

As you can see the desk is still relatively under control, I brought little bits back out to play and decided to just craft a little.  I've got it all tidied up again now, but that was a fine step, I had a little craft then it was all easy to tidy up and I don't feel like it's taking over my living room.

I really wish I had a craft area, my dear friend has a terrific solution to craft space problems, she has a study bed.  It's basically a bed which converts into a desk and vice-versa.  I am going to save up for one of these, it will make such better use of my spare room, which is basically a bedroom/dumping room/clothes drying area. 

Well I hope you are all well, will pop by to see you all soon. 

Lyns x


Sandy Leigh said...

It's amazing how crafters gotta craft and will always find a way. In the meantime, it is very nice just to do some little projects so you don't feel like all your supplies are taking over the planet! Your desk looks perfect for that right now. Sandy Leigh #40

Julia Dunnit said...

As long as you get your craft fix, it doesn't matter too much the where or the frequency! Since Miss Summit left home in the summer, I now have two spare rooms...and the danger of them turning into dumping grounds is a very real one, I feel your frustration!