New Mum to Be Card

Happy Friday, 

Yeeee-haaaa, I am happy it is almost the weekend. I love my job, so don't think I am hating on my work, cos I'm not, I've just been feeling really tired and the thought of getting to sleep a bit longer tomorrow is just amazing! What do you all have on this weekend? I am going to be doing some gym/swim with my brother - he's a good motivator, basically like a really rude personal trainer, which is what I need.  I am getting my hair cut and of course I'll be at my craft desk.  

On to today's card, I made this during my mad project making Easter.  I gave this to my beautiful friend Laura.  She's expecting her baby on 23 April, I'm so so excited to be a proxy-Auntie. Laura's baby shower was last Sunday, it was beautiful, so perfect for her. As someone who is not a baby-shower fan (I gots my reasons, K?!), I really enjoyed it. Such a laugh and great to see everyone. I wanted to give Laura a card which wasn't too baby themed and more about Mummy-to-be. This image is one of Betty's :o) again.  I love this, I tried to colour her up like Laura.  She loved it - which is of course the main thing. 

Here is a close up of my colouring, the hair is not as good as I'd have like but I do think I did her skin well. 

If you are like me and love a bit of makeup and beauty, I can't suggest enough that you pop over to Laura's Blog.  She gives makeup inspiration, reviews of products, suggestions for dupes and along with my friend Abbie, she is my go-to Beauty Guru.  

Thanks for stopping by everyone, don't forget to say Hi so I can stop by your blog too.  Lyns xx 

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Laura Aberdour said...

You are talented babygurl! Loved my card, love you more xxx