Doggy Days


Do you know in Scotland, summer is a blood relative of winter... true story! 😋 It's been a weird week, of freezing, roasting, muggy, rain, rain rain! We managed to make the most of a break in the weather and go to the Beach again.  This time we went with Molly's doggy boyfriend, Lochie.  He is a 7 month old Labrador (she likes them young).  

Lochie is one of the dogs I had been taking care off when I started my own business.  He now goes to a different walker but his mum and I have remained friends.  He's a handsome boy, we love him a lot.  
There was a lot of ball chasing, swimming and playing.  They had a great time, we did hoomans did too! Especially when we saw another lab who's owner kept shouting at Molly to 'come here' thinking Molly was her dog, we were poorless, her poor dog is standing in front of her looking at her like she's mental! 

A couple of bull dogs were playing with Lochie and Molly too, the one in the water here was proving most people wrong, she was swimming hard.  Really going for it, she did well.  

We hope you like our photos! 

Lyns & Molly xx

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