Clean-up and shaker card

Hi Everyone,

The good news is, I am allowed to drive. The bad news is, I'm allowed back to work! ha ha I am glad to be mobile again and not relying on people taking me places.  I am however, so very grateful to everyone who did come and take me out to do things and keep me busy.  I would have cracked up without them. 

I was doing little bits of crafting to keep my mind busy whilst I was off, but it was difficult at times, with my shoulder in a lot of pain.  

I did try to always keep busy though, I cleared out my drawer in my desk, which was just bursting from all the stuff in it. It was tiring and a lot of work, which was probably just because I am broken, it is sorted now though. 

My mum took me to hobbycraft for a wander about and keep me sane, so I got these gems and little tree buttons for Christmas cards, yes that dreaded C word again. I'll be making more soon so you better get used to it! 🎄🎅

I am sharing another shaker card with you today, using older magnolia papers I have and an old popcorn the bear stamp.  It was lovely to colour him again.  I must focus and do my colouring classes, because I know I could do better with him.  

Thanks for coming by my blog, please don't forget to say hi so I can visit you too! 

Lyns xx

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